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  1. But you're still watching
  2. ADwD is by far the worst book. All the fat they had to cut is a testament to the job Beinoff and Weiss have done. It took a herculean effort to adapt that mess.
  3. Its been explained numerous times already.
  4. Maybe Martin shouldn't have sold his unfinished work and actually released another book then. Now THAT makes sense.
  5. I'm genuinely shocked that some people really don't understand the obvious.
  6. You've lost the plot. Pretty remarkable I must say.
  7. And....you still aren't understanding something so basic. This is comical now.
  8. Are you really not understanding this?
  9. You are WAY over analyzing this.
  10. He just got resurrected after being murdered. You serious?
  11. Stannis was a secondary character at best and got MORE than he deserved.
  12. Beinoff and Weiss know how to cut the fat. I could see Martin adding in more bloat though. Probably why Winds is still not out.
  13. It's bloat. It won't effect the endgame. It's the very reason why Winds isn't out. Martin is drowning in his own bloat from the last book.
  14. And they didn't for good reason. Beinoff and Weiss know when to cut the fat.