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  1. Aemond might. Daeron the Daring, though.... King Daeron might well have fed Unwin to Tessarion and returned his own crown to the now dragonless cripple. Viserys was chosen by Grand Council as a dragonless king, and ruled as a dragonless king over dragonriders Laenor, Rhaenys, Laena, Daemon....
  2. Tommen living and being called Baratheon does not mean he´s in charge, nor that any Lannister is. With Kevan dead, Cersei a prisoner, and Damon and Daven busy holding the West, how about Tyrells clearing Margaery and scapegoating Cersei as far as they can do without tainting Tommen? Would there be any way to clear Sansa for being an accomplice while making her a witness against Tyrion?
  3. Still odd. Arryk may have been the man who actually say Rhaenyra in flagranti, but Erryk would have had the oral accounts of his twin brother. Why didn´t Arryk persuade his brother to join Greens as well, trusting his words?
  4. They can, and many would. What do you think would Aegon son of Alicent have done if Daeron the Daring had survived Tumbleton and been crowned King on grounds that Aegon was missing, presumed dead?
  5. As of the end of Dance of Dragons, Barristan is unaware of Aegon as yet. Barristan follows what he thinks is right - otherwise he'd have rallied to Stannis or Renly rather than go seek Viserys. If Barristan hears of Aegon, is his duty with Daenerys or with Aegon?
  6. World of Ice and Fire mentions that Aerys formally disinherited Rhaegaer´s children - in the short time after Trident. At that time: Connington was exile Barristan was a wounded prisoner. So, neither would have been with Aerys to hear the announcement. But both would eventually have heard accounts of Aerys´ last days, including the fact of Aegon´s disinheritance. How seriously are they likely to take such acts by Aerys? Would Barristan tell Daenerys: "Yes, Aegon´s the son of your big brother, and yes, Aegon should have reigned if Aerys said nothing else, but Aerys did, and therefore Iron Throne is yours and not Aegon´s!"?
  7. The duration of Trystane's reign is specified as 2 weeks.
  8. If he had done something only after news from Dragonstone arrived, it would not have been Moon of Three Kings. We specifically hear that Trystane was King on Red Keep for 2 weeks (and never, in these 2 weeks, achieved supremacy over either Gaemon or Shepherd). The trip of Rhaenyra through Duskendale to Dragonstone took unspecified number but several days. Marching an army from Storm's End to King's Landing takes more than 2 weeks. Borros may have taken King's Landing after he had got ravens from Dragonstone that Aegon II lived, but he must have been closer to King's Landing to Storm's End with an army.
  9. That's odd. Killing Aegon son of Rhaenyra was already proposed on Dragonstone. Then Aegon son of Alicent refused, because he wanted to keep Aegon son of Rhaenyra a hostage. Did Aegon son of Alicent and Alicent want to go ahead executing Aegon son of Rhaenyra after returning to King's Landing? Because the Blacks (in Riverlands, Vale and North) had failed to submit to Aegon son of Alicent? Betrothing Aegon son of Rhaenyra to Jaehaera made sense. Disinheriting Jaehaera, though... Was Aegon son of Alicent treating Aegon son of Rhaenyra as his heir, or as a hostage? Certainly, his proposal to cut off an ear of Aegon son of Rhaenyra sounds like treatment of a hostage, not heir. Where was Jaehaera, physically? She was safely delivered to Storm's End. Was she returned to King's Landing sometime between October and March?
  10. The original set of 7 regents for Aegon son of Rhaenyra: Corlys Velaryon - a Black Jeyne Arryn - a Black Torrhen Manderly - a Black Grand Maester Munkun Manfryd Mooton - defected to Greens Royce Caron - from Stormlands, presumed Green Ronald Westerling - from West, presumed Green
  11. Did Rhaenyra, during her reign, cause any problems by cancelling Aegon II-s acts?
  12. The Dance ended with Tullies and Starks marching victoriously on King´s Landing to destroy Aegon son of Alicent. Who died suspiciously before their arrival. Why didn´t the victorious Tullies call Aegon son of Rhaenyra they rescued Aegon II, and take the position that Aegon son of Alicent was never a King, always usurper, first of Rhaenyra and after killing her, usurper of Aegon son of Rhaenyra?
  13. Damion Lannister as Castellan, or some of his stewards? Does Tywin have a gold father, too?
  14. Seriously, why not? In crypts of Winterfell, there are statutes of Stark lords and kings, and also some non-lord members like Lyanna. Would any statue of Tywin be made? If yes, would any of the statues be of gold?
  15. If Rhaegar left a will who would have it?

    There is no evidence that polygamy ever was legal for Targaryens. Yes, there is the precedent of Maegor the Cruel. But with little precedent value - he had no children by any of these wives, so there was no decision whether they would have been accepted as trueborn or as bastards by his successors, and no decision as to whether the women had ever been his wives. Actually, Jaehaerys did not respect Maegor´s will either - Rhalla was the rightful heiress by both law and Maegor´s will but Jaehaerys usurped her anyway.