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  1. GRRM has said that a few of his female characters who try having sex with other females are 'experimenting', and I'm sure Cersei and Dany fall into this category because neither wants to continue it. In the show, D&D may have intended to make Yara as gay, idk, but the actress said that in her view, Yara is open to anything, so she could still show interest in men. There could be exclusively gay women, but they would be more secretive than gay men, considering the social situation.
  2. Listing only the meetings that could never happen Ned and Brienne Ned and Davos Mance and Oberyn
  3. Bran's prophetic dreams from AGOT (the quote that probably adds fuel to the Cleganebowl hype): There were shadows all around them. One shadow was as dark as ash, with the terrible face of a hound. Another was armored like the sun, golden and beautiful. Over them both loomed a giant in armor made of stone, but when he opened his visor, there was nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood. Most obvious identity of the giant is Robert Strong aka the Mountain, due to many factors associated with the giant (1) The Hound (2) Someone armored like the sun - could be Oberyn, could be Jaime, and both have/can come Gregor's way. (3) Empty visor - There are a lot of speculations about what's inside Robert Strong's helmet. For all we know from the books, he has no head - Mountain's head is supposed to be in Dorne (4) thick black blood - thick black oil Oberyn used to poison the spear. (5) The giant is armored in stone - a direct connection to the Mountain? Regarding the 'armor', Cersei's chapters mention that Gregor wears armor that a normal man can't even lift, let alone fight in. But the armor is not stone. If the giant is Robert Strong, then the 'armored in stone' part, like I said before, just calls him out as a 'mountain'. (Stone is the mountain's daughter, says Mya to Sansa). If the first shadow was the Hound and the second was Oberyn, it makes sense that the third shadow is the Mountain, as most of the fans believe. There is a chance that the second shadow is Jaime, because of the words 'golden and beautiful' is more often used to describe Jaime. So a part of this prophecy is unfulfilled - Jaime facing Robert Strong (not necessarily in battle). Let me tread on a slippery slope to suggest that if one of the shadows is Jaime, the other one could be Brienne instead of the Hound. Brienne's face is also looking terrible due to Biter eating half her cheek, and Brienne is working for BwB who has possession of the Hound's signature helm. I've seen it proposed that Brienne will wear that helm to disguise herself and fight Jaime or the Mountain or some other Lannisters to defend Sansa (or Jaime). By the helm logic, the first shadow could well be Lem Lemoncloak who is currently in position of the Hound helm, but Brienne being the first shadow will fit with my proposition for the giant. What else armors itself in stone, other than a mountain? A castle, or a fortress. And there was a castle looming over Jaime and Brienne - Harrenhal. The largest castle in Westeros (barring perhaps Casterly Rock). Raised by Harren the Black, and inhabited by Roose's men at the time of Jaime & Brienne's arrival, Harrenhal also fits the description "nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood." in a figurative way (darkness and black blood for the Bloody Mummers and maybe Roose himself who was planning betrayal). Harren and his sons perished in dragonfire, and the Hoare were said be "black of eyes, black of hair, and black of blood".
  4. Joffrey vs Arya was in AGOT. All these four trials are supposed to be in ASOS. Looking back, I wonder if the fourth is Jon vs Janos Slynt - Slynt brings Rattleshirt as a 'witness' and charges Jon of treason, so it was at least a mock of a trial. Martin said these are not necessarily proper trials - (paraphrasing) "Don't expect Ser Perry of House Mason to turn up and debate the finer points of law". If Tyrion vs Cersei was a single trial, there is one more trial missing from ASOS.
  5. He fathered at least two bastards(Bella and Gendry - who was an age with Robb) while fighting for his 'true love', not to mention fucking all the whores in the Peach. At that time he was betrothed to Lyanna and not married to Cersei. His marriage with Cersei was indeed very detrimental, but in my opinion, sleeping around while leading a war for winning back Lyanna was cheating too.
