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  1. Osgreys are vassals of Rowans, not Webbers.
  2. Who will be new lord of Dreadfort?

    Lady Arya Stark may become an eligible widow. Who could she prefer to marry? It is not difficult to be better than Ramsay.
  3. Shireen/Rickon shipping

    They may prefer Northern independence to a Southron King and his Hand - but Rickon controlling the whole Westeros as Lord Protector of Realm in the name of his wife on Iron Throne may be even more appealing.
  4. Shireen/Rickon shipping

    Tommen and Margaery are what, 8 and 15. 7 years difference. Rickon is closer to Shireen than Tommen to Margaery. And Ermesande/Tyrek? Look from the side of Rickon and his handlers, like Davos and Wyman. Who SHOULD Rickon marry? Wylla Manderly? Will Manderlies fight for Rickon because he´s married Wylla? No. They will fight for Rickon because he is a Stark, even if he marries someone else. Lyanna Mormont? Same reason - she´d fight for Stark anyway, even if he marries someone else.   Queen Shireen would bring Rickon an army he does not have regardless - Queen´s Men and King´s Men surviving at the Wall, and the sellswords Iron Bank is hiring.
  5. Shireen/Rickon shipping

    Advantage to whom? Say Davos finds Rickon. He does not have much of a ready army on Skagos - we have not heard of Skaggs marching for or against Stannis, despite being close at hand. So he brings Rickon to the Queens. Wyman promised to turn when he has Rickon. What other terms would he ask from Regent Selyse and Melisandre? Marriage is the one obvious way to announce the North that Wyman/Selyse alliance is serious and they should follow suit in turning against Ramsay.
  6. How do you think they´d work? Remember, as of the end of Dance with Dragons, Stannis and Jon are both dead, Shireen is not and Rickon is nearby. And Ramsay, though victorious in the seven day battle, is not loved by those who fought for him, like Wyman... Would Walda like some Bolton pie? (Did she share the Frey ones?) So: how about Stannis´ and Stark royalists putting Shireen on Iron Throne and Rickon in her bed as her husband and, when grown, Lord Protector of 7 Kingdoms, like Daemon was?
  7. Who will be new lord of Dreadfort?

    How about "Arya Stark", in the name of her unborn child by Ramsay? The North rallied to Stannis, just to save her, and they are recognizing her as genuine Arya. Rickon, if he comes back from Skagos, will have been too young to remember, so he´d take North and leave Dreadfort to his big sister. And Mercy is stuck in Braavos under a false name. Would the North trust a son of Ramsay, if he was brought up by his "Stark" mother and has never seen another live Bolton (Ramsay and Roose having been killed before he was born)?
  8. How do you centralize the 7 kingdoms

    That was tried. And has not failed in any obvious way. How many eyes does Bloodraven have? A thousand eyes and one. How many of these 1000 eyes belong to his secret agents? Raven´s Teeth were a public standing army. And Bloodraven deployed 300 of them to Whitewalls. Plus any left deployed elsewhere. Leaves less than 200 agents.  
  9. How do you centralize the 7 kingdoms

    My point is that some institutions are indispensable for centralization.
  10. How do you centralize the 7 kingdoms

    Institutions as such are vital. Not necessarily representative institutions. Rather, permanently standing government. Look at the previous arguments about a monarch having time to carry out policies. Institutions have even more time. Compare Sunspear against Winterfell. At Sunspear, Arianne makes a roll call of her government. Castellan Manfrey Martell. Seneschal Ricasso. Treasurer Alyse Ladybright, to whom bailiffs (plural) report. Justiciars (plural, unnamed). Winterfell is a power vacuum the moment a Stark departs on business. Eddard rides? Steward Vayon Poole and Captain of Guard Jory Cassel leave with him and have no replacement. Then Robb rides? Hallis Mollen again leaves with him - leaving Winterfell with no known castellan (Ser Rodrik Cassel is not yet back!) and no captain of guards this time. Ironborn raid? Ser Rodrik leaves his post and again leaves no castellan. So, to centralize Westeros: create permanent offices. Castellan of Winterfell who stays put until replaced. Captain of Guards, ditto. AND make offices that are actually relevant to North outside Winterfell. Like a treasurer who sits in Winterfell receiving taxes and account irrespective of where the Lord with his personal retinue and its steward may go. Court of Common pleas who will hear and determine complaints no matter where (or who) the Lord may be. That sort of stuff.  
  11. Best guess at Harrenhal's acreage?

    We have the ratio of total area between Harrenhal and Winterfell, and the acreages of both godswoods. Going by the example guesstimate of 75 acres for Harrenhal, close to the total acreage of Moscow Kremlin (68 acres), we would get: Harrenhal total 75 acres, godswood 20 acres, built up area 55 acres Winterfell total 25 acres (stated that Harrenhal was 3 times bigger), godswood 3 acres (as stated), built up area 22 acres.
  12. How do you centralize the 7 kingdoms

    16th century empirical observation was that the rulers who did not call representatives at all (France 1484-1560) or who allowed them little actual control over policy (Henry VII and VIII of England, Isabel, Carlos and Felipe of Castile) did better at raising taxes than German emperor or Polish king, constrained by strong parliaments.
  13. About Rhaenyra and Laenor 's marriage

    Also, they were fighting a war. There was the option of picking some foes to dispossess, and provide for Joffy that way.
  14. About Rhaenyra and Laenor 's marriage

    The threesome tale specified Qarl Correy, not Harwin. The story did specify that the children did not look like Laenor - but did not specify what Qarl Correy looked like. Were the children Harwin´s or Qarl´s, after all?
  15. How are westeroi armies recruited

    How do you think were the 12th century armies of English Anarchy recruited?