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  1. Who have tokars?

    Also note: the normal crew of a litter is four or more strong men.
  2. Who have tokars?

    How easy is it to dismount a litter without getting the tokar tangled in the litter?
  3. Who have tokars?

    Compare USA. I´ve seen statistics on number of slaveowners for the whole USA, but cannot find them again at the moment. But looking at just North Carolina: http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchist-antebellum/5347 In 1860, there were 34 658 slaveowners in North Carolina - and, for example, 67 022 farms. Non-slaveowner free people were common, but slaveowners were also numerous. Out of these 34 658, 6440 owned a single slave, and 9631 more had up to 4. Almost half of the slaveowners, with under 5 slaves, probably had to work. And a good example of a middle class owner of a single slave was miss Watson - the owner of Jim from Huckleberry Finn. For an owner of a single slave, that slave means the difference between poverty and middle class. Death of a slave is a great material and emotional loss, as is loss of a home. Actually, the value of slaves in South was about double the value of real property owned. And escape or emancipation of the slave is also a great material and emotional loss. Whereas selling a slave down river... Like selling a home, it is an emotional loss. But at the market prices, selling a home to move elsewhere and buy another home may be considered. As may selling a slave.
  4. Who have tokars?

    We hear that tokar is not good for people who have to work. Do any people who work have tokars? Not that they work in tokars, of course. In a society without machines for textile production, clothes are relatively expensive. So, for poor, owning changes of clothes is difficult. And yet - look at Dictator Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. A Senate delegation found him ploughing a field. When they told him to put on a toga, he called on his wife, Racilia, to bring his toga from his cottage. Note - his wife, not a slave. So - are there any free people on Slaver's Bay who work and have to work, in clothes other than tokar, but who own a tokar and can put it on for important occasions? Also: owning a slave does not mean the Master does not work or does not have to work. The productivity of manual labour, free or slave, is limited. It is not clear to me that a lone slave could support a freeman, his wife and several children not working. Which means that in a household with a single slave and several free people to support, the master must needs engage in manual labour alongside his slave. And not wear a tokar while doing so. For a slave, what's harder? Work for a master who only has one slave, and therefore has to value and appreciate the slave? Or work for a master who has a hundred slaves, and therefore can afford to neglect some... including permitting some slaves to be lazy? How common, in the society of Slaver's Bay or Essos, are slaveowners who keep a few or a single slave, and who work along their slaves?
  5. The Iron Throne's Debt

    Precisely. He could easily have skimmed from top of what he actually was bringing in. He still had to be better than competition. He could not create losses where the alternative had been no losses. And probably his face, too. "I´m coming up with the money - more than my beleaguered predecessor did. Even I cannot squeeze as much as Your Grace wants." More importantly, keeping the books a mess was probably intentional. Cleaning out Crown finances and delivering a profitably working system clearly spelt out in books... would have been a quick way to get fired in favour of a nobler replacement, like Tyrion or Rosby, to do the now easy job. And the dungeons have not had a chaplain since Baelor the Blessed. No hand or ruler since, not Baelor Breakspear, nor Aegon V nor Tywin, has thought to stop that salary.
  6. The Iron Throne's Debt

    No. He could not have done so, because that would have meant his failure as well. He could have concealed theft under failure, but he could not have concealed failure. Littlefinger must have been able to tell Jon and Robert that while his predecessor was "beleaguered", he was not. He must have been able to blame continuing deficits and continuing increase of Crown debts on Robert in a way that both Robert and Jon believed - otherwise he would have been replaced in his turn. And an obvious way to show his own success was to decrease the deficit below the level that it was under his "beleaguered predecessor". Without actually balancing the budget, mind you. As long as Petyr could say that matters were bad but not as bad as under his beleaguered predecessor, Jon and Robert would not hurry to replace him... and if Petyr could find a way to balance the budget but this was over and above what he needed to keep his job, he could steal the money instead.
  7. The Iron Throne's Debt