  6. I was browsing SSMs and came across this question about ASOS Which are the four trials? All I can think of are (1) Hound's trial by combat (2) Tyrion's trial by judges (3) Tyrion's trial by combat (4) ? I suppose the other categories refers to Weddings: (1) Sansa-Tyrion (2) Edmure-Roslin (3) Joffrey-Margaery (4) Lysa-Petyr Funerals: (1) Hoster Tully (2) Joffrey
  7. Tywin never actively tried to have Tyrion killed. He might have allowed it to happen after Joffrey's death, and we can only speculate about Tywin's true feelings towards Tyrion. But there are a number of reasons why Tywin could not allow Tyrion to go with Gerion: Tyrion asked this favor when he was 15 or 16 -- only a few years after the Tysha incident. Maybe Tywin was afraid that Tyrion will fall in love with another unsuitable woman (say a courtesan of Braavos) or whore around in Essos smearing the name of House Lannister. Tyrion is hardly Daemon Targaryen, but Daemon is an example for a rogue scion of a noble Westerosi house that brought shame upon his house by his actions in Free Cities. Gerion is remembered as pleasant and funny, but irresponsible. It was Gerion who taught Tyrion to tumble and cartwheel. Tywin probably feared that left under Gerion's care, Tyrion will come back head of a mummer's troupe (only half-kidding). Tywin was right that it was a fool's quest - Gerion had trouble finding sailors for his ship, and the ruins of Valyria has an ill reputation. It was a dangerous adventure to make, and Tywin probably let Gerion go to get rid of him. Tyrion was only a teenager, and Tywin could still find a use for him. Marriage - Tywin was actively trying to make marriage alliances for Tyrion. It is telling that the worst optionTywin tried was Delena Florent. Even if Delena had a bastard son by King Robert, Florents are a powerful house. If that marriage happened, Tywin could have made good use of it. A worthy heir - If Tyrion married a highborn lady and had a healthy son (or even a daughter), Tywin may have at least considered naming this child as the heir to Casterly Rock. Tywin was not that old - he could ignore Tyrion completely (like Randyll did with Sam) and mould his grandchild to be a true Lannister worthy of Casterly Rock. A different career - We don't know Tywin pushing Tyrion towards careers of septon or maester, but if Tyrion's whoring could be stopped, he could have made a good maester. Basically, Tywin wanted to keep his options open, and wasn't ready to throw away an important piece in the game of thrones to the whims of dreamers (Gerion and Tyrion).
  8. The Baratheon bastards - Mya, Gendry and Edric. (Not interested in Bella) The Tyrell boys Loras: What's happening in Dragonstone? Will he be a Kingmaker? (Unfortunately I don't think any PoV is going that way soon). Willas: We've been told he's smart, but is he smart enough to defend the Reach against Euron? Garlan the Gallant: What's his plans to fight the Ironborn? Gerold Dayne: Because he's a Dayne The 'smart' (subjective) Sand Snakes (Tyene and Obara can drop dead on first page for all I care). Nymeria Sand: If Doran trusted her to represent Dorne in small council, she must be witty in addition to dangerous. Sarella/Alleras: What's she up to? Would she and Sam be able to solve Aemon's sphinx riddle? Brotherhood without Banners: Because I absolutely love the Riverlands storyline. Bloodraven: Because he's bloodraven! Thousand eyes and one!
  9. My favorites are Greyjoy and Targaryen
  10. He never gave up on a Targaryen husband for Cersei (Aerys could die or change mind). Tywin did consider Oberyn/Cersei, but too late - much too late, after Joffrey's death.
  11. Sam in AFFC also mentions Jon's eyes as gray.
  12. Is it possible that Doran did not send any members of the Houses outwardly loyal to him so that in case Arianne mess things up and angers the Iron Throne, Doran can wash his hands clean saying Arianne acted without Doran's knowledge or consent?
  13. Are there any theories which says Arianne is not really Doran and Mellario's daughter? The more I re-read Dorne, the more I wonder if Doran truly cares about Arianne. I know such a theory exists about Quentyn because he was the one whom Doran sent on a dangerous mission with insufficient escort. However, if Doran wanted Arianne to be queen or had great ambitions for her, why did he never teach her to be smarter and more adept at game of thrones? This was Dorne - where they gave more respect, power and responsibilities to women. But Arianne seems less trained in politics than Cersei or Catelyn. Tywin and Hoster were also ambitious fathers, too. Doran only actively starts to prepare Arianne for ruling after the Queenmaker plot.
  14. Unfortunately, even the Dream of Spring will never convince the Preston Jacobs fanboys that R+L=J. It's like Cersei and Tyrion about Joffrey's death.
  15. Bolded 1 - where does it say so? It is a possibility, not a certainty. And for the rest of your comment, I don't see what you're trying to say. We don't know what happened at Starfall when Ned arrived there. Or how well Ashara would have taken grief and rejection. We don't even know she is actually dead. Maybe she did jump - what do we know about Dornish passions? All we can do is guess. Bolded 2- How can we forget something we never knew in the first place?