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  1. I think that Tywin being the youngest hand ever is a statement like Jaehaerys I being the oldest Targaryen king ever. There are a lot of chronicles about that kind of stuff, so it is rather easy to find out the truth. Robar could easily have been 25 or even older in 48 AC, while Valarr (if he actually was Hand) could have been around that age in 209 AC, as well. As you mentioned, about Viserys it says: Though he strove to give the realm peace and plenty in the wake of the Dance, Aegon III proved unwilling to court his own people, or his lords. His might have been a very different reign were it not for that one flaw in him—his coldness when it came to those he ruled. His brother, Prince Viserys - who in his last years served as his Hand - had the gift of charm, but he himself grew stern after his wife abandoned him and their children for her native Lys. I don't see how Viserys becoming Hand in 136 AC or even prior to 143 AC would work with this statement in mind. And Viserys did not need to be hand to help his brother dealing with the issues. At least he was the only person Aegon ever trusted.
  2. Cregan Stark: Was made Hand in 131 AC, and at that point he was at least 21 (because Tywin was 20 and the youngest Hand in the history of the Seven Kingdoms). So Cregan was born in 110 AC the latest.
  3. Sounds like a nice idea. The only known canon names are Lord Cregan Stark and Lord Roderick Dustin. Then there are an unnamed Lord Manderly and his sons Ser Medrick and Ser Torrhen. And that's it. So if you need some names, I would recommend the MUSH family trees. I guess they are as close as you can get to canon (same for other regions). Good luck.
  4. Isn't the calculation for Edric's date of birth rather clear? In 299 AC he is 12 years old (Appendix and Arya VIII of A Storm of Swords), in 300 AC he ist still 12 (Appendix of A Feast for Crows), which means he was born in 287 AC.
  5. Barristan's White Book entry says: Knighted in his 16th year by King Aegon V Targaryen, after performing great feats of prowess as a mystery knight in the winter tourney at King's Landing, defeating Prince Duncan the Small and Ser Duncan the Tall, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Have a look here, here and here. The potential problem is caused by Willam maybe not being old enough to have fathered a child (Brandon) in 213 AC (or whenever the story takes place). Have a look in that thread.
  6. I think it came from Elio in the first place. He mentioned that they got the Bolton and Dayne words from GRRM, but GRRM had not been confident with the Dayne ones. After that Elio made a joke about the words revealing too much. Apparently not everyone got it was meant as a joke, and it spread like wildfire.
  7. I'm not sure if we are an "official" wiki, but I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. We are a small but eager community, so feel free if you like to join or contribute.
  8. Thanks.
  9. Where is it stated that Olenna is the aunt of Paxter?
  10. Theon III Greyjoy There are some characters from the Iron Islands named Rodrik. There even was a Rodrik Arryn, so it seems to be a common name. Besides Maron Greyjoy we know three more Marons. One was from Dorne, two from the Iron Islands.
  11. Couldn't find any source mentioning that.
  12. This would be great. Thanks.
  13. At least in German heraldry that's the case, but I'm not sure about the blazoning in English.
  14. House Ironsmith: I think if a horseshoe points upwards, this needs to be mentioned. So if there is no specific mention, the horseshoe usually points downwards. But since the Citadel also shows them pointing upwards, this might be another situation where GRRM doesn't care for RL heraldry.
  15. In some cases menopause is part of the calculation, in other cases it's just added as a note. I think you should keep it consistent. Lyanna's entry states that she was born in 290 AC. Source is missing. Do we know the month in which Aegon V died? Otherwise Pycelle could also have been chosen in 258 AC. I think this would also effect the calculations of Kaeth, Merion, and Ellendor. And you could add the source A Game of Thrones, Chapter 25 for "a few short months".
  16. It was mentioned in a reading, Lord Varys confirmed it here.
  17. That's wrong. Quenton married the daughter in 7 AC and died in 9 AC. After his death his grandson Gargon took over Harrenhal, so Gargon must have been a grandson through other children Quenton might have had with a former wife.
  18. Have a look.
  19. Apparently the one I'm using is the best one for editing Wikia. It's not a massive problem though, just gets a little bit annoying from time to time. Maybe you could add a calculation for the campaign against the Kingswood Brotherhood on the calculation page for events and link to it. And the last source is wrong.
  20. Just start a new thread, similar to the calculation thread of Rhaenys. You'll get a pm from me regarding the German wiki soon.
  21. Damn, that might be a problem. You are right, as long as the length doesn't make editing impossible, I'm gonna keep it this way. There are two different editors in Wikia, with one you can edit single entrys, with the other you can't. And my PC only allows me to work with the second one. Thanks, will check them out. Alright, I see. I think you can add a calculation for the death of Alys Stackspeer and outsource the information from the entry of Marla Prester.
  22. That's not what I meant. ;-) There might be the possibility that some Valyrian swords came to Westeros back then, but my point is about Brightroar having been bought by the Lannisters in the century before the Doom.
  23. We know that Gyles III Gardener was King of the Reach at that time. So at that time there were still Dornisch kings and kings in the riverlands, as well. Thus it was prior to the coming of the Rhoynar which took place around 700 BC. The Doom took place in 114 AC, so apparently the Lannisters got the sword centuries after the death of Lancel IV. Is this a mistake by GRRM? Because both Eustace and Yandel state that the sword was of Valyrian steel.
  24. I think this changes some more dates: Euron (from 257 to 256), Victarion (from 258 to 257), Maron (from 270 to 269), and Rodrik (from 269 to 268). Not just the loading time, but also editing issues. Sometimes my PC hangs while editing one of the pages. With the new division I'm gonna have around 100 entrys per page, I hope this will work a little bit better. For some letters all entrys are done, but there is still a lot to do. I haven't dared to translate the big entrys like Stannis, Sansa or Petyr Baelish yet. I guess this is based on this? Source is missing. So when Quellon left the Iron Islands, his third wife was pregnant with a girl. Needs to be changed to 13 and 14 years.
  25. You're welcome. Right now I'm thinking about splitting the pages in the German wiki one more time and creating a fifth page because editing gets worse every time I add another character.