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  1. As a Trump supporter I feel indifferent.
  2. That place would literally be next to the Iron islands. Good luck not having your city raided regularly.
  3. I don't think Ramsay castrated him, but in fact flayed his penis. (which is worse IMO)
  4. But House Manderly is originally from the banks of the Mander river of the Reach...
  5. The massive sunless sea right? I believe in that. Though I don't know for what purpose. Maybe in TWOW we'll see Bran sailing through these underground rivers/sea for whatever reason
  6. The sigil of House Codd is a white fish on a black background. There are many instances of white fish being found in many parts of the world in black waters. For example in Brans POV chapter Beyond the Wall: In the ash river of Asshai: Arianne in TWOW (This was inside a CoTF cave btw, hmmmmmmmm! ): So whats the deal with all these white fish thriving in black water bodies? Even the sigil of House Codd resembles a white fish inside a black pool. Could there be a connection between the two? Now, the Deep Ones are a race of half men-half fish from the Lovecraftinan universe who regularly come out of the ocean and mate with human women. GRRM has also referenced them in the ASOIAF universe. In the World of Ice and Fire, it is theorised by some Maesters that the oily black structures throughout the world (such as the sea stone chair) are built by these Deep Ones. In Cracklaw Point, there are tales of some creatures called "Squishers" who come out of the sea to steal children. They eat the boys but keep the girls for mating. So, they sound very similar to the Deep Ones. So what I'm suggesting here is that the people of House Codd have descended from the Deep Ones/Squishers! They even have a fishy appearance! The words of House Codd are "Though all men do despise us". "all men", "despise us". Despise them for what? All men despise the Codds for kidnapping mens's wives and mating with them! Yes, men generally refers to "humans", but I think GRRM is being clever here with wordplay. TLDR; House Codd is descended from a race of half-human half-fish species.
  7. Heya LmL, do you believe the Grey Plague currently in Yi Ti, are actually 'wights' from the Grey Waste?
  8. Hmmm very interesting! I want to believe that, but some would argue that Grey Plague is a form of the Grey Scale disease.
  9. If he's watched DBZ before then yeah maybe
  10. You should read the theories posted by LmL:
  11. It was built by the Great Empire of Dawn.
  12. If she had allowed the Eunuchs to heal him, the situation where she had to smother him would never arise.