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  1. Looks like everybody underestimated just how big an advantage new tyres are on that track with this year's tyre compounds. Ferrari blundered with Vettel's pit stop, which lost him P1. Red Bull either saw it when Mercedes and Ferrari didn't or they were just more aggressive because they were behind and had more to gain than to lose.
  2. And Ferrari win the China qualifying, half a second ahead of Mercedes. Weird. Mercedes were the fastest in Q2 on the "soft" tyres. The "ultrasoft" didn't seem to work for them, or they worked spectacularly well for Ferrari. Looks like Ferrari is on par with Mercedes on the engine while Renault is still behind. Good results for Haas and Force India while the Renault teams are struggling. Toro Rosso is nowhere to be seen.
  3. Looks like Apple has picked up the Foundation adaption: http://deadline.com/2018/04/apple-isaac-asimov-foundation-tv-series-david-goyer-josh-friedman-skydance-1202361072/ Not sure what to make of this. I don't think the stories appeal to a general audience.
  4. There have always been incidents. Things are supposed to go wrong now and then. That's how pit stops add to the suspense. The question is if the chance of somebody being hurt has increased. There probably aren't enough cases for meaningful statistics. I just don't think it's a good thing that the whole pressure to keep the stop time short is now on the guys changing the wheels. When they refuelled the mechanics were usually off the car way before refuelling was finished. And I definitely don't remember any incidents of cars leaving the pit with a loose wheel.
  5. People curse all the time in WoT. Jordan just doesn't use the real life four letter words and lets people say stuff like "Blood and ashes" instead. Sex is hinted at but never described explicitly. Doesn't mean it has to be that way on the TV show.
  6. Another casualty of the current rules that don't allow refuelling. Pressure on the mechanics has been brutal ever since they banned it. Lots of incidents with wheels coming off. I get that pit stops are supposed to add some suspense but this is the wrong way. Hard to tell who is fastest yet. Ferrari winning the qualifying was a surprise. Red Bull didn't finish, so we don't know how fast they really are. They looked good in qualifying. Verstappen must learn to avoid collisions, though. He really threw away this race. He can't afford that if he wants to be champion. Mercedes should have won this one after Ferrari skipped the second pit stop. Not sure if it was a particularly great performance from Vettel or a subpar one from Bottas. I'm really curious about Toro Rosso. Looks like the Honda engine isn't that bad. Reliability might still be an issue, though. Would be sweet to see them finish the season ahead of McLaren after years of bitching about Honda. McLaren seem stronger in the race than in qualifying, at least relative to Renault. If Honda has finally built a competitive engine we will probably see it in the Red Bulls next year. Could be an interesting season, with four competitive engines. If either Renault or McLaren can close in on the big three we could see four teams compete for the championship, with four different engines.
  7. WoT certainly provides a rich setting. Not sure about the plot though. There are like 100 parallel plot lines, and almost all of them unresolved because of Robert Jordan's death. I don't see how they could adapt the One Power or the whole struggle against the Dark One. Their best bet is probably a Tudors-style costume drama with a little magic thrown in now and then. (Which is essentially what Game of Thrones is.)
  8. McLaren are also the weakest of the Renault-powered teams. Will be interesting how they perform over the season relative to Renault in particular, but also Haas, who seem to be on roughly the same level.
  9. Well, he isn't really free, just out of jail. The court has ruled that the rebellion charge isn't covered by German law. He could still be extradited on the embezzlement charges.
  10. I could see Bezos spend $1 billion on a show if he thought it's the next Game of Thrones. After listening through the Three Body Problem (first novel only) I don't think it's anywhere near good enough. And spending $1 billion on the rights would indeed be nuts. Unless he had some really big plans in China. But as far as I can see Amazon Video isn't even available in China, probably because of rights and censorship issues.
  11. They sort of tried. The FAZ is the last paper you should expect to be upset by this, though.
  12. According to German news reports, two members of the Catalan police who had accompanied Puigdemon.
  13. The German federal government supports Rajoy. They say Catalonia is not our concern and the courts must decide on the extradition, not the government.
  14. But that's still for a judge to decide. So while Germany is obliged to extradite provided certain criteria are met the courts still decide whether that's the case or not.
  15. It's not quite so simple. Spain has to provide a document stating the nature of the charges. The Germain courts then decide if the stated crimes have their counterpart in German law. Given the political nature of this case I don't think the decision is as straightforward as it's painted in the press, i.e. a mere formality. In the end he probably will be extradited, though.