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  1. Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Haven't seen this thread until now. Glad for the opportunity to blatantly self-promote Hondus Pointe, my first fantasy novella. It has been live for about a month at Amazon. Please follow the link: amazon.com/author/rdhenderson.
  2. a crown for cold silver

    I would have said it another way, but I agree with your assessment. Nothing special.
  3. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    Hope Thorn of Emberlain is better than Republic of Thieves.
  4. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    Altherion, Thanks for the link for the interview with Scott Lynch.
  5. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    Wert, This is the first I have read about a second 7 book series by Scott Lynch. When did he mention this and in what context? Thanks.
  6. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    I finished reading REPUBLIC OF THIEVES a few days ago. I don't want to think that the six years between this book and RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES heightened my expectations, but I thought REPUBLIC OF THIEVES was a step down from RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES. Unfortunately, I thought RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES was a couple of steps down from LIES OF LOCKE LAMORRA. I think Scott did an amazing job of getting me very interested in reading about Sabetha, and when she finally appeared in REPUBIC OF THIEVES, I was underwhelmed. I guess as a whole, I thought REPUBLIC OF THIEVES was underwhelming and lacking the same punch that I got in the gut while reading LIES OF LOCKE LAMORRA. I enjoy a good political story as the next person, and when I read the blurb for the electioneering plot in REPUBLIC OF THIEVES, I looked forward to reading this story line. I was really wrong. The characters were flat and uninteresting. The electioneering story was dull. The flashback storyline featuring the Moncraine Company as the backdrop of featuring Sabetha and Locke was very boring. I am glad I checked this book out of the library, and not bought this book. I think what Scott had going for him was LIES OF LOCKE LAMORRA, which I think is one of the best first fantasy novel I have read. Fantasy readers are pretty loyal bunch once we like an author. I think we enjoyed LIES OF LOCKE LAMORRA, and we will continue to read the GENTELMEN BASTARDS sequence to the benefit of Scott and his publishers.