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  1. No it doesnt belong in the TV forum. Not sure what is difficult about that, Yes it is cat from the TV show, but the history she speaks of is the history of that house. And 1 time? Are you kidding me lmao???? Need to go recheck the Frey history, because numerous Freys always did the same BS, sitting things out from the safety of their castle
  2. He never really contributed crap. Just like the same BS he pulled on the trident, once the battle was over. The Freys have a long history of doing this. Actually in the TV show history and lore Cat Stark talks about their whole past which is pretty funny. (it is all stuff that was their past in the books) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs4KxxkxIRE
  3. Ancient custom the younger brother bows before the older. Stannis dealt with the same thing when it came to Roberts Rebellion, he knew Aerys was the legit king etc
  4. You do have to remember that it is not a fact that he did put them into pies. Yes its strongly hinted, and is very likely but its not 100% or has been confirmed
  5. Frey is far from badass. Is more of a coward then anything. Comes from a long line of cowards, who always stay in their castle and never join into any causes. For sure earned the alias "the late Walder Frey" Manderly is awesome tho
  6. Believe it or not there are about 500 other posts of his/hers that are worse that would make you say that as well. I won't go into detail and get myself banned over it though. But I do have him on my ignore which is something I almost never do lol
  7. Tywin was also constantly funding Robert though. And the only reason he was able to keep his head above the deep water with the Iron Bank
  8. Unless he really fell in love with Marg there would be no reason for him to do that and risk pissing off Tywin, especially with how much gold he owed him and kept taking from him
  9. summer execution TBH I would have figured he still would have got in some sort of trouble for it though. Not like Loras is from some lesser family
  10. oh god....... this again Really makes so so so much sense that Benjen would be fooling around in another continent serving a different Queen, and never tried to help the Starks or the northern cause. Just decided to be a sell sword and have a new crush on Dany. wait I cant believe I even just replied something
  11. Thank you. Either people really hate Stannis or something about this is a little too confusing
  12. And the son and the older brother still both come before renly....
  13. Ummmm? How about Bob passing away.....yes the next person in line would become king. A 4 year old in the lands would know that Yes Joffrey would be next in line. But even if Renly declared how would he even put himself over his older brother. Another reason he is a scumbag, he didnt even know for sure or at all about Joffrey not being Bobs, Stannis did
  14. Robert had pure hate and a good reason (so he thought) to go against the Targs, overthrow them etc. Stannis had never wronged Renly, nor gave him any reason to pull the BS he did, he was the younger heir, and none of that mattered. I cannot believe I just read what I read. Hope you are kidding
  15. Was just busting balls. There is about a million topics on things that get made every week that have been made millions of times before