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  1. Just noticed the tie week 1. What are the odds of that with hundredth of points - around 6000 to 1 or so? Anyway, updated the trading block, there've been a lot of TEs getting injured, let me know if anyone has interest in Rudolph.
  2. To be fair, Demarco Murray got hurt during the game which is worse in some ways since I started him.
  3. Well I'm the guy that spent $56 or whatever on John Brown. So it sort of depends. It was fun losing Monday night in one of my money leagues when Bradford beat me by a point and a half when I had Diggs going. I was up after the 2 TDs but he fed Theilen too much.
  4. So the Browns and the Yambags have finalized a trade. He's getting Bradford and Snead, and I'm getting DeMarco Murray. Murray is a starter for me, but the other two guys are depth for me, where as Bradford is an upgrade for him, and it looks like we're both bullish on Snead this year. So no one has to hear more QB offers from me for a while, at least until after my double QB bye week 6.
  5. So the Dolphins and the Bucs both wanted to play in a neutral site this week and not in week 11. So of course when the NFL had to weigh out competitive balance and player health and well being and community safety, they chose the option that will maximize the gate.
  6. Any idea what happens now that the Dolphins game is rescheduled. Already entered complete picks and leaving for vacation today. Wouldn't want to get DQd for the week...
  7. OK that's fine, would prefer to keep it an auction. Are we going to have 10 players still or contract to 8?
  8. Lets nominate Jace for the Goodell-Bettman award for Excellence in Comishing. I made a 12 oz Manhattan for this draft and I m just staring at the cherries at the bottom of the glass. You will be mine. Oh yes you will be mine.
  9. Monday is wide open for me
  10. I guess I keep drinking and see if were drafting at 12 30. But sucks if we have too many auto drafters.
  11. Well it sounds like Monday or nothing then? I have plenty of flexibility Monday so lets set a time and get a 10th player.
  12. I can do either Monday or 12 30. Wtf yahoo? The time setting is for pacific time- is there a possibility that changing your default time zone will allow us to start sooner?
  13. Damn the power has gone to her head. At least I got so drunk last night that I haven't gotten around to starting yet tonight.... I can do the hour later.
  14. I think its so much fun to play in online casinos. I just wish their marketing budget stretched to paid ads to support the board instead of spam threads.
  15. And one for gold....been my interpretation since the first tyrion chapter from adwd was previewed.