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  1. Lots of information about fandom, cons, etc. on that growing site.
  2. Maybe. If Trump pardons Cohen then Cohen can be called to testify as a prosecution witness in a criminal case against Trump or anyone else related to the charges for which he was pardoned. If Cohen then refuses to testify he can be jailed by the judge for contempt of court until such time as he agrees to testify.
  3. I suspected that you would be interested. There are no other bids for Worldcon 2020 which will be voted upon by the members of this year's Worldcon in San Jose, California in August. I'll vote in favor. Given that NZ is so far unopposed it is a virtual certainty that it will be approved for 2020. See you there in 2020 I hope.
  4. Two dogs here. Jeffrey, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, is 12 years old and I adopted him from a person who rescued him in Georgia (USA) about 6 years ago. A local rescue group here in New Jersey arranged the transportation. Jeffrey's favoring ASOIAF quote is: "A bear there was, a bear, a bear! all black and brown, and covered with hair. The bear! The bear!" There are black bears in my neighborhood and when Jeffrey scents one he desperately wants to hunt it. Takes considerable effort to hold on to his leash. Only happens a few times a year, fortunately. The other dog I adopted a few months ago, "Muffet" about 2 years old, American English Coonhound a/k/a Redtick Coonhound. She has similar reactions to the scent of an animal, not sure what type, but I suspect that it is the fox that lives in the woods behind my house.
  5. You will likely be able to discuss the final outcome with GRRM in 2020.
  6. These appeared to still be speculation based, perhaps relying on expertise of those within the industry as to what is feasible.
  7. Not simply entirely possible, I would say highly likely. There are many very recent news articles over the last day or so that consistently agree that D&D will not have any further involvement with Confederate.
  8. In many ways, yes it was. For those with the necessary accessory equipment could even send photos of oneself or other material by means of "slow scan television". Because of bandwidth restrictions to the width of a voice transmission on the long distance bands it took 30 seconds or so to send a photo. On the ultrahigh frequency local bands fast scan TV was permitted so could send live video. There are also amateur radio space satellites that have been launched starting in the 1960's, somewhat analogous to comsats used for some modern data or voice transmission. The International Space Station has an amateur data repeater on board and occasionally some of the astronauts with amateur radio licenses will use voice to talk to other amateurs.
  9. Before the Internet and social media, in 1968 at age 18 I earned my Amateur Radio license. That hobby allowed me to contact by two-way radio and converse with amateur radio operators throughout the world. Were the Internet to disappear I certainly would increase my hours devoted to my amateur radio avocation and return to reading much more than I have in the last decade.
  10. According to this video on Comcast (Xfinity) this morning, the eighth and final season will commence airing in April, 2019.
  11. There have been some trivia contests at bars/restaurants in which some BWB members participated. There is a GOT Meetup Group also: and a fantasy meetup that has had some GOT themed events: A few BWB informal gatherings, especially when a member from out of town mentions here or on Facebook that they will be visiting the city.
  12. Depends on how "NYC area" is defined. Philcon is a very good general con (dates back to the 1930's), and takes place in November in Cherry Hill, NJ, a short NJ Transit train ride from Philadelphia Penn Station so relatively easy to get to from NYC Penn Station. There was some ASOIAF/GOT programming at it last month, but being a general con it does not focus on any single interest. Coming up in February is Boskone in Boston at which several of the BWB often attend. I'm planning on being there, it is a good general con and may well have some ASOIAF/GOT programing. Note that these cons are volunteer organized and operated, and the programming depends on interested fans getting involved and proposing panels or other activities to the con committee. Boston is an easy Amtrak train ride from NYC.
  13. Tuesday through Tuesday at the San Jose Marriott, though the con rate for the first two nights was sold out, so wound up using Marriott guest rewards points for those first two.
  14. I attended the concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a BWB offer for good general seating at a discount for that one, guess there is not the same for this tour?
  15. Children of the Forest. Legend has it that the COTF created with magic the "Others" a/k/a White Walkers including the Night's King to help repel the First Men who were beginning to occupy their land.