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  1. I would have to aid House Banefort. As much as it might offend House Lumba, I have to explicitly tell him that if the ironmen seize their lands, ours are ripe for the taking. I tell him that he and his family will not be forgotten, and that if he must wait a generation for our debt to his house to be repaid, such shall it be. Lord Marbrand might get pissy as well, but I’ll tell him exactly what I said to Ser Marc: the ironborn threat is immediate and if it is not dealt with swiftly, there may be no marriage alliances for anyone. I will tell my sister that she and her brood can take shelter in my home, but our lack of manpower necessitates that I deal with the immediate encroachment of the ironborn on our lands and those neighboring it. If Westerling can hold off long enough for us to drive off the threat to the Baneforts, then we will ride hard to their aid. I will ask House Banefort that if we aid them and drive off the ironborn threat, they help with my tax situation. As for my wife and daughter, I can only pray to the Mother for their health and trust in the maesters.
  2. Aerys extinguishes all the rebel houses, root and stem.
  3. Gravedigger Sandor. Some beautiful imagery and great acting between McCann and Kaye.
  4. Went with a 7. It's a solid opener with some great scenes (primarily involving Sandor), even if several moments felt like they were twisting the knife in us Stannis fans (i.e. Sam not believing Stannis's claims about dragonglass because, what, he thought the notoriously blunt Baratheon would lie to him?).
  5. I expect Stannis to remain north of the Neck for the duration of the series (and, most likely, his life). He will rally the North to his cause, and once he hears of the landing of Aegon's men at Storm's End, he may be tempted to march south, but I have a feeling Davos will link up with him before then (with or without Rickon) and convince him that the true fight is north, and the fall of the Wall may force him to move on the Others.
  6. Tyrion is a douche, albeit a very entertaining one and with some obvious background that excuses a lot of what he does and says. The show has done a great job of smoothing out his flaws and just making him a snark machine with cool quips, but Book!Tyrion is pretty prickly, and he becomes intolerable once he gets to Essos.
  7. If Robb's plan to corner Tywin works, all of a sudden, the Lannister power base at King's Landing is in ruin. The Lannisters don't align with the Tyrells if Tywin is captured or killed, which means Stannis seizes King's Landing and overthrows Joffrey. So Walder Frey would have no reason to betray Robb. The worst he could do is not marshal his troops against Stannis if Stannis decides to march on the North to take it back.
  8. 1. Stick to the Frey marriage alliance. 2. Be more forthcoming with Edmure about his plan to lure Tywin. 3. Stick to the Frey marriage alliance. 4. Keep a closer watch on both Jaime Lannister and Catelyn Stark. 5. Stick to the Frey marriage alliance. 6. Don't let Theon Greyjoy leave your sight. 7. Stick to the Frey marriage alliance. 8. Keep the Lannister hostages away from Lord Rickard's vicinity. Do what you can to placate Lord Rickard, but remind him that you are still the King in the North and if he hopes to retrieve his heir alive, he will play by your rules. 9. Stick to the Frey marriage alliance.
  9. While this is true, because the Iron Islands ruled over the Riverlands by the time of Aegon's conquest, they were grouped as one kingdom. But they are viewed as their own separate entity divested of the ironborn now, and while the Hoares made their power base in the Riverlands, they were always viewed as outsiders within the Riverlands themselves. The last kings the Riverlanders had were, if memory serves, House Justman. Interesting point about the chalice, but why leave off the kraken? The Iron Islands are/were most certainly a kingdom, even if the ironborn aren't well-liked.
  10. The Riverlands aren't even considered a kingdom in their own right, so they don't have the power or prestige of the other realms, even the poorer ones like the North and the Iron Islands. And the Tullys themselves are a newly minted Great House, so they don't have the benefit of millennia of history on their side. Are they the weakest Great House? In terms of prestige within their own realm, probably, although I'd argue that the Greyjoys probably are more poorly regarded by outsiders.
  11. Absolutely. I think there's a 95% chance he ekes out a victory against the Boltons, and I think he's destined for a more complex end with higher stakes on the table. I don't think he wins the Iron Throne, as much as I'd love him to, and I think that a lot of the tragic elements of the show's portrayal will have some form in the books, just later on and with more at wager than simply a lot of snow on the ground.
  12. I do suspect that Roose said much of what he said to Theon in order to placate Ramsay, as he thinks Theon will immediately tell Ramsay everything his father said. But Roose is so damned inscrutable that I can't get a bead on him. Surely, if he is as intelligent and cunning as we are led to believe, he has to see the writing is on the wall and that he can't hold Winterfell or the wardenship for long with the way things are going, and Ramsay's making it worse. I honestly suspect that Roose is going to flee the coop just as the Battle of Ice goes down, and that Ramsay's gonna be stuck holding the bag while his father pulls a Keyser Soze.
  13. I don't think Robb could've done anything. Walder Frey isn't a "forgive and forget" type of dude, and no matter what Robb offered him, words are wind and Walder would remember the first time they had come to an agreement, Robb reneged on it because of love/pussy. And to be honest, I don't really blame Walder. Robb's mother's family looks down on the Freys as nothing more than upjumped toll-takers, and he's had to constantly endure jibes and snide remarks over the years (largely justified, but still). Capitulating to Robb Stark after being screwed over by him once would likely elicit more criticism of the Freys as being so desperate for the Stark/Tully leavings that they'll take anything offered, and if that offer is revoked, they'll settle for anything else.
  14. I was debating whether to post this in the television show's section, but as I think this is also a question involving the books, I'll list it here. Anyway, are there any show-only scenes that you wish Martin had added in the novels? Obviously, there are spoilers below for the series up to the finale of Season 6 (although none of my choices go beyond the start of the fifth season). Most (all?) of my choices would necessitate a new POV, or at least a bystander being able to overhear, but because most of these scenes are one-on-one moments between non-POV characters, it would obviously have been difficult. Still, I think that for all the crap that the series takes, there have been some phenomenal show-only scenes that really deserved to have been given the literary treatment. Also, I want to limit this strictly to scenes that have no correlation in the novel, rather than having to deal with streamlined plots/character moments. 1. “You are the Princess Shireen of House Baratheon . . . and you are my daughter.” 2. Tywin admonishes Joffrey in the throne room over Joffrey’s complaints about having to constantly walk to Small Council meetings in the Tower of the Hand. 3. Roose and Walder Frey talk after the Red Wedding. 4. Tywin and Oberyn speak alone in the brothel about Elia’s murder at the hands of Gregor Clegane. 5. Cersei and Robert’s talk from Season 1. Unlike the above three, this could’ve likely been given a POV from Cersei, introducing her viewpoint several novels early. What say the rest of you?
  15. On a side-note, "Shadowcat" is a cooler name than "Lady Stoneheart."