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  1. Stannis declared that supporters of Renly are worse than supporters of Joffrey. Because supporters of Joffrey believe that they are defending Robert´s trueborn son, they are merely wrong about that fact, while the supporters of Renly knew all along they were fighting for an usurper. Of the Rainbow Guard, three - Guyard Morrigen, Bryce Caron and Parmen Crane - defected to Stannis. The first two died for Stannis at Blackwater, and ser Parmen was sent along with ser Erren Florent to take over Renly´s foot, but captured at Bitterbridge. But the three Rainbow Guard in Stannis´ service are not mentioned to have been in Stannis´ Kingsguard.
  2. It does mention slavery. It is popular in Asshai to travel in litters carried by slaves.
  3. Or he did exactly that, publicly or quietly, but for various reasons it did not succeed. We have a So Spake Martin stating with relevant ambiguity that Robert declared for Iron Throne "around" the time of Trident. Leaving open the options that Robert declared for Iron Throne only after the battle was won and Rhaegaer dead declared for Iron Throne before the battle, hampering reconciliation. We see the attempted negotiations between Stannis and Renly. Given that we do not know such details of Trident as to whether Robert declared for Iron Throne before or after the battle, we also do not know whether there were negotiations before battle, or what was told there.
  4. That was a problem in 131 as well. Could Baratheons, Hightowers or Lannisters put any faith in Corlys' words, without having Corlys' pardons overruled by Cregan Stark or Aegon Dragonsbane when he grows up?
  5. No, it was Jon's rebellion. Of the four allies, what did they have? Jon had support of most of Vale. Had been opposed by Grafrons of Gulltown, but had suppressed that long ago. Hoster led much of Riverlands. Much of Riverlands was still on loyalist side, and Freys were late. Eddard was the only one who had support of a whole realm - no Targaryen loyalists mentioned in North, unlike the other three. Robert had left Stormlands with the lords - who had left their homes to be conquered by Tyrells. He had lost a battle at Ashford, and been crushed at Battle of Bells. Yes, the surviving Stormlands men must have rallied back to Robert after Eddard bailed him out. But Robert must have remained the weakest force of the 4. The men of Stormlands had followed Robert because they loved him and Aerys had asked for his head without a good reason. If Rhaegaer makes an offer of pardon to Eddard and Robert - to the effect that they can keep their heads and go home, but do not get Lyanna back - which of them would have accepted?
  6. There was quite likely a third side to take. Two major civil wars had ended in negotiated settlements. In Spring 131, Lannisters, Baratheons and Hightowers were safe in their homebases. The Greens could have fought on for Queen Jaehaera, safe in Storm´s End. Instead they took the peace offers of Corlys. What were their content? Lyonel Baratheon, the Laughing Storm, had risen in rebellion and committed the insult of declaring himself Storm King. What did he get for it? Beheaded for high treason? Stripped naked and extradited in chains by his own retainers, like the previous Storm Queen, with much better right than Lyonel? Received the mercy of getting sent to Wall? No. He returned to being "mere" Lord, as before. And worse - what became of royal family? Heir to the Crown disinherited. A princess handed over to the rebel as a ward/hostage. Effectively a humiliating defeat to Crown and a victory for the rebel. So yes. Eddard was an outlaw. What next? Getting a pardon was in no way implausible. Common way of dealing with rebels too strong to suppress. If Rhaegaer, before Trident, approached the rebels with offer of pardon and negotiations, what would Eddard´s position have been?
  7. Why did Ned fight against Rhaegaer at Trident?
  8. Pregnant bride - yes. Rhaenyra, and Aegon Dragonsbane.
  9. And so does Scotland. While England refused by Statute of Merton to do so.
  10. Edric Storm?
  11. Delena drew down a shitstorm on Robert and herself. And she did not really make a career as Robert´s mistress. She ended up married to a household knight, and would probably have done better as an unsoiled Florent daughter. It is agreed that she consented anyway. Lyanna´s kidnapping would have brought a shitstorm. It was not implausible that Aerys might have dealt with it - at political costs, like Aegon IV had and Robert would. Rhaegaer, and Lyanna, might have hoped the matter would be dealt with. Aerys being Aerys managed to make matters worse.
  12. Yes, that´s an argument in favour of kidnapping - a cooperative fugitive is easier to hide than a captive. Catelyn does promptly get caught in King´s Landing. Sansa is so far reasonably hid as Alayne... and even at Eyrie, not Sheepshit. Well, for Brackens and Blackwoods, post of King´s open mistress was so appealing that Bethany was outright pushed into it. A Stark daughter or a Baratheon wife may be slightly higher positions than a royal mistress. Meaning Rickard and Brandon would have been less delighted than Brackens.
  13. It means something but not much. Aegon Unworthy needed a long campaign to make Daemon a plausible candidate, and Unworthy ruled as King. And it was Daemon Blackfyre himself and Aegon´s support that was quoted by his supporters - Daena the Defiant was not a particularly important part of Blackfyre claim. Females were mentioned as having been considered, several times. But few would back Rhaenys over Viserys. Well, Dorne. There was that marriage of Maegor the Cruel. But its validity was never decided, as Maegor had no living children. If Aerys were on Rhaegaer´s side, Lyanna should be safe at Red Keep or Dragonstone. Suggesting that Aerys was not on Rhaegaer´s side. A tower in the middle of nowhere also makes sense if she was hiding deliberately. What they may have been waiting for is to negotiate to get Lyanna´s elopement accepted as status quo. Robert marries someone else and no longer wants Lyanna back et cetera. At some point it might be safe to come out with a bastard. After all, there are at a minimum the 4 other, non-Kingsguard armed men who participated in the kidnapping. What became of those 4? What´s unclear is why these 3 Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegaer personally, and how Rhaegaer made sure they were. After all, their vows were to Aerys, not Rhaegaer. They might have delivered Lyanna to Aerys, or left Tower of Joy to go protect Rhaella and Viserys on Dragonstone.
  14. No, she´s not in Red Keep because Aerys is not on board with Rhaegaer about Lyanna. If Lyanna were anywhere public, be it Red Keep or Dragonstone, Aerys would have her detained and forbid Rhaegaer from spending time with her. Whether a kidnap/rape victim or a consensual lover, Lyanna is Rhaegaer´s favourite toy. About anybody else would take his favourite toy away from him, in which case he would cry.
  15. Well, there were a lot of sons of concubines who inherited.