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  1. I'm not a gold bug myself, but less flexible and more restrictive does have certain benefits wrt to inflation control. Consider the Bolivar or the Papier Mark. "Intrinsic value" might actually cut to the heart of the question though. I'm not sure anything has intrinsic value in the strictest sense. Absent metaphysics, isn't what we value subjective?
  2. I mostly enjoyed the movie as light entertainment. But you would think that IOI would be able to tell what employees or serfs are logging in where. I guess we're supposed to overlook that because what they went with is, other than that, a lot easier to tell on screen than infiltration in the book. And now that I think about it, sure we're Japanese, but we were in the neighborhood because Cleveland Rocks!
  3. I'm almost tempted to put on that Sanchez jersey thats been in my trunk since I lost that bet. I just want to get the butt fumble reenactment over but Ross hasnt told me where to do it yet.
  4. That's easy. The government is essentially a major shareholder of the tobacco companies now. Or to use an alternative metaphor, they've been paying their protection money so nothing bad is going to happen.
  5. I listened to that too but when i first read your post I was trying to figure out why George Carlin was riffing on genocide. Then I figured out what you were talking about. I dont think anyone would die for their possessions but it makes perfect sense to risk death for them or even to risk death for your property rights. Depending of course on the magnitude of the risk and of the potential loss. But i dont think his point is totally outrageous.
  6. My friend was talking about how his five year old found his KISS dolls in the basement and he was shocked that little Nick knew about them. Nick said he'd seen them on Scooby Doo. And then months later Nick found dad's KISS albums and said apparently "dad, wait KISS is real!?!" Happy little rock dude. Theyre his favorite band now im told. Also got a disturbing text that my girlfriend's parakeet had a pretty severe jaw accident today and may have lost his lower beak. (Got his beak caught in something). Was told by a that parrot type bird beaks will grow back if the root sort of area wasnt torn out and you hamd feed them in the mean time. He still has a tongue and beaks seem a bit like toenails so that it seems semi plausible at least that it could grow back.
  7. Guilty as charged. Multiple counts.
  8. Havent seen the contract figures for Gore. If its modest enough no problem. No real upside but consistent.
  9. I just hang around to perv during NHAW.
  10. Great. Brockstar to Miami. Starting to wonder if the Jets are still paying Tannenbaum...
  11. So I unlocked the secret squad on Into the Breach. Fairly underwhelming. Going to play around with it some more and see if it improves. And my current favorite pilot is So now I'm going to have to win on Hard for all three lengths and every squad. Should keep me busy for a while!
  12. Science fictiony really? we have an unofficial version here already when it comes to politics. There's definitely goodthink and badthink, the Chinese govt will just be more consistent in policing it. And of course it's going to continue to catch on. I mean what's the point of having a multi-billion dollar social media company if you aren't going to use it to reeducate deplorables?
  13. Not thrilled with a 4th and 7th for Landry but its way better than having to cut Suh because they are over the cap.
  14. Well if he said not even two people tried to make a deal w the Others there'd have been no comment.
  15. Craster. Its how we get things like the Scalise shooting. But he deserved it right? Sure we could have a nicer more civil society without demonization. But theres a lot of incentive to not compromise. Better to rule in hell....