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  1. It is 100% confirmed, see:
  2. I think they did it because they wanted people to talk about it, to make it trending (and keep it trending for a longer period of time). I also think that Jon will not become King (if he ever will) because of his name, but of his achievements. And after he is already there, he will know who he is, but it won't matter anymore..
  3. I agree with your first paragraph. You were right, I remember them stating that Jon wasn't coming back (at least not as an alive person). Jon said so too, and yes they lied about this, but why would they spoil it? That wouldn't help anyone. Also, if you would like to state that they also 'lie' about rhaegar, I ask you (not you personally, but people who think this): What is their reason to lie about this? Probably 90% of the audience didn't even see it and about half of their audience barely know who Rhaegar is, what he did and what the Prince that was Promised prophecy means. That will be the main question from now on. However, I can see him rise to King (with Dany?) and thén find out that he actually is a Targ.. Just to show the audience: how you are born doesn't matter. He was born a targaryen and heir to the Throne, raised a bastard and became King on his own strength. You can call it a classic I guess.
  4. What lies about the resurrection? They said he was dead, and he was dead. They didn't lie about that. I am not aware of any official statement about whether or not we could expect a resurrection, so if you have any official statement about that, please fill me in. However, this info clearly stated that Rhaegar is Jons parent. So IMO there is no discussion required about R+L=J. The only topics that are interesting (in my opinion) to discuss are: - What will be the impact of R+L=J - R+L=J, but is Jon legit (can he claim the IT based on his name, and how does he want to prove this) - Why did the showwriters leave out his name, but later on reveal the fact that he is a targaryen anyway?
  5. HBO already confirmed R+L=J
  6. Betraying Ned & letting him get killed by the hands of the Lannisters? Yeah that would help him winning Cat over for sure. I don't know if Robert would've demanded young Jon's head. Maybe in a first reaction, but for real? I think not..
  7. LF didn't want to destroy Ned per se. He just wanted a Lannister/Stark war and he did what was necesarry to do so. In the way the story went, Ned had to go..
  8. I ask the same question to you: How would LF know this? LF knows a lot, but all the things he knows make sense (because he has plotted with those people). LF isn't Varys who knows everything through his little birds, and even Varys doesn't know about things that were never spoken off. Things that LF know have to make sense (at least so far), and him knowing about R+L=J won't make sense to me.
  9. IMO, this won't help the story in any way at all. Why make his parentage such a secret and such a big deal. Why not just make Jon freaking awesome and some sort of 'chosen one'? (So without a particular reason) Because R+L=J means more.... He isn't just the 'bastard of Ned Stack' who happens to be the chosen one to defend westeros against the WW. No, he is that because he is the son of Rhaegar & Lyanna and therefor the Song of Ice and Fire, tPtwP, AAR etc. At least, that's how I think things will work out. Making this big secret (and big reveal) but it not influencing anything just doesn't make sense.
  10. Jon will have to know eventually. Else there is no need of this big secret. Why make his parentage such a big secret if it won't influence anything in the story? It has to mean someting. How would LF know this?
  11. I actually forgot that, probably because I didn't buy it. Actually, I don't even understand why he went down to KL to talk to Cersei, since he would backstab her anyway. Just to check if the has the force to take WF back from him or something? Anyway, great play from LF. Just arriving in time and taking the North back for Sansa. Vale + North are united once again. Yeah but the latter wasn't official as far as I see it. Doesn't matter though, he will never do that.
  12. Yeah, I felt a bid sad that after 6 seasons and one death Jon still can't control his feelings. Sansa warned him, he seemed to listen but still: he failed again. Epic battle though, and the vale rescue was quite obvious.
  13. I have no idea what kind of promo you saw. But the one I saw had no such thing in it.
  14. When did that happen?
  15. Not to people who only watch the show. And not even to (all) people who read the books. Besides, it's not such a big secret for nothing. It will influence things.