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  1. I would like to see: 1) The settling of the Iron Islands by the people west of Westeros (the Grey King/Sea Dragon/Mermaids) 2) The journeys of Nymeria and the Rhoynish invasion: with back story on the Martells and including the battle between Dragons and Water Magic 3) The journeys of Bran the Builder (descendant of Garth Greenhand by way of the Brandon of the Bloody Blade, kin of Lann the Clever (also descended from Garth Greenhand, friend of Durran Godsgrief and Elenie, builder of The Wall with the Children of the Forest and Giants, and founder of House Stark) 4) The Long Night/Battle for the Dawn (Others/White Walkers/the Last Hero/Azor Azhai) 5) The first settlement of the First Men/the War with the Children (the Hammer of Dorne)/The first settlements of the 7 kingdoms (the first Artys Arryn and his Falcon, the first Casterly/the children of Garth Greenhand/the first River Kings :Mudd or Fisher) 6) The Andal Invasion 7) Doom of Valyria 8) Aegon's Conquest 9) Night's King/ King Beyond the Wall
  2. Bran - a maiden from the mountain clans, like Liddle or Flint. Unless - he marries Shireen (who is Heiress of Dragon Stone and in line for Storms End and the Throne) Rickon - a Mormont Maiden, Jon - a fellow noble bastard (Joy Hill, Mya Stone) or a Frey
  3. Arya has several intriguing possibilities. Quentin Martell, second in line to Sun Spear, would help heal relations with Dorne, and give Arya a place in Dorne where women can fight and rule and be unladylike. If these betrothals occur far enough before GOT - SweetRobin is heir to the Vale of Arryn (which also has a history of ruling Ladies); he's the son of Ned's friend/foster father/ hand of the King, Ned was partially raised in the Vale and Lysa is Cat's sister. Arya is good at math and other ruling qualities and he could benefit from a strong woman guiding him. Of course this is contingent on Jon getting SweetRobin away from Lysa and to the North for fostering before getting murdered. Also, of interest is The on, Heir to the Iron Islands, would help bind The on and the Iron Islands to the Greenlands/ and the North and help Theon consider the Starks true family. The Iron Islands seem to have fewer rules on ladylike behavior and Arya has a strong enough personality to survive there. Of course this is contingent on a gradual tricky reintroduction of The on to the Iron Is!ands from a position of leverage and strength.
  4. With that in mind, Robb should marry a Northern Maiden: Alys Karstark or Wylla Manderly. Sands should marry Tommen (assuming Ned meets the two boys first and sees how cruel Jjoffrey is. Tommen is a royal match to Ned's best friends son and second in line to the Iron Throne and Paramount of the Storm lands and Paramount of Westerlands. He would strengthen ties to Lannister and Baratheon and the Throne and together they would have a potential place, if he didn't inherit, in Storms End, Casterly Rock, Winter fell, or River run
  5. I think it would benefit the Paramount houses to alternate. One generation have the heir marry one of their vassals (while attempting to marry his sister to an another kingdom's influential or paramount or royal house. The next generation would reverse that with the heir making an outside alliance and at least one girl strengthening connections inside their kingdom .
  6. Technically, he tried to set up edmure with arrianne in dorne but Doran stopped that plan.
  7. Of the major houses we know tully is stronger than stark (4 to 1); if r+l=j than stark is as strong as or stronger than targaryen, targaryen is as strong as martell (see rhaenys and aegon) and is as strong or stronger than baratheon (see Jocelyn baratheon) and baratheon is stronger than lannister and florent and extending and small folk and all blonds. (Lannister also appears weaker genes than the "black"Hoares) Of course, if sweet robin is legitimate than red tully and blond arryn equals a brunette.
  8. My issue with being oberyn' s is the eyes (all of his daughters have his eyes:viper eyes no matter their color) however she could be someone else's bastard, not enough info yet
  9. The only person specifically claimed to take a ctof as bride was the original artys arryn the one who was a first man and flew atop a giant falcon to kill the Griffin king. He took a cotf for a bride and she died giving birth to his son. It is unknown if any of this blood is in today's andal arryns (though possible on the female side)
  10. Still trying to figure out who Dany' s mom is if not Rhaella?
  11. Oh, I had always assumed that Jenny was one of the small folk but I don't think that is ever definitely stated so she could have been a Reed. I mean' t to ask who Dany' s mother is if not Rhaella (auto correct strikes again)?
  12. Ok, sorry if this has already been answered but if Rhaegar is the father, who is Dang' s mother? Second, if Howland is a Targ how did he become a Reed, Did the former Lord Reed Wed the pregnant widow Jenny and claim her son as his or what?
  13. However, just to point out that Arryns, Martells, Baratheons, Blackwoods, and others had successful babies wit) Targaryens so that doesn't' prove fatherhood one way or the other.
  14. OK, I'm intrigued, if Rhaegar is just the scapegoat, what is the theory on her disappearance and death?
  15. Ok, first off, love this theory, but I have a couple of questions and one comment. My son gained weight quickly and was constantly being mistaken fir several months old at 6 weeks and a year at seven months, so considering we don't know how long it took for cat to arrive in winterfelll where Jon and wet nurse were in residence and the fact that cat likely did not want to spend any time, possibly avoiding jon when he was little and the precident of gilly and dalla' s baby swap; I would say possible. However, are we saying that Raegar was being witty and mocking with the crown but later realized she was the future mother of his third child so kidnapped her, waited till Jon was born and she died miscarry ing raegar' s kid or is there another explanation for her disappearance and death?