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  1. I'm perfectly ok with the face-changing of the HoBaW in the books. It's no more than a face, and the assassin experiences the death experience of the face. It's likely why a faceless man has to be "no one". But an assassin still has to make the face believable, so age and gender appropriate. The glamor requires bones, a ruby or moonstone. And it requires someone to do the spell and maintain it. It has its drawbacks and limitations. And someone familiar with glamors might see through it. Both are still magical mummery. Better than make-up, but still doesn't beat plastic surgery Totally agree on the dragon control. Book limits control to one dragon, giving other people with dragonblood or with a dragonhorn a chance to bond with one of the other two, and she better makes sure that the dragonrider is on her side.
  2. Or it could be that they combined face magic with glamor magic thrown into one: as in "if you use face magic it automatically includes a glamor". Book-HoBaW does have glamor magic at its disposal but looks down on it as a cheap trick.
  3. Agreed. The main person of the three they were trying to bring in was Aegon. Viserys was the prop who eventually would take the fall. But they did not want him dead at that time. Drogo owed a gift to Viserys for Dany, not to Illyrio. And clearly they wanted that Dothraki army to invade Westeros, because when the war between Lannisters and Starks was about to break out, they hastened their assassination-mummery. And later JonCon, Lemore, and the GC make clear they require a known surviving Targaryen to make fAegon believable.
  4. Well, to back some of the ideas I put out there, I have written a historical Blackfyre essay - amassing the wolrd book information and Mystery Knight and series references. And have been working hard on origin essays for Varys: spiders, silke routes and color purple But yes, I think Lemore = Tyene Sand's soiled septa mother. https://sweeticeandfiresunray.com/2017/07/11/house-blackfyre/
  5. Yes, obviously. But there is also no mystery about "who" blacked it out: the people who thought "oh let's use George's outline as a display to show off" was a good idea.
  6. Regarding the "outline": according to what George explained last year at Balticon, his publisher house had the outline up on the wall of a conference/meeting room, and thus the ending was blacked out by the people who decided to put the outline on display in their offices. Someone who visited or entered that space took a picture and "leaked it". You can speculate on who and why the outline was leaked, but the blacknig out was the doing of his publishing house.
  7. Last year after that Lady Crane scene about sowing and putting holes in bad boyfriends I called it then in threads: Gendry's coming back. And they did several callback scenes in Arya's s7 arc pointing to Gendry's return in the first half of the season, especially that scene with Hot Pie. That scene would have seeded his return for someone who wasn't spoiled, but pays attention. He appears again on screen, after Arya's home and showed off to Brienne, convincing her that Arya doesn't need looking after, and with Brienne feeling that Jaime's quest for her about his promise to Cat is done.
  8. Yes! They actually crammed a lot of callbacks in the Gendry scenes of S7 and those of Arya. And all you need to do is watch those callbacked scenes and episodes again, such as the Mel-Gendry leech scene that Gendry referenced. That's how I noticed those tidbits. You mentioned Brienne and the m'ladying. Podrick calls her "my lady", and Brienne wants to tell him "I'm not a b..." She was gonna say, "beauty"! Brienne was thinking of Jaime in that moment, when she saw Arya and Sansa and Bran walking together in the yard But she thanks him, allowing the "my lady". Brienne is referred as the "big lady" and "lady knight" "because she has armor on" by Hot Pie at the Crossroads Inn. That's a callback to the scene where Arya asks Gendry why the Gold Cloaks want him, the meeting of Ned Stark comes up again, and how he should call her m'lady, and she says she's not as good a lady as her sister and her mother. How many times did Arya say in S7 that she wanted to be a knight and how she's not as good a lady as Sansa? Oh, and Hot Pie called her pretty, and referred to them as "survivors", while Sansa said that Arya would never have survived what she went through initially, silently requiring us to recall all the shit she survived in the RL together with Gendry,and her miraculous survival of the stabbing and run with the waif in the same episode that Gendry miraculously survives a marathon run in the snow of a 100 miles. And the Nymeria scene of the same episode concludes with "that's not you" which is a reference to "that's not me" by Arya in her talk with her father about marrying a lord and having knights and princes for sons. And she's called "little lady" so often then. They ddn't bring Gendry back until it was a season full of callbacks and references to scenes you look at with a different eye now. All you need to do is watch the callback scenes: luckily for all three "ladies" those are the scenes and episodes from S1-S4: rewatchable, except a few final arc scenes for Arya in S5 and S6. Recalls to S1-S4 scenes are deliberately done, and unlike last year's Tyrion-Theon fuck up, they're correct, and thus not some half-assed coincidence. No need to fear meltdowns. After all none of these are fan-invented Jonsa, thrown out marriages and setting women up with creeps that got their throat slashed.
