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  1. How can the undead still fight while they are not much more then bones (some of them). How could the horse from season 3 (I think) still walk? How could the bear from last episode still walk & attack ? They all could do the same things like before they were undead, because the WW use magic. So it actually makes sense that an undead dragon can still fly and breathe fire. If it would breathe ice I would be surprised. agreed
  2. Agreed on the first part. Pretty much state the same (in more words) a little above. The second part; I think it works both ways, but if somehow the spells are broken or the wall comes down, they can move back and forth.
  3. Jon is revived differently. Jon isn’t defined as ‘undead’ in the show as far as I know. Yes he is resurrected, but with fire magic. The WW were created with CotF magic & dragonglass, just like Benjen. The wall also has Magic in it and is from the aftermath of the first long night. The magic that was implemented was most likely done (partly) by CotF. In that case it would make sense that the WW can’t pass it (if the CotF were able to create the WW, I guess it’s not that hard to believe that their magic is also able to hold them back). However, it isn’t very likely there are spells in the wall that prevent resurrected people with (fire) magic (or the firegod w/e). It wasn’t the function of the wall to stop ‘that kind of undead’. Edit: removed an insuranty from my part after checking it.
  4. I posted a similar topic yesterday, but somehow it was rejected? Anyway; yeah even though people might not like how it has happened (the annulment), Jon is official, so his claim is better than Dany's. Dany will bend the knee.
  5. Good point. I guess there is no higher word than from the mastermind himself. Not sure if you can consider this canon though. Both in show and the books (at least as far as I know) wights are only mentioned in relation to the WW, not through other ways of resurrection (either the 'Beric/Jon' way (firegod) nor the 'Mountain' way (blood magic?)).
  6. Both the book and the show disagree with you: "Wights are dead men or creatures raised up by the Others, seemingly when touched by the cold that accompanies them" "A wight is a reanimated corpse, either human or animal, raised from death by the White Walkers to act as their minions."
  7. Totally agreed on the fact that his no 1. priority is defeating the Night King and safe the realm. But that doesn't mean he won't take things like dany being barren into account. I'm not saying he will change anything about his priority's because of his parents, but it will change the entire Dany/Jon relationship (Queen vs KitN instead of aunt and nephew, in the latter she should swear allegiance to him according to her own claim). Again; not excluding marriage between them, just don't think it fit's in the long term picture of the entire show/story (and maybe the showrunners screwed up that picture by changing to much). Agreed, if there is any hinting of a Jon Targaryen / Stark marriage it would be between Jon & Arya, but I agree that doesn't seem likely at this point (did you ever read the letter from GRRM with his initial story idea? Not that I think it's relevant at this point, but funny to think about it..). However I don't see much hinting towards marriage between Dany & Jon though. (Sexual) tension, yes, but marriage ideas.. not really She mentioned it more often in the last three (forget about the 4th) episodes than in the other season combined (don't know if that's 100% true, but it feels that way). The showrunners are just bringing this up to build the tension between them and this has a (or several) reason(s). I think that at least one of them is because she bases her claim on the IT on her name, and if Jon is a legit heir (which I think he is) he goes before Dany. But it could just be a relationship related tension that they are building up though. See below. This ^. Don't forget that 4 Starks went south in the last 20 (or something) years (Rickard, Brandon, Eddard and Rob) and they all died (three of them because a 'southern ruler' demanded they would come down, one in rebellion). The North is since the red wedding united again together with the wildlings (!!! The wildlings where the only enemy's the North knew during Roberts Reign) and within a couple of weeks/months after crowning Jon KitN even though he has no right, they lose him to a Southern ruler again? You have to understand that this isn't the moment for that.
  8. True, as far as we know, Jon isn't aware of this. I'm not talking about the Stark line. If Jon is legit (which I assume will be proven), he can easily overcome his bastard theory part by martying anyone who wants to (I wouldn't even be surprised if a Stark lady would become his wife). Regarding marriage with Dany, see below. There is no evidence in the show either, but it's quite clear that she is (several scenes with daario with no result of pregnancy, Dany states it herself, etc.). I don't feel the need to provide more 'evidence' than the show itself already does. No, not at this point, that's true. However, I do think this is how the story is supposed to play out (Jon being the true heir, tPtwP, Azor Ahai, etc.) I'm not saying they won't get married. I'm just telling what I am expecting regarding heritage. Hell, I can definetely see Jon fall in love with Dany and marry her However, this is pure speculation and I don't support this totally either. However, the fact that Dany calls herself 'the last targaryen' and claims the IT because of that, If you read the eniter spoiler you see that's part of my assumption.
  9. Why should Jon marry a women who can't get any children? Just my idea again;
  10. I think there is a different reason why this topic keeps coming up;
  11. Bran totally knows it was LFs dagger. He said 'chaos is a ladder'. LFs reaction was like; 'damn, does he know?'
  12. I am expecting this. FoF happened during Aegons conquest. I expect Dany to have a 2nd FoF against the lannisters in the upcoming episode (as you stated, the trailer already teased this). And in FoF #1, no dragon died. I expect a injury to one of the dragons (at most), but not a death. Maps, recognition points (towers, etc.).. she has advisors around her who know westeros and they will give them directions, she just has to follow them. Dany will ride drogon and rheagar and viserion will follow Drogon. They don't have to pass Kings Landing direction. Yeah they will probably notice the Dothraki march, but who will stop them?
  13. I personally agree with someone in this topic (or another in this section) who stated that Jon interrupted Davos when he was about to tell the resurrection of Jon. He stated that Jon interrupted him because it wouldn't help their case (help us with the fight against the WW). Stating that Jon was resurrected might make them seem less believable (they are already telling stories about zombies and ancient legends). Regarding Ghost next to Jon I totally agree (but I guess CGI budget for dragons again).
  14. Not that I want to spoil your pleasure, but I don't think it's very likely that a dragon will be killed at FoF #2.
  15. Direwolfs were never extinct, they just didn't live south of the wall. Migration of a species beyond a 'natural barrier' (The wall) is a big difference compared to decades old petrified eggs suddenly being hatched. Edit: spelling/choice of words