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  1. Civ5 is inferior to Civ4. The whole one unit per tile idea in civ5 was a terrible idea. Haven't tried Civ6 though.
  2. Nah that sort of thing only happens in sports reporting. If Brady doesnt renegotiate then only more fuel for my 'Patriots are doing an end around on the salary cap' conspiracy theory.
  3. Now I'm getting nostalgic for Elcor Hamlet.
  4. Scot, those men were imperfect socialists with some character flaws. Next time they implement socialism, it will be awesome, dontchaknow.
  5. That's a gross exaggeration and assuredly too broad a brush. I don't recall any of the conservatives here saying Malia and Sasha needed to be brought low. Sure Obama needed to be opposed politically, but admit it, we'd all be happier right now if we were in Romney's second term.
  6. DG, I get that to some of your posts are probably meant as performance art and not literal policy suggestions. (Also that being a voice of reason in this thread is a Sisyphean task on my part. Mostly I lurk in this thread because it's often fun to watch folks bang their head against reality. Should maybe switch to stamp collecting.) Still, there's a ridiculous Trump story about once a week that so many people run with as gospel. Trump is Nazi. DT Jr is going to get charged with treason. Tillerson is out at State. Trump is mentally incompetent. Putin would prefer Trump instead of someone so implacably hostile to him and incorruptible as HRC... There's such a huge disconnect with reality that some people thought the Gorilla Channel story was plausible for christ's sake. It's like the bigger the lie, the easier the swallow. Fertile ground for the demagogue there. When that's coupled with the sort of rhetoric that got under my skin yesterday, it's a toxic brew. I'm sure James Hodgkinson thought he was righteous: "It's time to destroy Trump and Co." I'd like to see less dehumanizing of Trump and Republicans and less eliminationist rhetoric. It doesn't lead to a good outcome.
  7. I suppose burning them all wouldnt be murder from a certain point of view. Or consider jace's comment about augustus. A bunch of you guys are trying to out do either with threats of violence. I do appreciate though your clarifying that you probably don't actually want them all incinerated. Still, if Trump were only 10% the monster he's made out to be I'm sure most of the big talking Resistance LARPERs out there would stfu.
  8. Thank you for being a voice of reason. Its amazes me that people are opening talking about murdering the entire Trump clan here and not really getting any other pushback.
  9. Possible or feasible? I was under the impression that the speed of the reaction could be managed by how many control rods that absorbed neutrons were inserted into the reactor. (Or possibly how deeply the array of control rods was inserted.) But I'm basing that on recollections from a school field trip when I was a 10 year old.
  10. Have downloaded first two eps. Hoping they are in English rather than Welsh.
  11. I'm going to make a final decision soon, but leaning towards going. Would consider a road trip to some wine either before or after. Pasa Robles looks like about a 2 hr drive and I've heard good things...
  12. Now if they hadn't blown that whistle, how far would Jack have gotten?
  13. Flo-less Progressive commercials? What is this world coming to?
  14. So I saw a poorly written article that said the NFL determined the Gruden hiring didnt violate the Rooney rule but it didn't say how they met the requirements. Anyone have more info?
  15. Even apart from arguing a few of those points, nuclear power is way more reliable than wind and solar, and way less location dependent than hydro or geothermal or wind or solar. You can do windmills around the edges but right now when there's peak electric demand, we're firing up the coal plants. A lot better to just crank up the reactor when demand peaks.