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  1. Assuming they're allowed to use a Valyrian steel sword Jon Arya Brienne Bronn The Hound Is that it?
  2. He's dead, he's not coming back. We need to stop with these theories.
  3. Yes, adding a big character so late in the series just complicates everything and creates unnecessary hassle. Thats probably why WoW is taking so long to write, integrating a major storyline like that
  4. The real question is once Robert died, why didnt Ned quickly write a letter exposing the truth of Jon's parentage for the Seven Kingdoms to see? From Neds point of view it would be better to put Jon on the throne than a illegitimate bastard (Joffrey). Saying Jon Snow is the true King would automatically cause Dorne, Highgarden, as well as the North to fight for Jon's claim, causing an easy victory (Robb Stark would have also rallied the North for Jon) I know Jon Snow already joined the Nights Watch, but you dont think he would have found a way to leave when half the country would support his claim to the throne?
  5. Jon Snow - Defended Castle Black with a skeleton crew of less than 100 men against 100,000 wildings. - Defeated a White Walker in single combat - Rescued thousands of Wildings up north in Hardhome against a horde of wights - Stabbed to death and revived the next day - Charged against 1000 horses by himself in the Battle of the Bastards - Retook Winterfell with only 2000 men with inferior equipment Arya Stark - Didn't back down when talking to Tywin Lannister - Escaped Harrenhall using a Faceless Man - Left the Hound to die with him begging on his knees for mercy - Sailed to Bravos to train with the Faceless Man - Trained in advanced combat techniques as well as deception - Killed the Waif in single combat - Assassinated Walder Frey using a disguise
  6. How could Tyrion possibly know about that?
  7. The obvious answer is because of Ghost, who was white. But how would all the northern lords know of Ghost? Which lord would care to remember the wolf or the color of the wolf of a bastard? I doubt anyone outside the Nights Watch ever knew he had a direwolf
  8. Is dead? There's no way he can survive those many stabs. Heck ONE knife stab killed Robb. Jon was stabbed 7-8 times. Its almost impossible for Jon Snow to survive. So why are posters talking about Jon here like he survives and is integral to the end game?
  9. Jon Snow becomes his heir as King in the North? Do you think that's a possibility?
  10. Since he was legitimized, shouldn't Daemon Blackfyre's legal name be Daemon Targaryan? Why did he continue to use his name Daemon Blackfyre, when he had a Targaryan name?
  11. Whos the crazier person? Whos more unpredictable and cruel?
  12. The Baratheons are all dead, and due to Cersei's prophecy once Tommen dies that officially ends the Baratheon line The Martells are all dead The Tullys are extinct considering Edmure dies and Blackfish will not marry The Arryns are probably dead once Robin dies and Littlefinger takes control of the Vale If Loras remains a prisoner, that is the end of House Tyrell And Finally considering Daenarys cant have children, House Targaryan is already dead It seems like the Lannisters are the only house that can survive into the future