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  1. It would not be difficult for Orys to have been officially a trueborn son of a low-ranking but surnamed man working at Dragonstone. Like Qoherys who was master-at-arms. Master-at-arms is a job not inconsistent with being married. Nor is steward. Or other jobs as officers in a castle garrison. For example, Jeyne Poole is brought up in Winterfell, and is an associate, and actually the best friend of Sansa Stark. Yet has a surname - Poole, from her official father Vayon Poole. Now add rumours, true or false, of Eddard having been too close to his employee's wife, and you could easily make Jeyne a rumoured bastard and a rumoured sister of Sansa (unless Vayon and his wife had iron-tight and well-known alibi for the relevant time period).
  2. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Yes, the actual fate of Aerea is a glaring omission. Aerea was Aegon´s heir. Maegor recognized her as his heir, Jaehaerys did not. Jaehaerys could have chosen to marry Aerea. He chose to marry Alysanne and disinherit Aerea instead.
  3. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    And yet he disinherited Aerea, and Rhaenys. No. But note how Westeros does not follow the principle of "Mater semper certa est". Generally, a bastard with noble mother does not in Westeros inherit either the surname or status/inheritance of its mother.
  4. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Yes - Aegon IV-s court was quite different from Jaehaerys' court. But even though Aegon IV legitimized his own bastards, on his deathbed, he did not legitimize Elaena's.
  5. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Possible. But Yandel fails to suggest this: his words were "leaving her with nothing but a growing belly." Suggesting that her birth and her mother´s love were not worth much. Compare her sister Saera, who had left a sept rather than marriage... and felt necessary to go and stay in Essos. First Lys, in the end a madam in Volantis.
  6. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Winter Child? Gael. Got pregnant by a travelling singer - and had nothing better to do than drown herself.
  7. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Daeron Falseborn vs. Daemon Blackfyre? Both had champions. As for Daemon, Aegon was claiming Naerys had cheated on him... but he never did in his lifetime make the step of formally disinheriting Daeron. And as for Daemon, he was undeniably born a bastard. Naerys was Aegon´s sister, so everyone who was Daeron´s kin on the certain side also was Aegon´s kin... but Daeron also had a wife Myriah, thanks to Baelor not Aegon, meaning that Martells were bound to champion Falseborn. As for Daemon, Daena´s maternal kin were Velaryons, who had not dared rise when her uncle usurped her throne... but Daemon was married to Rohanne of Tyrosh. Yet Daemon was not in Westeros purely as a Tyroshi invader - he found champions within Westeros as well. Now compare Robert grumbling that Cersei´s children aren´t his... while a lot of Westeros denies it as an outrageous, self-serving lie and explains it simply as Robert having a crush on Margaery. Or only shitty, slutty wives cheat. We do hear that Cersei at first made some effort to make her marriage with Robert work, and only after Robert was caught cheating with an Estermont cousin did she consummate her love for Jaime. Jon Arryn probably was not cheating. Would Cersei have stayed faithful to Jon Arryn if she had been married to him? (And though Lysa may not have cheated on Jon, she did murder him.)
  8. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Sure. Actually, who would a man rather marry: an as yet childless and nonpregnant but still presumably fertile girl of unchaste reputation, or a respectable and chaste widow with several healthy sons? If your wife is unchaste and will be in the position to continue being unchaste during your marriage, you will not know which of her children will be yours - yet you are to support all of them as your own, and leave your inheritance to her eldest son regardless of the actual paternity. If your wife has only slept with her late husband, and he´s no more, then she might also be faithful to you during her second marriage. You therefore know which of her children will be yours and will get your support and inheritance. However, since she already has several healthy sons, it is the eldest of them who will get her inheritance. Your children will be younger sons, and therefore get nothing. Does it look like something that would have cheapened Rhaenyra, or Cersei? Or Nymeria, who after all made her Martell daughter her heiress, and disinherited her son by Dayne, like Aegon was disinherited? No. It is not just the value of Ser Elys´ self. It is the value of ser Elys´ daughters. After all, the potential grooms for the other four daughters are going to worry: "What if she cheats me, and then runs back home to daddy? Receiving a safe home to go back to, and possibly an army to champion her bastard for my inheritance?" To not impose a harsh punishment on the daughter who took the honour of the whole family would mean cheapening the value of the other four sisters. I suspect that the net value of 1 guilty sister plus 4 sisters whose honour is smeared by presumption of impunity is rather less than the net value of the 4 remaining sisters whose honour is reestablished by demonstration of harsh punishment for the fifth. A respectable family must be able to recall members for defects, to support the value of those left...
  9. Renly was what, eight? Chances are Renly dines on the soldiers killed for attempting to open the gates and is the one to open the gates to Tyrells.
  10. Velaryons are not Valyrian?

    Both contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism commonly form marble.
  11. What were the ages of Ramsay and Reek when they got together?
  12. Velaryons are not Valyrian?

    Um, which Velaryons? Actually, up to 7 Velaryons, specifically from the times married with Targaryens. Rhaenys the Queen Who Should Have Been, rode Meleys and was born a Targaryen (and was she ever called with her husband´s surname Velaryon?) Laenor rode Seasmoke and was son of QWSHB Rhaenyra, the First of Her Name, rode Syrax and was born a Targaryen (and was she ever called with her husband´s surname Velaryon?) Jacaerys rode Vermax and was named Velaryon, but whether begotten a Velaryon or a Strong was borne by Rhaenyra Lucerys rode Arrax and was named Velaryon, but whether begotten a Velaryon or a Strong was borne by Rhaenyra Joffrey rode Tyraxes and was named Velaryon, but whether begotten a Velaryon or a Strong was borne by Rhaenyra Laena rode Vhagar and was daughter of QWSHB
  13. And? The underlying attitude - that knighthood was socially preferrable but not a strict legal requirement, and that non-knights could legally fill the roles of knight with only some social embarrassment - was a widespread even if not universal one in medieval Europe. There is no strong evidence that it is not shared by Westeros, and quite some evidence that it is.
  14. In a literal sense, yes. Which is why it´s inconvenient to talk about "landed knights and masters" when masters are few in number. Do masters lack any rights and privileges that landed knights have? Members of Parliament representing counties are called "Knights of the Shire"... yet they are not actually required to be knights, and esquires also qualify.
  15. We have the story of Lord Stackspear doubling the taxes on his smallfolk without permission of Tytos. Implying that he did need a permission - it was not purely his own business as a landholder and lord.