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  1. Can someone fill me in why ppl think that? Ice dragon?
  2. Were not talking aboit knights. We are talking about men at arms. Professional commoner soldiers. Each house, at least in the show, seems to be able to field at least a few thousand of them, and they are vastly superior equipped compared to dothraki. Lannister show soldiers have partial plate armour. Thats pretty serious. Regarding cavalry charges- with such a light force as the dothraki are, that would be a suicidal idea. Polearms and its over. There is even a book precedent: it is told that at somepoint, 2000 or so unsillied or so defended against charge after charge from the dothraki. Sure, unsullied are elite soldiers, but standing in a line and holding a pike in the enemies general direction is not that hard. Even drafted westerosi peasants could probably pull that off. I cannot emphasize enough how crippling the dothrakis utter lack of armour is.
  3. What is with the fact that everytime strong women do something awesome on the show, ppl in this forum have to point it out " girlpower yeeaar!!". Cant we just accept that women doing awesome stuff is nothing extraordinary and they do it all the time? I dont even care that much about feminist matters, but come on. PS: im a man.
  4. Well, not deliberately lied, but those numbers might be exaggerated. Its a medieval world, there is no NSA around. Sure, there are Varys little birds, but they hardly counted each guy in drogons khalasar. And even if, and its 100k, the dothraki travel with their families and slaves, so u cant count them all as warriors. And even if tehry were 100k warriors...they are crap. 80000 tyrells could easily roflstomp them.
  5. I never got that speculation. Ned was not the guy who plants hidden clues.
  6. - iron fleet has been beaten before, they are no half-gods. - Unsullied are good, but the best in the world , really? They are one of the best, im sure, but Westeros fields comparable infantry. - ill never get tired to say it: dothraki are overrated as fuck. Maybe they are the most feared for their plundering, but thats hardly worth much in battle. They are light cavalry. We never see Dothraki use any armour. Theyll have their use,but they hardly can stand up to a professional Westerosi army. The good thing is, there is a damn lot of them. -dragons can be killed. Its obvious she will roflstomp her opposition, but even tho she definetly is very strong, the weakness of her opponents plays a big part. Who is there to oppose her, really? The Lannisters. Euron. Maybe Vale. I dont think the North will even care.
  7. Some kind of funny certainly That at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe Sorry, couldnt resist.
  8. He didnt seem to like shat he saw. His son is dead, and its all her fault. I think Jaimie will slay another ruler pretty soon.
  9. Somebody watched a youtube video today
  10. Jon is not a bad commander...we see him in 3 battles. One was literally impossible to win and he didnt start it (Hardhome) , he won the Battle at the Wall (sure he got saved, but nobody could have held the castle against those odds) and Winterfell... yeah, he fucked up there. But even then it was because of a special situation, he did actually have a plan before that Rickon thing happened. So im nosayinging hes necessarily a very good commander like Robb, Tywin or Stannis, i dont think hes bad either. And to the Karl Tanner thing...goodness, D and D wanted their super predictable "omg he might die" scene. Thats all there is to it. Its clearly indicated in the show that he is a very good swordsman. Regarding king...yeah, i guess youre not wrong there. Even tho i hope his experience of betrayal changed him a little.
  11. Rise, Sindragosa!
  12. Can we please stop making the Dothraki out to be this formidable force? Weve only ever seen them with sabers and bows. Not even spears. I cant recall if they have shields, i believe not, and they certainly dont have armor (leather is fine, but not when it covers only half of your body ...). They are crap. Completely worthless. Yes, im hating...they obviously arent worthless, but they arent soldiers. They are marauders. And pls stop comparing them to the mongols, they are nothing like the mongols.
  13. The Lannister armies seem still pretty solid, same goes for the Tyrell armies. But there are obviously only a few thousand men-at-arms and even less knights for either one of those houses, the rest would be drafted smallfolk like in the Wot5k. So yeah, not too good i guess:/ Do we know how many Dothraki she has?
  14. She will definetly rely on allies. She has dragons, but they are not so big yet that a nice ballista shot or simply enough spears/arrows couldnt kill them, and her actual army is lackluster. Light infantry and light cavalry. Im not saying Unsullied and Dothraki arent good at fighting, but the moment they meet a formidable force of heavy infantry and armored knights, they are on the backfoot. That is, if the show bothers with battlefield realism , which it probably wont.
  15. What does rlj have to do with any of this? Right now, everyone thinks hes Neds bastard son, isnt that even better then Lyannas son, even if she married? Cuz u know, that way, hes a snow, which leaves room for flexibility, and the other way around, hes a targ.