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  1. And? They were family heirlooms, too. What did Aegon do to the swords of enemies who were slain in battlefields but who (unlike Gardeners or Hoares) did have surviving heirs who bent their knee? Like Argilac? And when Aegon chose not to return the sword of a killed enemy, melting the sword into Iron Throne does not earn anyone's gratitude. Giving the sword to ally or vassal might.
  2. Incest in Volantis

    A taught preference. And there have been a plenty of forced non-incestuous marriages. As well as people who wanted to commit incest... Rhaenyra was forced to marry Laenor, who was her second cousin - not incest. She wanted to marry her uncle Daemon, which was incest, and eventually did. Naerys had no objection to incest as such, she just wanted to marry a different full brother of hers - Aemon, not Aegon. Rhae wanted to marry her brother Aegon, and employed a love potion to achieve this (unsuccessfully). Shaera and Jaehaerys successfully eloped and broke engagements to others. Outside Targaryens, Tywin and Joanna were first cousins, in love and Faith had no objections. And over the objections of Faith, the love of Jaime and Cersei was mutual.
  3. Incest in Volantis

    But it´s not just siblings who´re within the dynasty - and it´s not just siblings who have dragons. Why did Jaehaerys I marry Alysanne, and not his niece Aerea? Or his widowed big sister Rhaena in preference to the little sister Alysanne? Why Aemon/Jocelyn and Baelon/Alyssa, not Aemon/Alyssa? If there was one sister of marriageable age, it would have made sense to ensure that the elder son and heir had the pure blood. Aemon having a daughter Rhaenys and no son should have been an obvious problem in 80s. An obvious solution should have been marry Rhaenys and Viserys, and unite their claims and their dragons. Why were they married to Corlys and Aemma instead? Neither had dragons. Marrying Rhaenys and Meleys to Corlys created a second, rival dragonlord family of Velaryon in Westeros. Marrying Daemon to Rhea would have created a third rival dragonlord family if Daemon had impregnated his bronze bitch, as he should have. We are told why Viserys did not marry Laena and Vhagar (didn´t want to marry for reasons of state, and wasn´t attracted to a 12 year old), and why Rhaenyra wasn´t married to Aegon (Aegon was a danger of usurper, not getting along with her), but why not marry Helaena to Jacaerys? Helaena was not as likely to usurp, and rode Dreamfyre.
  4. Incest in Volantis

    Um, no... In other words, incest by preference. "Particularly" those who bred and rode dragons. Not "only". There were many ancient families which were dragonless but also practiced incest. (Velaryon? Celtigar?) Many, but apparently not all. However, Targaryens were among the particularly many who did. But incest is not necessary for that. Marrying an aunt, niece or cousin does not make blood any less pure, if these aunt, niece or cousin are equally pure blooded to begin with. Yet the Valyrians preferred siblings to cousins given a choice.
  5. Yes, but taking the swords of their defeated foes was an option at Conquest.
  6. Valyrian dragon incest

    Many animals have mechanisms to promote outbreeding. They of course prefer inbreeding to not breeding, but when a choice is available, outbreeding prevails by various mechanisms.
  7. We are not told that. Orys Baratheon was a minor figure before he got Argella, but he had a surname. And he was rumoured to be a bastard - but only rumoured, not acknowledged. He was Orys Baratheon, not Orys Waters like a Dragonstone bastard would be. So, there would have been other Baratheons - like Orys´ official father.
  8. Valyrian dragon incest

    How did Valyrians enforce incest on their dragons in Valyria?
  9. Did the dragons of Valyria practice incest, like their riders did?
  10. Incest in Volantis

    There was such a gene pool in Old Valyria. 40 dragonrider families, and a minimum of 300 dragonriders riding against Garin - they could have practiced family exogamy and marry someone of the other 39 dragonrider families each time. Yet Valyrians were noted for practicing incest by choice.
  11. Valyrian? Remember that sword of Gregor - which isn´t Valyrian. It is an ordinary two handed sword of ordinary steel - what´s unusual is that Gregor wields it with one hand, which he can do because he is unusually strong. We are repeatedly told that Valyrian swords are light compared to ordinary steel swords. It is therefore possible that a Valyrian steel greatsword as big as Gregor´s sword could be lighter than Gregor´s sword - lighter as much that not only Gregor but an ordinary man like Jaime could wield it one handed.
  12. If Martells had a Valyrian sword, they would have kept it. Could the Durrandon Valyrian sword be in Iron Throne, seeing that Argilac died in battle?
  13. Foundlings and Orphans in Westeros

    The bastards with a noble parent often have support from the noble side, promoting their rise to the story attention. No doubt there are bastards whose both parents are commoners. Like Kella, at Sheepshit... doesn´t know who her child´s father is, but Littlefinger does not fire her for immorality. Duncan does not know who his parents were - married smallfolk is possible, but so is being a bastard. Knight of Pussywillows is expressly a bastard, and an orphan as well - claims a noble father, out of 100 possibilities, but receives no support from the man he claims (he´s dead).
  14. Foundlings and Orphans in Westeros

    Complicated by the fact that Starks are in rebellion against Iron Throne. Again, it´s not clear whether they, e. g. Alys Karstark, are officially supposed to be controlled by King (whoever the King of Karstarks is... Robb, Stannis or Tommen...), the immediate overlord (going by Tommen, meaning Roose/Ramsay rather than Tommen) or the adult head/guardian of family (Arnolf Karstark). A lot of nobles with parents have no lands or wealth. Like Amerei (not an orphan because while her father was not a tapestry, her mother lives). In her case, married off to a hedge knight, rather than given to Faith to atone for her sins. More cases of orphans: the Barateon brethren. Both parents died while they were minors. Lord Robert owned Stormlands as a minor. Stannis and Renly had no lands of their own until Robert gave them, already after Robellion.
  15. Valyrian steel coming back?

    Only by statistics. Yes, Aegon had a policy of melting the swords of his defeated foes into Iron Throne. But if he spotted Valyrian blades among his loot, like Gardener or Durrandon or Hoare ancestral Valyrian sword, would he have melted them in all the same, or kept these swords as too valuable to expend on Iron Throne?