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  1. I'm the movie Don Hemingway (awesome movie) his daughter is danarys targaryan only she has traded her Dragons for a black family
  2. Lol my mistake
  3. I can really rember how it plays out in the books can someone refresh me on it, I no in the show it hints that he knows that it's Arya at Harren Hall
  4. i no i was sitting here reading about everyone waiting i could not help myself, i instantly felt bad lol
  5. In his post a few minutes ago about how winds in not close to being done he named some characters who are dead in the show but not the books King Stannis was one of them , i figured he was but i had hoped
  6. Wtf i guess its karma i decided to mess with everyone and after reading his post i guess Stannis is truly dead on the show, i thought he was but i was definitely holding out hope, i will cey myself to sleep now
  7. Awww come on guy its not thay bad it is? Im really kinda sorry
  8. No i cant im just fuck around lol, sorry belive me i no how fucked up it is ive been watching forever for news to,,, what a dic move!!! Lol
  9. Bam! He just posted winds will be out april 5th. Waiting all night was worth it
  10. Simple answer Prince Oberyn, , i win
  11. So i decided to read the Dunk and Egg storys to help with my withdrawls from no new ASOIAF and all i can say is wow they where awsome and i highly recommend them, i shouldn't be surprised because it is from Martin but now i find myself hating that i have god knows how long to wait for more On another note i am a huge fan of egg i guess its his smart mouth but hes awsome. Is funny because usally i like the fighters and the cocky guys Jamie, Oberyn, Vic Greyjoy thise type but now i put egg right on the short list of my favorite characters, Dunk is ok to in my book. Anyway jist wanted to give my opinion on these awsome books if anyone needs a fix. Sorry ahead of time for my typos my screen is cracked and its hard to type.
  12. I first had the idea when the concil is discussing the matter and everytime somine claims its Jon Connington. Randel Tarley jumps into say IF IT IS CONNINGTON he is trying to cover/ant uncertainty as much as he can and much how Jon Con said he wanted to do, then add the fact of who Tarly is he is a. Awsone hard ass battle comander who givin the choice im sure whould side with/ and have alot more respect for somone like Connington over the oaf Mace Tyrell who has repeatedly tried to take credit for Tarleys military accomplishments. Theres a few morethings i cant remember atm, but what do u guys think? Btwin my phone screen is messed up and typing is very difficult sorry for the mistakes t