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  1. If your dad's job is at Tesla, most likely they're in Fremont or nearby. It's a little under 30 miles from San Francisco and a whole different world from the city. Also, it's a looong commute on BART to get there; the bf of a friend of mine had a temp job on their assembly line and it took him so long to get to work, he ended up rooming with co workers nearby on days he worked. ETA: Rents have exploded in the last 5 years or so, but not surprisingly, it's even worse in San Jose and Sillycon Valley. Also, if WinterFox's parents still have a car, chances are they're living outside the city. San Francisco has really good public transit, at least by US standards and parking here is NYC levels of awful.
  2. Going waaaay back to S1, I actually liked show Viserys as a character. Hated him in the books, and he's still a douche in the show but he was an unexpected favorite. I'm Cersei/Carol loving trash for the show, but hate her in the books. Maester Aemon, both in books and show.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/08/azure-window-malta-collapse-game-of-thrones Hope this is the right forum to post this in, but sad to see such a landmark go, regardless. I vaguely remember it from S1 in Dany and Drogo's wedding scene, but must admit I had to read the article to jog my memory on it. Maybe not big show news per se, but regardless of what we think of the show, the set locations are one thing that makes it memorable.
  4. Finally got back to my pc instead of phone, and took the survey. Some of those decisions were pretty tough, and I would have voted 2 or even 3 way ties on some of them. I got nitpicky about just what reason I liked a particular thread or theory, and then making a decision on what I thought was "better. " Thanks again for having these, and I have to admit I had more fun refreshing my memory on some of these than the actual voting...b/c decisions, decisions.
  5. Thanks for putting this together. I do a lot more lurking than posting lately, and some of my favorites are there.
  6. Another one for Tywin here. Even though I read the books before the show, I didn't get involved with fandom until around s3, so I found his motivations easier to grasp without in depth character analysis. His arc is still my favorite of the antagonists in the story for the same reasons you stated. The impact he had on his now adult children is just as substantial as Ned's on the Starklings, even this late in the series.
  7. There may have been more, but the only marriage that comes to mind of being consummated at age 12 was Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII. Both mother and child nearly died when she gave birth to him at age 13, and she never had any more children after that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Beaufort,_Countess_of_Richmond_and_Derby It's not out of the question that some marriages were made when both bride and groom were children, but I think the average age of consummation, even among royalty and aristocrats was 15 or older.
  8. Interesting you should bring up the Martells, since Sansa/Arya parallel Doran/Oberon. Not to mention part of Arya's training is in poisons. Doran also gets quite a bit of hate in these here parts for being... well...not proactive enough. I'm almost direct opposite of @Woman of War on Sansa. She's one of my top 5 book characters, but on the show, I mostly find her running the gamut between annoying and insufferable.
  9. If we're talking favorites here, I would prefer to be ruled by someone like Sansa. Problem is, she's nowhere near the line of succession, so the legit answer would be Dany. Shireen is the only other one who comes close.
  10. Both of you are kinda sorta right. House Hollard, with the exception of Dontos, along with House Darklyn were exterminated after the Defiance of Duskendale pre Robert's Rebellion.
