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  1. In 1311 Mali Emperor Abubakari Keita II set sail with 2,000 ships to see what was on the other side of the Atlantic. None of the ships ever returned.
  2. The wolfdreams cause the Starks to experience life from the POV of a wolf, and eventually they take on lupine qualities in their waking lives.
  3. Jon Arryn was quite a player in his way. The Targaryans were out of dragons so He united 4 of the greatest houses with wardships and marriages. What they call Robert's Rebellion should be called Jon Arryn's rebellion. He thought of it,and it ended with Jon ruling westeros. You'd think a guy like that would figure out that LF was screwing his wife.
  4. In George's earlier writing, biological warfare is a common theme, especially in the Tuf Voyaging stories. If the Gray Sheep see wierwood magic as a threat, it makes sense that they would look for a botanical counter-measure. What chapter are we talking about?
  5. Baelor the Blesseed = Edward the Confessor.
  6. So the plausibility of my theory rests on the mediocrity of the screenwriting?
  7. I feel like Dunk and Egg would attract more of an arthouse cult following. That's just a gut isntinct. But I don't think that's what HBO is going for.
  8. HBO can move from waiting for ASOIAF novels to waiting for D & E stories.
  9. This is a show-only theory. It sounds a little silly I know, but it's no sillier than the TV Dorne plot. While Arya was in Braavos, Hot Pie was organizing a pro-Stark sleeper cell of insurgent bakers. This clears up 2 otherwise mysterious plot points. 1. How did Hot Pie get so good at making wolfbread unless he's eating it with his comrads in secret meetings? He can't serve it at the Inn of the Kneeling Man or Riverrun or the Twins or any place where they've infiltrated the kitchens. 2. How did Arya make Frey Pies all by herself, fresh off the boat? I think Hot Pie is a more important character than anybody realizes. That goes for books and show. It's not just glorious battles that win wars. Feasting is an important part of building and maintaining alliances. And the right aliances win wars. Janos: I may have to hire this cook of yours. Tyrion: Wars have been started for less.
  10. As long as we're trying to making sense of the geology of Winterfell, how can they have ponds next to dry crypts that go down multiple stories? Where is the water table? One theory I've heard is that the heart tree pond connects with the caves beyond the Wall.
  11. It's not just on the Fist. Ghost brought the severed hand and led the Watch to the Wights. That's some serious Lassie shit too.
  12. Two of the ships that had been here yesterday were gone, Cat saw, but five new ones had docked; a small carrack called the Brazen Monkey, a huge Ibbenese whaler that reeked of tar and blood and whale oil, two battered cogs from Pentos, and a lean green galley up from Old Volantis. Yezzan zo Qaggaz?
  13. Ghost = Lassie.
  14. The difference between a threat and an ass-ache is that while an ass-ache may harm or kill individual members of your culture, they don't have the potential to erase your culture. Mance is a threat, the Weeper is an ass-ache.