    And Littlefinger told Eddard and the whole Small Council about the debts and their distribution. He would also have told Jon Arryn. Robert Baratheon did not have taste for counting coppers, but we are not told that Jon did not. We see that he says they are not. Also, his predecessor was beleaguered. He did not create the deficit. When Petyr was a customs collector, he was bringing in 3 times as much as anyone else. He may have been collecting 6 times as much and stealing 3 times as much as anyone else was bringing in, but he did bring in that 3 times as much. So suppose the budget was something like: Aerys/Tywin: revenue 800 000 dragons per year, expenditure 700 000 dragons per year, surplus 100 000 dragons per year Robert/beleaguered predecessors: revenue 100 000 dragons per year, expenditure 900 000 dragons per year, deficit 800 000 dragons per year Robert/Petyr: revenue 1 000 000 dragons per year, expenditure 1 400 000 dragons per year, deficit 400 000 dragons per year. Making sense?
  8. The Iron Throne's Debt

    No. That statement does NOT come from Eddard. It comes from a chapter of Tyrion. By Narrator Clash of Kings, Chapter 17:
  9. The Iron Throne's Debt

    An argument I've heard repeatedly, but disbelieve. Littlefinger could have stolen from revenue surplus created by and only known to himself, but he could not have single-handedly created a deficit without Jon noticing the existence (if not the cause) of deficit. We are expressly told that the Crown revenues under Littlefinger were 10 times what they had been under his "embattled predecessor". For one thing, it confirms the problem was NOT his making - his predecessor was "embattled". For another, it rings warning bells - how could even Littlefinger squeeze 10 times as much revenue out of Westerosi economy? But this offers an explanation: we are told that revenue was greater than ever before, but not that it was 10 times greater than ever before. The problem would be explained if the Crown revenues under Petyr's "embattled predecessor" had been far smaller than before, under Aerys. Which might have happened if Robert gave away most of Aerys' income streams - tax breaks, giving to supporters profitable Crown properties, et cetera. And that would explain the huge deficit under Petyr's "embattled predecessor" - Robert gave away Aerys' revenue, then went on to spend as if he still had it.
  10. Prince of Swamp Castle

    Note that Blackwoods are the only believers of Old Gods south of Neck. They have had some... problems with Faith Militant and King Humfrey Teague. And now there is a Faith Militant around again. Would the Blackwoods welcome a greenseer freshly coached by Children preaching Old Gods while recuperating as a househusband in Bethany´s... tracts of land?
  11. Prince of Swamp Castle

    Is that Brackens and Blackwoods generally, or just Barba and Missy specifically?
  12. It´s not clear he did not want to rule. Mayhaps he wanted to rule, but not lose in fighting the whole Westeros, Black and Green, united against him. Or mayhaps he did want to rule, but not with compromises necessary to keep the rule... so his offer of compromise was go back North with some heads. And there are the non-Tywin branches around to spare. Martyn, Damon, Daven... After Blackwater, there were 47 lordships forfeited. And 600+ "landed" knights - many of whom would have had castles. (Are landed knights without castles and with unfortified halls present in Westeros?) They might not be castles. Does not mean the location does not exist. How much do you think would Riverlands lords and smallfolk be required to spend this winter to rebuild Oldstones in a style appropriate to Lord Paramount Mudd? And was it named "Oldstones" when Mudds first built it?
  13. Loras does not say that. Incidentally: one of the Sand Snakes is the daughter of prostitute - and worse, of Reach (Oldtown) prostitute. Does this deprive her of credibility in Dorne that her bastard sisters borne by a respectable Dornish noble bastard possess?
  14. Prince of Swamp Castle

    Missy's. Blackwoods very expressly have a maiden daughter. So how about Jojen moving to Raventree Hall, to recover from his illness in Bethany's... tracts of land?
  15. Yes. But it means that it is easier to believe in an alleged bastard of Robert than an alleged bastard of Stannis or Renly. (Incidentally: is Renly a virgin?)