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  1. While McShane as Wednesday is still the top casting, Anansi , Gillian as Media and Stormare as Czernebog are in contention for close second
  2. Take on me is one of those songs that I often find stuck in my brain, so I was pleasantly surprised by its inclusion in the episode
  3. In other news, Ukraine banned Steven Seagal as a national security threat. Just another normal day on our ordinary planet Earth.
  4. May the Fourth be with y'alll and may the House of Mouse forever and ever keep churning out Star Wars movies until every fan dollar is milked
  5. Anybody reading Deathstroke Rebirth ? Priest has managed to make the character interesting again. Easily one of DC's best right now.
  6. We all agree here that Davos was the only light in the darkness that was Iron Fist right ?
  7. Hmmmm so what we're looking for is a Vin Diesel haunted house right ?
  8. It's here. Not underwhelming as such but not really exciting either
  9. @Lord Sidious Hoping the dark clouds part soon and the sun shines bright again ! (My purple prose game is on point yo ! )
  10. @First of My Name , @Buckwheat thanks guys. Kind words from friends is a cherished gift these days Also sorry for making the mood of the thread so dour. Didn't mean to depress everyone with my share of the burden. This is the Forum's party centre after all ! Also @RhaenysB don't know about Momoa , but spectres of fat bald men with an afterlife crisis are the rage right now
  11. That's how quite a few people felt about Mark , yes
  12. WRONG ! The right answer was Crashing this plane , with no survivors ! Now go study and ace those papers too
  13. Also Rhaenys , go through the contract with a fine comb for the most minute of details. I was careless, and now I'm living in an Apartment haunted by a headless ghost who likes Adam Sandlers' films
  14. So what's the next step of your master plan ? Yeah , at the very least I can ask for some more time or just another chance. Here's to hoping you soon find yourself a rocking apartment ! And also get well soon
  15. Told you , you got it