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  1. bran annoys the shit out of me but i suppose it makes sense since his not even a human anymore
  2. this was one of my favorite episodes ever 1. dany and jon in he cave-they have a wonderful chemistry 2.dany asking for jons advise 3.ary and sansa meeting 4. ary and brienne "dancing" 5.missandei talking about dany 6. and of course the best battle scene so far
  3. he is extremely boring and needs to die again thats all i know
  4. 8. decent for an opener
  5. so sad about rickon but sansa and dany kicked ass
  6. by that time everyone will hate her \its so annoying that shes getting hate
  7. i just want her to go to westeros
  8. nothing groundbreaking but a solid episode 7/10
  9. hey i made an account yesterday. ive read all the books and i love them all especially the third one my favorite character is daenerys i can't wait for the 6th book to come out when is it coming out tho? :rofl: hope ill have fun here