  9. Exactly: the majority of viewers cried for years "where's Gendry?" so much that D&D's plan to make people forget he even existed failed. Gendry rowing became a meme, and the moment he set foot in Dublin airport it was all "get hype for Gendry returning!" And now lots of viewers are voicing "We wanna see a Gendry-Arya reunion!" I guess D&D learned from the "forget Gendry" failure, so want to crank up the expectations for it. After all, the leaked script did mention the idea of Gendry and Sandor talking Arya. Mel says a couple of very interesting things in retrospect in that scene: you only need a tongue to know the "real thing". She's talking about wine, but it also applies to a kiss. You only need to kiss someone to know whether it's the real thing or not. you only need eyes to see, and drops her robe to show off her nubile fake body. So, that's a lie. And it's what Arya learns. She doesn't need eyes to "see", au contraire. She doesn't need eyes to know Mel is wrong and going to hurt him. Anguy tells her not to "aim" or "hold" when shooting arrows, but arrows are a symbol of making someone fall in love. And in S1 Syrio tells her that watching is not the same as seeing, that seeing is the "heart of swordplay" while he prods her heart. Gendry distrusted Mel initially. His gut told him she was up to something, deceiving him, but eventually he took the bait, but survived it to learn the truth; eyes can be deceived. she tells him that the Lord of Light wants them to fight death and darkness, as she starts to fuck him. So fucking = fighting. But she also called Arya having darkness in her, and Arya told Beric that her true god is "death". And in a way true death is the real enemy of the NK, not the Lord of Light. The NK and WWs animate the dead, and unless hit by dragonglass, VS or fire they live forever (horrible forever lives). What did resurrected Beric and Jon accomplish with their stupid wight-hunt-mission. They gave the NK a dragon to resurrect, a dragon that made the wall come down. On the ship before reaching Dragonstone, Gendry refers to the Riverlands adventures as "running and fighting". Then we get a fucking scene with the wrong woman and it goes wrong for him, so wrong Davos can't find him in a brothel or tavern. Tormund says the best way to live up North and avoid blue-frozen balls is "walking, fighting and fucking". We have a tidbit of Gendry fighting, a lot of "running". What's missing so far? Ah, yes, the best of all three, and the nearest living woman is at WF, which Tormund calls the smelly south and Jon calls the North. Tormund also says they must make do with what they got, but Gendry is picky. No fancy redheads for him on the one hand, and no brothels either. He's going for the "real thing" which he can only see with his heart and taste with his tongue. Brings us to Lady Crane telling Arya how she learned to "sow" people up: she poked holes in her bad boyfriends who cheated on her, then felt sorry and sowed them up. But Gendry is a "good lad" as Thoros calls him. He's not going near another woman. He already knows his life depends on it.
  10. They've kept the whole Acorn Hall book stuff out of the S3 arc. Adult Dempsie rolling on the floor with underage Maisie in a dress and a romantic song would have been too much then. I think we can expect a version of that in S8. And they'll have some singer sing the featherbed song in WF hall. Instead they had a shirtless scene in S2 with Arya peeking, and in S3 there's the "I could be your family!" They used the "fastest" and "strongest" comparisons of that scene already, and they used Tormund going on about how it smells down south, and smelling is also part of the Acorn Hall scene.
  11. As Joe Dempsie explained: when he was sent out on his rowboat at the end of S3, they told Joe that they intended him to return again, meanwhile they pretended him to be gone for so long they hoped people would forget he was a part of the story. So, no clubbing you with a hammer in the head with Olly-stares is not their sole MO. Separating pairs and trying to make people forget about the pairing, to then come with a surprise return to it is another MO. When it comes to romance, viewers tend to require only a few scenes before they figure out which character is paired with the other character. You can't stretch it out for too long without something happening if you keep them paired up, so they need to be separated. And then just throw distraction filler to keep viewers in doubt. The detractors alter their arguments and change the perimeter each time again: Sandor's dead, Gendry's not even in the show anymore. Oh, shit Sandor's alive and Gendry's back, what else can I come up with to put down Sansan and Gendrya? Sandor and Gendry don't talk about them! Oh, shit, Sandor has ginger-talk. We've got to invent a new reason. There was indirect girl-talk to Gendry: walking, fighting and fucking and in S3 to Mel Gendry said "after all that running and fighting, back in KL", followed up with a near-fucking by a redhead witch who leeched him and he still has a huge chip on his shoulder about. Jon and Tormund talked about WF to him and in an indirect way telegraphed that the nearest place with a woman alive is WF. If this were the books, I agree that Jon and Gendry would talk Arya. The show isn't the books. He's been in 2 episodes so far, and he's not getting reunited with Arya until she's 18 on the show, a grown woman, who doesn't need a keeper anymore (not Sandor, not Brienne). Betcha though we'll get some comment from an onlooker when they do reunite.
  12. Here are some quotes of interviews by Joe Dempsie about Gendry: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/14/arts/television/gendry-game-of-thrones.html?mcubz=1 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/game-thrones-gendry-returns-joe-dempsie-interview-1029137
  13. Yeah. It's good to go back to WF, join the pack again, but none of them remain children. Arya and Sansa are grown up now, independent and can take care of themselves. They don't even require a guardian anymore to stop them from squabbling. They can settle their differences on their own. Mother-guardian Brienne was beaten in a training fight by Arya (well actually it was a tie), after admitting that she was supposed to look after both daughters. Sansa had her adoptive father Little Restraining Order offed and sent Brienne away, telling her she doesn't need a mother-guardian anymore. And then Brienne informs Arya's adoptive father Sandor that she's alive and can take care of herself now. And he's proud of Arya, saying he won't stand in Arya's way of whatever she wants. So, they're a full grown pack, but they'll have to live their own life too and start their own pack. Sandor is all scrubbed up and gentled, accepted by Northerners, showed Cersei he's on the Stark side now. Gendry answered the "wolf call". Yes, I meant Riverrun.
  14. Repeating your arguments about hearsay won't make it any less hearsay. The fanfic author might not have a reason to lie, but George in fact has reasons to dash her hopes: he hates fanfiction. So, I take the "verdict" with a very thick grain of salt, especially as the books in no way indicate that Gendry's future is separate from Arya at all. And that's the end of the discussion with you about this.