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  1. why did this documentary use interviews of the actors from 2012-2013? specifically the interviews for the season 3 promotions? this automatically makes this documentary a complete hack production because even though seasons 1-3 did make some changes from the books, they were still following the books pretty closely. so the actors' reasoning for not wanting to read were perfectly reasonable. if you see the actors' recent interviews, they pretty much all say that they don't read the books because the books and show have diverged so much. sophie turner and iain glen being notable examples. so basically this documentary starts off from using old interviews from the cast members that are no longer relevant. and should have never been relevant in the first place because the cast members not reading the books has absolutely jackshit to do with the show's declining quality.
  2. this is the crackiest thing i've ever read
  3. gave a 7/10 much better than last week's awfulness but some scenes really dragged
  4. A++++++ post would read again