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  1. I attended the concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a BWB offer for good general seating at a discount for that one, guess there is not the same for this tour?
  2. Children of the Forest. Legend has it that the COTF created with magic the "Others" a/k/a White Walkers including the Night's King to help repel the First Men who were beginning to occupy their land.
  3. Perhaps the blue emission is a mechanism by which the ice structure of the wall is lowered to or very close to absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin) which renders the ice so brittle that it collapses under its own weight, rather than melting as with fire. The Night's King somehow through the powers instilled at his creation utilizes the dragon as a means of directing the power.
  4. I plan to attend both. Worked great for Loncon 3 followed by Eurocon Dublin and this will as well!!! :-)
  5. Plan to attend!!
  6. Ah, but are not the Three Eyed Raven's powers evolving as Bran gains experience as that entity? One of those powers is that of Greenseer which should afford Bran to see the future details of an attempt on his life, by violence, poison or other means.
  7. Though that would have impressed upon the common folk that Danerys held them in low regard, perform of else. Not a way to gain admiration and popularity.
  8. How long would it take for Daenerys to fly to Eastwatch and confirm the presence of the Night King's army? Put any doubts to rest. Of course, that could significantly diminish the plot options.
  9. That and the television adaption could not as a practical matter have every character that appeared in the books.
  10. My guess that she will save Arya from some doom.
  11. To remind viewers and also that newer viewers who may not have seen the early episodes will not be confused as to who/what the wolf is when the wolf reappears.
  12. The con schedule now lists the BWB Meet and Greet at 2 P.M. Room 2205. What: SIG When: Thursday Aug 18 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (1 hour) Where: Kansas City Convention Center - 2205 Tags: Fandom Do you love Game of Thrones, Wild Cards, or A Song of Ice and Fire? So do we! Come meet fellow fans in the Brotherhood Without Banners, a George R. R. Martin fan group active since 2001.
  13. On the train now, from Newark, NJ to Boston. Should be at the con between 2 and 3 p.m. or so.
  14. I plan to attend.