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  1. @Lord Varys I just found out where I got that impression from. The German translation changed Urragon III Greyiron's successor Urrathon IV Goodbrother to Urragon IV Goodbrother (as mentioned in ADWD). And then it changed Torgon's heir Urragon IV Greyiron to Urragon V Greyiron. So in the German version driftwood kings seem to get numbered by their given name.
  2. Ahh, that is an interesting piece of history. Do you know the name of that trustworthy fellow? @Lord Varys I got the impression that the driftwood kings were numbered by their given name, so there would have been two more Eurons, but not necessarily of House Greyjoy.
  3. Too sad. But does such an ironborn king exist?
  4. @Ran I met someone who claimed there was a High King called Euron I Greyjoy (who was cut from the Worldbook) who made peace with the Arbor king by taking his daughter as a salt wife, but then attacked the Arbor though. Is that right?
  5. It was speculated among the readers that those lands belonged to a lord who joined the Boltons in rebellion. Acording to that theory Harlon and Karlon were brothers, and while Harlon was besieging the Dreadfort, Karlon put down the rebellous lord north of the Bolton lands.
  6. There is at least House Nymeros Martell.
  7. Brandon died in 282 AC, so the duel must have taken place then as well. Have a look here how it fits together.
  8. Let us assume for a moment such a child existed. Hubert had six childern by 37 AC. Which means his wife started bearing these children around 30 AC the latest. So she would have to be 13 years in 30 AC by minimum, born no later than 17 AC. You see, it just works if you calculate by the edge of possibility three times. Oh, and the text indicates nothing like that.
  9. Yeah, of course. Maybe he fathered Bael the Bard with his own sister or something like that. Fact is he was accompanied to the Wall by his own father, so whatever reasons he had, it was no punishment for sure. What about Jeor Mormont? What about Denys Mallister? What about Duncan Liddle (a firstborn son)? Now you can make up a story for each of them, but it does not change that there are people joining the order willingly. Of course the order has reached a low point, nonetheless you can find these guys.
  10. Hubert was married to a Royce. No, it just means, that Jaehaerys did not like the idea of a female heir. We have no idea, if Qorgyle was the direct successor of Bloodraven. We even do not know if BR was the direct successor of Sleepy Jack. Nothing of the stuff you are making up here.
  11. I will not give you all the quotes stating that for Northern nobles it is considered an honour to join the Watch, but I am sure you will be able to find them if your are actually interested. Even Waymar Royce joins the order willingly. Asked for Benjen's reasons, GRRM reminded us on the Night's Watch guy at Harrenhal. That is all we have so far. And it is more than you have for your assumption.
  12. If Mance had been there, his job would have been to speak to the visitors to make them join the Night's Watch. And since Benjen apparently paid attention to the Night's Watch guy(s), it seems much more likely that they would have met if Mance actually had been there.
  13. Here you go.
  14. Mance told Jon that Benjen had never met him. So Mance was not at the tourney.
  15. She was not.
  16. Alright, thanks for clarification. Could you also clarify if the Eyrie's garrison seized the pretender and delivered him to Lord Royce, opening the Moon Door once again means that Jonos was killed by his own men or by Lord Royce?
  17. @Ran Jonos's death is described differently in the Worldbook. Jonos and his followers all died by the noose there, but in Sons he gets moondoored. Which one is correct?
  18. This is no real world. This is We have been kings since 8000 years-Westeros. And I can not see anything suspicious about the rebellions at the beginning of Aenys's reign. The Conqueror had died, and if you want to rebell successfully, you do not wait until the new king gets everything under controll. You have to strike immediately.
  19. I do not see the difference between Night's Watch and Citadel.You swear an oath and remove your family's name, and with it you renounce your claim on your family's lands and title.
  20. Although this could make an interesting scenario, Aerion was not heir when Aerys I decided to pass Daenora.
  21. So Templeton and Sunglass have some connection to the Faith, while arms including five-pointed stars (Elesham, Peckledon, Mallery ...) have none?
  22. I do not really see anything suspicious about that. Two died from a disease which killed almost half of KL's population. One died from a sickness he got from a whore, one by the hand of his sister wife, two committed suicide. Maybe you could suspect BR of killing Rhaegel, but I am not sure why he would do that.
  23. I was really surprised by that information. For me it had always been clear that Maekar was named heir directly after Aelor's death in 217 AC. So we do know now that Aelora died at some point between 217 and 221 AC. Which makes it even more likely that the assault on her took place during some feast right before the Third Blackfyre Rebellion. But I am wondering about Aelora's mental state after her brother husband's death. The text makes it sound as she behaved like Helaena after the death of Jaehaerys, but I am not sure if she would have been named heir in that case.
  24. Yes, Lady Cassella, the poor one. But her treatment by Aegon would not really be a reason to name one of your sons after a Targaryen. So maybe the Vaiths are descendants of the first Daenerys.
  25. What about House Vaith then? The current lord is named Daeron.