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  1. It depends on how much the showrunners want to draw out the next two seasons. They could have Jaime back her, which gives her the Lannister troops. They could have Jaime not back her and the Lannister troops for some reason side with an obviously nutbag "Queen" who is not the heir to Casterly Rock. Then she would have the Gold cloaks and The Lannister troops. She still has no answer for Daenerys' dragons, big fleet or overwhelming numerical superiority. If Daenerys only had the Dothraki (who are not skilled at siegecraft) they could still starve King's Landing out pretty fast - the city is dependent on food supplies being brought in as we saw during Stannis' siege - it isn't an ideal strongpoint. But she has the Dornish and Tyrell forces, that can lay down a proper siege, and she has her dragons. She could get Euron's fleet if they allow him to magically build it in time (which they will or the entire Ironborn dynastic strife plot makes no sense). Unfortunately, Daenarys has her dragons, that fleets are very vulnerable to. So even in her best case situation, she will lose fast. Unless they continue to allow silly stuff to happen and somehow make her more than a speed bump. Possibly, Littlefinger could complicate things. Or, they could do what they probably will have to do - make the Others' invasion the main focus of the next two seasons. They have to show its effects - harsh winter, Wight hordes, the fall of the Wall, nasty stuff happening to Westeros- or they are the biggest tease villains in TV history. In that case, Cersei will be a speed bump in the first episodes of the next season and Daenarys and Jon will try to find some way to deal with the invasion (probably involving dragons arriving in the nick of time), likely settling their differences when it becomes clear that he is her bastard nephew.
  2. I sort of doubt Cersei has any clout in the Riverlands unless the Freys pull a competent leader out of their hat, and considering that they seem even more useless in the show than in the books, that sounds unlikely. Also, Jaime should be the rightful ruler of the Westerlands now - he has been thrown out of the Kingsguard, remember? Unless he dutifully falls in line with his idiot sister, Cersei has control over the Crownlands. The show hasn't bothered telling us who holds the Stormlands (or Dragonstone and its islands, for that matter) in their now increasingly weird continuity so that's up in the air. In general, her crowning is a very Cersei-esque boneheaded move, but I am not sure the writers will not gloss over the sheer imbecility of it and just let her run wild with what they can give her (like they let Ramsay do in the North with his kinslaying-and-raving-lunatic ways) until Daenerys and the combined forces of the Dothraki-Targaryens (that'll be fun for Westeros), Reach, Dorne (so far untouched by war) and the Greyjoy rebels come and crisp her alcoholic little head like her prophecy says they will. Perhaps Euron will be able to magically build a new fleet and bring what is left of Greyjoy power to her side, since his goose is up for the cooking by Daenerys. I wouldn't be surprised, considering how much chaos they've thrown the chronology into with the last season. Perhaps she will also get Varys and Arya's new teleportation abilities.