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  1. This is really cool man!
  2. I don't get why would he want that...Jaime was confessing the truth and his true responsability in the lie (it was a Tywin order), after saving his ass. I mean, i can't help to see them as 2 good things Jaime did that night.
  3. LF is the brightest mind in Westeros, but he is a resentful sad man. That's gonna play against him some day. As he said, in the game of thrones there are players and pieces...some day he's going to misjudge a player for a piece and that's going to be the end of LF.
  4. When Jaime sets him free from his cell and tells him the truth about Tysha, i understand Tyrion was under a lot of confusion and anger but, ¿why did he lie about killing Joffrey? There's zero political/emotional profit in that, and i don't think Jaime deserved that after saving his life... In the other hand, ¿do you think Jaime believed him?