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  1. Yes, with their 300 years of existence the Baratheons are one of the youngest houses in Westeros. The only time the Strongs might have been interesting enough for the Baratheons to intermarry with them was when they held Harrenhal, a period of around 40 years. So yeah, technically it might be possible. But then can also add the Crakehalls and Bulwers. And are the Kettleblacks actually a proper house?
  2. The Strongs seem to be an ancient house from the riverlands, the Baratheons are a rather new house from Dragonstone. I can not see the connection between them.
  3. In my opinion these are no inconsistencies. Yandel and Gyldayn are two different historians who could have used different sources. What Yandel finds interesting and noteworthy Gyldayn could consider unconvincing.
  4. Actually he never calls the match incestuous, but warns Aegon that the Faith would not look upon it with favour.
  5. And GRRM should consider the lack of a year 0 when it comes to Aegon's I age in 33 and 37 AC.
  6. @King Maegor 284 AC as date for the Sack of King's Landing is surely wrong. The appendix of A Game of Thrones states that Aerys was killed during the Sack in 283 AC. The Worldbook states that Rhaegar was killed at the Trident in 283 AC. Which is supported by Eddard's thought in 298 AC that Rhaegar died 15 years ago.
  7. Actually GRRM was just not confident with the Dayne words and that is why he told Elio and Linda to hold them back.
  8. It was a joke by Elio, and now you do not get it out of the community. I had some strange encounter with these Order of the Green Hand guys when they promoted their Old Nan is Rohanne Webber theory. I told them that the Brandon Stark Old Nan nursed was born in 227 AC the latest, but Rohanne disappeared in 230 AC. Their response was that GRRM was known to make mistakes and they did not trust his dates. And even before that I was kind of speechless when they did some calculation on the date of Brandon and LF's duel which took around ten minutes, and then they came to the conclusion that it took place in 283 AC. Now it takes 30 seconds to find out the fact that Brandon already died in 282 AC, but yeah... After these experiences I chose to ignore them.
  9. The first known Grand Maester is Gawen who is mentioned in 19 AC for the first time. He serves for Aenys as well and is killed by Maegor in 42 AC. I think that is all we know.
  10. I think there's a ton of new information, you just don't see it. Sorry, could not resist. My main problem is that it felt kind of static. There are always the same lords running through Westeros. We get the name of some lords fighting against Maegor, we learn that he punished them by executing them or stripping them of their lands, and two pages later the same lords appear running through Westeros again. GRRM should have included some houses that really died out.
  11. Yes, that was my assumption. I still think the tree I presented to you is the most plausible version so far. But I guess we will be smarter after the release of Fire and Blood.
  12. Rhaena is Aethan's grandchild, is she not?
  13. Yes.
  14. He edited his post, so it is not there anymore. It was there before he realised that the Worldbook actually made a decision regarding Ceryse's father.
  15. Hm, not sure what to make of it.Ragarding the Hightower stuff: Manfred had at least two younger sons, one a Warrior's son and one a septon. Morgan was a Warrior's son and brother to Martyn, a Lord of Oldtown. So I think it is safe to assume that Martyn was Manfred's son. As Ran stated above, the Lord Hightower giving Ceryse to Maegor disappears in 35 AC, and at the same point Martyn's name appears. So the scenario would be: Manfred gives Ceryse to Maegor in 23 AC, dies in 35 AC and is inherited by his son Martyn (who is the father of Ceryse, according to the world book). Of course that would be possible, but maybe he was just similar to the High Sparrow without any personal reasons.
  16. @Rhaenys_Targaryen It is an interesting idea that the High Septon in 23 AC was a different one than the one during the Faith Militant Rebellion. I never thought about that, because both times he is mentioned as Ceryse's uncle, but I guess this would work. The only way to learn the truth is probably waiting for Fire and Blood.
  17. No. English is not my mother tongue and now it becomes mathematical. That is not a good combination, but I will try. For Aegon's age the start of the new calendar actually is not important at all. You have a fix point - may that be the Landing or the coronation. Aegon was born in 27 BFP (Before Fix Point). For simplicity let us assume he was born on the first day of the sixth month. So he becomes 1 year old in 26 BFP, 2 years old in 25 BFP and 26 on the first day of the sixth month in 1 BFP. Half a year later we reach the fix point, Aegon is 26,5 years old. The first day after the fix point is the first day of the first month in 1 AFP (After Fix Point). So Aegon becomes 27 on the first day of the sixth month in 1 AFP. He becomes 28 in 2 AFP and 29 in 3 AFP and thus 59 in 33 AFP. It does not matter if your fix point is the Landing or the coronation, as long as you keep it consistent. If you use the Landing for the events prior to your fix point and the coronation for the events thereafter, you get a bloody mess. But that is not what happened here. They just forgot that there is no year 0. And yes, the Winterfell journey was mentioned in the Worldbook.
  18. Aegon's last journey was to Winterfell in 33 AC.
  19. It is a little bit different. The point of confusion is that some people think the calendar starts with Aegon's Landing, but actually it starts with his coronation in Oldtown two years later. As a maester you know that kind of stuff, but even if you get it wrong, Aegon becoming 60 in 33 AC just does not work.
  20. Aegon had made the Seven Kingdoms one with fire and blood, but after celebrating his sixtieth name day in 33 AC Since there is no year 0, Aegon became 59 in 33 AC. That kind of error occured in the Worldbook as well.
  21. The last seven years of the reign of Aegon the Conqueror were peaceful ones. After the frustrations of his Dornish War the king accepted the continued independence of Dorne, and flew to Sunspear on Balerion on the tenth anniversary of the peace accords to celebrate a “feast of friendship” with Deria Martell, the reigning Princess of Dorne. Did the First Dornish War not end in 13 AC? So the tenth anniversary would take place in 23 AC.
  22. I think it was rather Grand Maester Benifer's idea, not the one of the Daynes. Although one has to wonder why he thought that would be an option in the first place. Gyldayn Dayne? I do not hope so...
  23. @Lord Varys in your report from the reading in 2014 you mentioned Ronnel Arryn's family getting killed as well, but there is no mention of them in the story. Do you think that was changed by Martin/Dozois?
  24. I think it was this one.
  25. I am very sure Ran once confirmed that the High Septon was the brother of Ceryse's mother.