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  1. I've read them all for the first time this year and just finished Deepness in the Sky today. I'd say go head and start with A Fire Upon the Deep, but either way, I found Children of the Sky to be the runt of the litter. The first two are quite good, the last, just OK in my opinion. Starting with Deepness would probably make its ending a little less fulfilling...
  2. Rub it in. Got skunked in all leagues thanks to cam in c and funchess in another league Monday night.
  3. On the negative side I was starting Tyrod in two leagues this week. Looks like I'm going w cutler in one and bortles in the other. (Incidently while the site seems to have an emoticon search function, none of puke, sick, or vomit came up w a result.) Had Rodgers in one league and dalton in another but switched to TT when he was on bye. On the other hand, I have a bet where I'm taking the dolphins to have a better record than the Bills where the loser has to buy a mark sanchez jersey and reenact the butt fumble in a public venue. So this probably helps.
  4. So Zeke got re-un-dis-suspended this afternoon. Going to be curious to see who gets the touches this weekend.
  5. he had forte and garbage man tyrod Thursday. Im still a dog w a bagel for deshaun. Lol
  6. Yes. Of course Kareem hunt has lit me up about 4 times already this year in other leagues so who knows until Tuesday how this all plays out.
  7. I vote against putting players in retroactively and it also appears that is the trade goes through prior to Sunday he will be receiving tom savage who is starting for Houston so its not even like he cant start a QB.
  8. In general the precedent of retroactive decisions seems like a bad one to set but maybe thats my reactionary authoritarianism shining through. In this league we obey the laws of thermodynamics!
  9. Well since he has tom savage coming in the trade he does have a starter this week. Obv im biased since im playing him. We should apply the McCarran rule. If the hold up was on the comish approving the trade after the players agree thats one thing but doesnt seem to be the case here. If this one goes against me I will demand a full refund of my league entry fees!
  10. Looks like I'm late on everything today. If I saw Garcon was out ten minutes earlier I'd have plugged in Zay Jones off of waivers...and he's already got a td.
  11. That was when you still had Kap as one of your starters. And before I was I past my buys. Markets change over time. I did get Murray for Bradford back then at least. Have Cutler or Flaccid. Make an offer.
  12. I feel slighted here. I was asking Jace about Marlon Mack earlier in the season and now that I'm past my double QB bye week and have qbs to spare she goes and trades Mack for the Brockstar as her spot start this week. Cutler and Flaccid arent fabulous (though I dig the autocorrect there) but if Osweiler turns out to be the best of the three this week I ll have to bow down to her greatness...
  13. Cool. May have to check them both out. Getting bored with War of the Chosen after third campaign. Also have a nice Civ4 game going on Immortal as Hannibal. Got a decent sized peninsula blocked off and a few islands to expand to for the cothon bonus. If I can take out the Ethiopians then I ll have a winnable position. Jerk put a city where he really had no business and hes creative w a rennaisaance unique unit and I'm really talking myself into a preemptive war here.
  14. If I were to play Elite or Bsg on the pc, what are the controls like? Are they primarily mouse driven or can you do mostly keyboard or controller pad? They both sound like they're in my wheel house but using a mouse as the primary input is a no go for my hands.
  15. Saw it last night for the first time. I didnt understand the scene where Wallace kills the new replicant. He gives a monologue about how hard it is to make each replicant and then stabs one to death about a minute after birthing her because he already knew she was sterile? Surely they have a less hands on/more clinical approach to ending failed experiments besides scalpel to the uterus. I get that it makes him look like a lunatic asshole, but I really dont understand the reasoning behind it from his point of view.