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  1. I don't know about you, but my aunt said it's so great and so feminist that women also have some power in the show now. I was horrified, but as a straight white cis male I kept my mouth shut.
  2. Varys' end game is to bring communism. It is known.
  3. Is this an accurate example of the general, casual show watcher?
  4. Because he's from the Wolf school.
  5. This was exactly what I said what was wrong with ToJ fighting scene, in which I was accused of not knowing on the matter as much as I thought: A guy sitting there waiting to be surrounded by numerically superior opponents (and still winning).
  6. Roose bolton struck a deal with Jaime to inform to Tywin that he had nothing to do with his hand so Jaime would be sent to King's Landing.
  7. See. Not everything has to be explained to the audience. Bitter book fans always claim show has plotholes, but you can actually find an explanation when you think. And they say GoT has no depth...
  8. And he would learn warging skills through space and time to warg into an american writer named George RR Martin to spread this story.
  9. You begin to understand.
  10. It's simple, because humans are animals who pretend to have morals. Most just act like they have morals because this is socially acceptable. Very few people actually think much about morality, good and evil, lesser evil and similar concepts. A considerable percentage of people think they're good, while they have a self-centered morality. This extends to protagonist-centered morality when engaging in fiction. When you convince people that someone is enemy, whether justified or not; they will treat them like enemy. Slaughter them like butchers slaughter animals for their meat. For most people nowadays, zealotry is an enemy. It makes sense they cheer when a religious institution gets blown up, along with clergy and the inferior people who believe in them. It makes sense when a septa is tortured, who was torturing Cersei with their bigotry previously. And the audience loved Cersei's remark that septa was just torturing her just because she enjoyed it, not because it was her duty. While this was probably the truth, this fact is like sweet wine to such an audience. They would swallow it. Do you remember the arbor gold remark in the books? This one is similar. As for Tommen, yeah people would definitely cheer at that. Humans just detest the weak. It does not matter that boy was 13 or lower. Just ask a bullied kid in school. Humans were using much younger people as emotional punching bags when they were younger themselves, when they were 7 or 8 years old. I had recieved my share of bullying, and once I was honest with myself I realised that I had committed my fair share of it. It's not even something you realise that it is something that is in you (as well as everyone) until you go through careful observation and deep analysis. I can perfectly understand how masses follow someone who "chooses violence". This is my observation as someone who has dabbled in psychology
  11. I know this is not a debate thread, but in defense of the show I think it makes sense Cersei's love for her children does not extend to their partners, especially in a wife versus mother type of relationship where the wife is openly manipulating the mother's son. Cersei has every reason to dislike Margaery. To sympathise, imagine having your 13 year old son being married to a 28 year old woman who controls him. If you're male, multiply this feeling with x1,5 or x2 most likely. What's especially funny about this is, Varys has gone all the way to Westeros, to back in Essos in order to... get back on Westeros. He could have just chilled in the Water Gardens with Cyvasse instead (or doing something worthwhile). In a time where every voyage is some kind of a risk, this makes no sense. Varys is not even needed during the journey. He could have waited for Dany to arrive.
  12. I think one thing Dany can not exactly defend herself from are daggers in the dark. So she would need to maintain a strong diplomatic frame. Her forces are extremely strong even without dragons. But now her followers worship her because of them. Dragons are useful as a banner anyway. She doesn't even need to use them much (a good commander would not risk dragons unless it is worth the risk, like how Aegon used dragons). I'd say splitting the army into 2 main groups would be a good idea to seperate dothraki screamers and the professional westerosi soldiers. Otherwise a mutiny might break out amongst the two distinct groups. Dothraki will do some heavy pillaging and foraging, that's for sure. Reach can not feed all the army and Dothraki would be more useful in hit and run tactics anyway. A good commander would not use Dothraki as the main fighting force, unless Dothraki become a threat to his/her own campaign (due to the unruly nature). If that would be the case, it is simply better to send them on a suicide mission or into the frontlines. But that would be for the worst of worst. I think it is simply better for enough reachmen to left in the Reach to defend against Euron's likely attack to the area, say 15-20k could be enough. Most of the dothraki screamers would be sent to Westerlands to plunder, burn, pillage and rape. The main army would put siege on King's Landing. With good planning, yes Dany's army is overkill against Cersei. Against Others, maybe barely so. Dothraki arakhs would not have many difficulties against zombies, since most of them would be barely armored if any. Actually, dothraki could be quite useful in inflicting attrition upon the zombies with mounted combat. That's why we have sent them to not engage proffessional Westerosi soldiers, but plunder instead. They would be more useful in the later battles. Presuming they know of the threat of Others of course.
  13. It's simple, he was a tamed fuckboi. Once tamed, he's no longer attractive. It actually makes sense in the show and in the books. In the books, Daario is still a wild beast unchained, "I'm fucking you because you're the most beautiful woman around.", compare this to "Take me with you my queen." Love is not simply what you desire, but what you can not have. At least for women it seems so. I've never really fallen in love myself, so can not comment about men.
  14. Yes she planned that after she blew up the building, her son would commit suicide so she would inherit the throne. Very intuitive.