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  1. Robert Jordan fell ill and died before he could finish the series. The last three volumes are by Brandon Sanderson and they leave like a hundred subplots unresolved. I therefore wouldn't recommend WoT anymore. It showed great promise but didn't live up to it.
  2. Emilia Clarke isn't a credible Daenerys. That character needed a real blonde to play it. That whig is just gross. Same with Cersei / Lena Headey, though not quite so bad.
  3. Does the AfD ever talk about the economy? That neoliberal program may just be leftovers from the Lucke era that they don't care enough about to change. As for coalition arithmetics, the reason why there's no alternative to Merkel is the fragmentation of the left. They would have had a majority in the current Bundestag, but politically it wouldn't have worked. That and the SPD really not being a credible alternative to the Christian Democrats. Can a party that's pro-TTIP credibly campaign on social justice?
  4. Yes she can. Cersei and Jaime are twins, but she was born first. That makes Jaime her "little brother" as much as Tyrion.
  5. Because they are script writers. All script writers hate having to conform to canon or rules. Star Trek worked because Gene Roddenberry kept the writers on a short leash. A Science Fiction or Fantasy franchise needs a steward who watches over canon and continuity or it goes down the drain really fast. Cases in point: Lost and Battlestar Galactica. The latter was actually run by a former Star Trek writer and look what a mess he made of the show when he had free rein.
  6. This may be the case nowadays, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't always like this. If it had been, Richard III hadn't been king. Well, not while his nephews were alive. It was a huge issue with Henry VIII's children, too.
  7. Henry VIII of England founded his own church because the pope wouldn't give him his annulment. So it really was hard to get back then, even for a king. Anyways, Rhaegar wasn't king. Maybe he could have an annulment if his father had agreed, but good luck with that. The Targaryens needed all the support they could get. They couldn't afford to have Dorne turn on them. So, he got a secret annulment instead. Of course, annulments tend to be really nasty, because they are usually retroactive. Which would mean Rhaegar and Elia were never legally married and their children bastards.
  8. The books make a point of how each House has certain characteristic traits. Ned Stark, Lyanna, Arya, and Jon Snow are supposed to look alike. That's why Ned could pass Jon off as his bastard. Likewise, the Targaryen have some features unique to them, like siver hair and purple eyes. Rhaegar looking like Viserys makes perfect sense. Of course, the show doesn't usually hire actors who look alike and makes do with whigs.
  9. Well, there's the prince that was promised prophecy. We don't know if that's Jon or Dany, but bastard that was promised doesn't sound so great... If Jon is legitimate he also is the rightful (Targaryen) king. Maybe that's important for the rest of the story. Hard to tell the implications at this point. But there is circumstantial evidence for it in the books and the whole GRRM doesn't do this and doesn't do that isn't really a valid argument. He writes Fantasy, after all. He just does it better than most writers.
  10. Well, Rhaegar probably kept the marriage secret because he couldn't afford to alienate the Dornish more than he already had. He would have annoiunced it after the war was won. And the whole marriage isn't something D&D made up. The whole L+R=J thing hasn't been revealed in the books yet but they were probably married there, too. The presence of the Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy makes no sense if they weren't. They were there to protect the king.
  11. It wasn't a lie. In a clan-based society, the girl's consent doesn't matter. Her family decides who she gets to sleep with. So, while not rape by modern standards, it was by medieval. OK, it wasn't as Rhaegar actually married her. But nobody knows that. And of course, it wasn't Rhaegar and Lyanna eloping that started the war, it was Aerys killing Ned Stark's father and older brother and demanding that Jon Arryn hand over Ned as well.
  12. Jaime will kill Cersei. It's a running gag how she keeps reading Maggie's prophecy wrong and goes after the wrong people. She thinks Tyrion is the valonquar. That's why she hates him and tries to have him killed. And so she contributes to her own downfall by driving him off to Daenerys. And of course Dany is the younger queen. But Cersei went after Margaery instead. And Sansa before that
  13. Renault have stated that they won't hire Alonso for 2018. The last thing they want is listen to his bitching about their engine on the radio for he whole world to hear. Let Honda put up with that. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/131509/renault-not-ready-to-sign-alonso-for-2018
  14. Driverless public transport is going to have serious problems with vandalism and crime. You could turn the driver into some sort of conductor, guard, whatever, but there is no way you could run busses, subway trains, etc autonomously without human supervision. That kind of thing might work in small, sheltered places but not in a big city.
  15. Well, self driving cars only work in environments where casualty rates are already low, i.e.~on highways. The bulk of the casualties is in the developing world, and you aren't going to get self driving cars there any soon. I'm afraid this guy isn't going to get a self-driving car any soon.