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  1. The fact that so much NEEDS to be clarified in the after show videos is the problem.
  2. It is confirmed. In a really stupid way, but it was already confirmed the day after Episode 10 aired.
  3. I agree. Considering they have 13 episodes left to tell two and a third-ish books' worth of story, the simpler answer will 9 times out of 10 be the correct one.
  4. Wait, does that mean he's not going to go rowing to Valinor like in the TV show? Gonna go check this post out now! Also loved your cameos on Radio Westeros by the way.
  5. EXACTLY. But really, the rumors pre-Season 6 were that she might appear as the beggar woman Tyrion and Varys give the coin to where they joke about eating the baby. Luckily it seems she just stopped by to say hi, because you know hands of gold are always cold, but a woman's hands are warm.
  6. They [Sam and Jon] talked about needing Valyrian swords back in Season 5 and joked about "borrowing" them from the Lords of Westeros or something similar. Pretty sure it'll just make it's way to the wall for the Battle for the Dawn.
  7. Being in a different location doesn't mean you are "without your pack". The quote I used was literal in response to keeping people in the same location, that quote is about not fighting against your family.
  8. Varys pattered forward, his slippered feet sounding like the breaths of babies in the night as he glided over to the woman he attempted to kill on several occasions. "The wonderous Script says I'm on your side now Mother of CGI Budgets." he whispered, his perfumed body prostrating itself in an odd bow. "Fire and Blood. Dragons. Fifteen Titles. DRA-CARYS." she replied. "I thought as much." he replied. DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUNNA NA - Credits-
  9. This is likely to me. If you think back on his almost second-guessing himself during the execution of Ser Allister and the mutineers, and then sending Melisandre away instead of killing her, this might reflect back on Jon's knowledge that after life there is nothing. It would probably temper someone to know that there is nothing after that sword falls, unlike what all of them have been taught by various religions, and that knowledge might give more weight to the sentence he would have to carry out himself as Ned taught him.
  10. I have a feeling in the book it won't be the throne, it'll be to be the most powerful. Like you said probably using Robert and the Vale or Sansa and the North to ride in and conquer while he reaps the benefits like usual. For the show... it's probably the throne. When they flat out throw it in your face, it's probably true when it comes down to it. The fact that some show-only watchers were surprised by the outcome of Cercei's trial (I know some really unobservant people I guess...) leads me to believe here on out will be the fast-food version of the ending... Even moreso than they've been doing the last few seasons.
  11. Money and time. The same excuses for everything.
  12. Book - Ned Dayne, with Wylla as the Wet Nurse. Show - Howland either uses a Valyrian Teleporter he borrowed from LittleFinger, or else he nursed John with his magic Crannogman teats.
  13. "If you keep all your treasures in one purse, you only make it easier for those who would rob you." - Robb Stark
  14. Watched all the videos released so far. Man those are some detailed carvings. I liked the door with Needle, though that door with the Dragon/Horses was pretty good too. Either way, definitely something to check out.
  15. Would make sense, especially after Olenna's speech in Dorne.