  11. In some ways Arya is us too. Part of what GRRM wanted to get away from with the really bad Tolkien knockoffs was how the nobility was portrayed pretty much like the songs that Sansa was so fond of, and hand wave class differences away like they didn't exist. Arya is guilty of the same thing and a lot of us, including me are cheering her on as she does. @OldGimletEye had done a good job of deconstructing the socio-political side of the Trident incident, which tends to get swept under the rug when we only talk about the individual personalities of the characters and ignore the social structure. Arya and Jon are both underdogs as long as they stay in Winterfell, but part of both growth arcs are the most face to face contact with smallfolk of the Starklings. Jon goes to the Wall, not seeing much beyond his bastard status, but has a rude awakening when he discovers he gets seen by other NW as just another snotty lordling. In Arya's case, she hand waves class differences aside when she runs off to play with Mycah, not understanding that even in a less corrupt royal court, any punishment she got for mischief regardless of how innocent, would have been magnified tenfold for Mycah or someone else of his status. Later on in the Riverlands, she gets rebuked by Gendry under no uncertain terms for the same thing, once he finds out who she actually is. To her credit, she learns to blend in with smallfolk and actually listens to them, but speculating how she will reconcile that with her highborn status will take up too much space and I've already gone too far OT. Sansa is the one who comes off as snobby and elitist, but actually has at least the basics in how Southron society and royal courts function, so she sees things more systemically. She also comes off as more cool and impersonal of the sisters because of it, but it's an important aspect of governing that gets overlooked in most fantasy novels and series. The scenes where she's rebuking Arya over how she's acting around the royal court come off as tone policing, but we find out later that pissing Cersei off comes with consequences. Ned adds to the problem letting both girls run around unchaperoned, and I remember on first read through smh over how little supervision they got with not even a household guard accompanying them. He shoulda coulda woulda known better about that, especially since he knew not to trust the Lannisters beforehand. Sansa should not have been with Joffrey without a proper escort, and no adult was around to stop Arya from running off with Mycah, and putting him at risk. As for empathy, I think both girls have it, with different outlets for expressing it, but also have their blind spots.
  12. This is fairly close to my take on it as well. As far as the Iron Throne goes, there hasn't been a POV character sit on it yet and I suspect that may be the case by the end of the ADOS. Add to that both are still fairly young, and Westeros has already had 2 child monarchs in a row.
  13. I think I understood just fine, and I'm still on Team Jon/Val and Sansa/Sandor. Jon has made choices that brought in a flood of new immigrants south of the Wall, and in many ways a marriage to Val would make more political sense in bridging cultural gaps. Not without problems, mind you but the alliance, along with her insights would be of great benefit. @Le Cygne here's a chuckle for ya. I came across something that half jokingly said the reason the unKiss was so important was so Sansa could imagine an actual kiss she wanted while she was getting so many creepy non con kisses from guys like Dontos, LF and even SR.
  14. Agree on the above, and I've been in the "Val is Jon's true Queen" camp for quite a while. It would make for an important alliance with the Free Folk who have moved south of the Wall, and since they abhor incest, would also be the least offensive choice to them. I realize that first cousin marriages were common in Westeros, and even in medieval feudal societies, but if he were to marry any of his sisters it would be Arya. I don't even think that's happening for various reasons, but there's a bond there that never existed between him and Sansa. Lastly in response to @King Crow I had to laugh about who would be better when Sansa needed to "puzzle her way out of a courtly difficulty." Aside from the romantic foreshadowing in the text, that's pretty much what Sandor helped her do when she was a hostage in KL, and last we heard from Jon, he was stabbed by the men under his command at the Wall. Not to mention that Sandor has spent most of his life in a royal court.
  15. I think that's actually actually one of show!Sansa's nicknames in the fandom. I'm a bit of a stan for all the Starklings, so no Nymeria for Sansa. My crackpot based on readings in Bran's chapters, is Lady lives on as part of Sansa, but I digress. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, while I don't necessarily see either one of the Stark girls becoming Queen, I think there's more hints in the direction of Arya. For all I know, we may get a non POV sitting the IT at the end, just like how the story's been since AGOT. Back to Sansa, it's hard to predict much beyond the Vale and there's more discussion on that in the TWOW forums. Can't seem to quote your second post but agree on Tyrion. I'm sick of hearing how Sansa will become more mature and "learn to love Tyrion" and make the marriage work. They seem to forget that he's just not that into her either, and even thinks of her as false...and we all know what happened to the last woman he referred to as "false." He's one of my favorite characters in the series, but with all his women problems, I ship him with The Citadel like the HMS Victory. As for SanSan, I currently subscribe to it more than ship it due to where their story arcs are. There's more growth needed from both, but the text definitely leads that direction. TBH, I'm currently shipping Sansa with Her Own Personal Space and looking forward to seeing how she develops as a political actor as much as I care about who she ends up with.