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  1. This place is still the same. It's like rules of time don't apply to y'all. Anyway , how's everyone been ?
  2. I've been fine. For quite some time there I wasn't myself. Like I was trapped in another life. But now it feels like I'm back , 100% awake. I need to start swinging by here more often. How have you been ?
  3. "People are under a lot of stress, Bradley" Favorite line so far, felt like Lynch commenting on our times.
  4. Congratulations Sith Lord.
  5. All this talk of Disney and gargoyles just reminds me of Disney's Gargoyles
  6. That is true. Never been a fan of Jar Jar Bings
  7. You think you know a person, and then they reveal their true colors
  8. And that's how BOBs are born ! Also , we finally know what the Man behind this place was in Mullholand. David Lynch Shared Universe is upon us !
  9. Watching this film is like experiencing the Monolith from 2001
  10. Automation's coming faster than you think. By 2019 three companies are going to start pilot automated trucks program. Trucking industry provides the maximum blue collar jobs in America. People thinking the mining situation is bad have no idea what's coming. Also, I highly doubt automation is going to lead to some sort of utopia with better lives for everyone. The biggest flaw in this premise being the presumption that people will utilise this post-work time productively , for have any sort of productive contribution to make in the first place.
  11. I'm sorry. I wish I could have offered something more concrete, some real advice or support , but all I've got to offer is a sincere wish that everything works out for you. And some contacts in Brussels who specialise in making problems go away..
  12. Yeah their reactions are my favorite part as well. That's true. Though the same can also be said of a certain other guy who helmed a certain other franchise Hey, the OT is good , no doubt about it. But LotR is not just in a different league altogether,no ; they're not even playing the same sport.
  13. Nah but seriously, this is the best trilogy ever.
  14. Fire Walk is in that weird zone where I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone, but it is very important in the larger scheme of things re: TP. Lynch's rest of filmography is similarly weird. Inland Empire was him getting lost up his own ass, Lost Highway is similarly pretentious but less insufferable, Blue Velvet is really good though, and Eraserhead I can forgive because how damn creepy it is
  15. NEVER !! Never till the last of the Men of the West is standing will something so insidious as a LotR reboot be alllowed to exist ! LotR is the greatest film trilogy and so shall it be for One Thousand years ! Also not a real big fan of Star Wars Yeah and @RhaenysB if I were you I'd download Tor and start roaming the murky bazaars of the Deepweb