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  1. Arya being the YMBQ would be really interesting but would people really buy Maisie Wiliams being more beautiful than Lena headey? idk.
  2. in the books? i sort of think that sansa will have the fate that you believe arya will have on the show. in the books imo, the hound will die in her arms or die for her or whatever. and then sansa will just want to be free for some years and travel. i just don't think sansa ending up in a position of power (even when its of her own home) would be a good/satisfying endgame in the books because of how she was a hostage in KL and then dependent on LF. i don't think sansa would want to have the responsibility of power after all she's been through. but thats just my interpretation of book sansa lol. on the other hand i think arya will end up at the wall in the books and will be very much present in the final battle against the white walkers (something that sansa won't be imo). to be fair this could very much happen in the show too especially since arya has a valyrian steel dagger. no idea what she'll do after that though.
  3. With the number of times they emphasized Sansa being lady in winterfell last season has me convinced that Sansa as LOW is a d&d only plot point. They love to pat themselves in the back for their own shit like this lol
  4. honestly i thought cersei/ellaria/tyene scene was one of the best and one of the very few genuinely good scenes of season 7. i also don't think that cersei had that much screentime in season 7 to cause anyone else disadvantage. jon and dany ate up the majority of the screentime in season 7 and will continue to do so in season 8
  5. bronn referenced it in both seasons 6 and 7 when he met pod lol.....
  6. Season 7 proved that d&d are the Michael Bay of TV imo except I think I've even seen Michael Bay movies with better writing than the atrocity that was season 7
  7. well season 5 she was actually given material to work with. you probably mean seasons 6 and 7. i'm not "anti" show, i WANT to like the show. but wow season 7 was honestly one of the worst things that ever happened to me lol (exaggeration obviously).
  8. my predictions: 1. that it will be a CGI filled spectacle 2. a lot more boring pointless reunion scenes for fanservice 3. that the "political" drama in the North when Dany gets there will be the same repetitive crap that we saw in seasons 6/7 and will be resolved stupidly 4. that the Hound will continue saying "cunt" in every appearance he makes 5. that Bronn will survive and rewarded with a lot of riches at the end even tho he should have died a long time ago 6. that Pod's magic dick will continue being referenced 7. that jon/dany will be horrified about the incest for 2 seconds before they start banging again 8.that bran will continue being an emotionless robot even though it would be 100x more interesting seeing jaime again and seeing the wall fall down made him feel human emotions again 9.that Lena Headey will KILL it in every scene she has even when Cersei is sidelined for a lot of the season 10. that the Cersei death scene will be the only real scene with any substance or emotion because Lena is too talented for this show lol
  9. couldn't agree more. the show has no real substance or depth anymore lol.
  10. you're close, dany showing up happens after jorah falls through ice: the only mention of brienne in the leaked outline for 7x07 is this: now obviously this was added after brienne was cut from the wight hunt. but otherwise there's no other specific scene of brienne in 7x07. D&D only added her 7x07 scenes later on. no scene of her reconnecting with the hound about arya. and no "fuck loyalty" convo with jaime. jaime leaves the dragonpit while just exchanging a glance with tyrion.
  11. i have all the leaked outlines for season 7 saved on my laptop this is what it says for brienne's survival for ep 6 before she was cut from the wight hunt: and later on.... so her resigning herself to death is the last mention of her in ep 6 when she was originally supposed to be in the wight hunt. there's no cut scene afterwards which says she survived the wight hunt or anything like that or her recovering in bed like jon does later on. now i don't think that 100% means she was supposed to die in the original scripts but i do think its interesting that the D's didn't later assure that brienne was alive after this scene in the wight hunt? if brienne was supposed to survive then maybe the D's cut her because they thought a major human death during the wight hunt was neccessary and thats why they killed beric. idk its kind of confusing tbh lol.
  12. dany was also sexually harrased by the dothraki in season 6 cersei was also raped by robert and sexually harrased during the walk of shame
  13. brienne and jaime have both had fanfic written for them since the show cut stoneheart. for jaime, it was about his devotion to cersei and for brienne, it was her devotion to the stark girls. if the D's wanted they could have easily had jaime/brienne reunite way early and go on some kind of adventure in which they have an encounter that's supposed to be come kind of proxy for the LSH conflict with the books and hit those same beats etc etc. that makes me think that jaime's connection to cersei and brienne's connection to the stark girls is important for both characters' endgames rather than it just being over now that they're reunited lol.
  14. Nailed it 100%. Thank you
  15. except nothing GRRM is saying goes against the stannis quote lol. in fact the stannis quote is basically reinforcing the GRRM quote. its saying that good acts have merit and value so its not dismissing forgiveness. but it just also saying that bad acts can't be erased which is true. you can't just undo attempted child murder. most people here haven't been saying that jaime's acts mean nothing and have no value, they just don't think that his bad acts can be erased. there's a difference lol. its the whole "forgive but not forget" mantra. and there really isn't any point in telling people to abandon their moral convictions. fwiw i don't think that all the character who've done fucked up things will die. for example. i think theon will survive the series. but i don't think this because i think that theon will achieve some "ultimate" redemption moment which will spell out "now its 100% ok and forgiven that theon killed 2 kids" but more because i think theon has been broken down and battered so much that him surviving isn't as much of a reward than a challenge. i don't think that's the case with jaime so i think he'll croak