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  1. In the books? Lady Stoneheart. In the show? I guess Sansa.
  2. This, it was only a little reference to the NK's story.
  3. Maybe LSH kills Littlefinger in the books (in addition to the Freys), maybe she does something else that will be done by Beric in the show, that might be the extent of her book plot (which is still very important: killing the Freys, killing Littlefinger and something else replaced by Beric)
  4. I think the actress confirmed Mel's age years ago, when she was first cast and said something like "I'm a witch many hundred years old"
  5. So as we know, George told David and Dan how the story will end. We also know they have streamlined the story and chopped off many characters and storylines, but they still will get to the same ending as the books'. So, we can certainly imply some future events from the books by looking at the show. I'm not only talking about little events, like Jon's resurrection or Shireen's burning, but major events. Anyway I think some of the main events are (includes season 7 spoilers): Vary's plan (i.e. Aegon) will eventually fail. Doran's plan will eventually fail (Arianne might marry Aegon in the books, so these two plots could merge, anyway they will both fail). Littlefinger's plan will eventually fail. The Boltons will be eliminated (by Stannis or Jon, it doesn't matter, the point is that they will all die). Stannis will ultimately die (he might defeat the Boltons in the books, though, but in the end he will die). Sansa and the Vale army will eventually go north. All (more likely most) of the Freys will die in some kind of celebration or feast at the Twins (probably killed by Lady Stoneheart, although could be someone else's doing) Jon will eventually become King in the North (in the show it didn't make a lot of sense, but in the books George left a clear way for this to happen: Robb's will) Cersei will eventually become queen of Westeros after some kind of massive killing that might involve wildfire (this was already hinted in the old sketch of the plot that George wrote in the nineties, the part that said that the Lannister antagonist was going to become king "by the simple expedient of killing everyone ahead of him in the line of succession") The Tyrells will eventually die (at least the most important ones) Randyll Tarly will eventually betray the Tyrells (he was already described as dangerous in the epilogue of ADWD). Anyway, what do you think? Are there other main events we can imply from the show?
  6. Posted in wrong forum, sorry, pls delete this topic
  7. Sansa already knows Brienne was with Jaime, remember, that was the reason why she didn't trust her in season 5. She won't hang Pod or anything like that, that would be dumb as fuck. I think the Pod hanging is definitely cut (unless the actual LS appears).
  8. As I said, I think it must be a Stark in order to be satisfying for the plot, Blackfish wouldn't fulfill that.
  9. Bump! XD
  10. The Riverlands storyline is the most confusing one to me right now. We know we will get the siege of Riverrun (set pictures and scenes from trailers), Red Wedding 2 (all the Freys returning and the scene from the second trailer) and that the BwB is coming back (Thoros confirmed to return and a "band of outlaws" being cast), but apart from that it’s hard to predict anything else. It seems like Sansa is taking the LS role (she has been saying CONSTANTLY that her storyline will involve revenge, including in the second trailer on the scene for the RW2), that would explain the “Lady Stoneheart commanding an army” rumor, but it also seems like Sansa will be in the north for a while (the Bear Island room from the trailer). We also know that Brienne will meet with Sansa on the first episode and that eventually she will head south with Pod, but why would she leave Sansa? It would make MUCH more sense if Sansa goes with her (we don't know when Brienne is going south, we only know that she will be there by the second half of the season). And if the Tullys and the BwB join forces for Red Wedding 2, why would they accept Brienne’s help? Sansa, on the other hand, would be the perfect uniting chess piece. Also, RW2 wouldn’t be emotionally powerful is a Stark is not behind it (think about it, would it be satisfying if Brienne or Edmure or Thoros is behind it? I sincerely don’t think so.) And Arya can't be the one behind it, because she will arrive at Westeros in episode 10, so there would be no time for her to meet with all the involved and take part on it, and as I said, it is Sansa storyline the one that involves a revenge plot this season. Other hints that suggest that Sansa will be the one behind it are the semi-spoilers told by Los 7 Reinos: they said in a podcast that Sansa storyline will be amazing this season and that it would leave everyone cheering for her and that she will end the season way better than she is right now. I don't think that going from castle to castle in the north rallying lords to fight for Jon would be considered THAT exciting. For all I know, the show could even take Thoros to the wall to be the one that resurrects Jon. There he could meet with Sansa and bring her and Brienne south (I know it would make zero sense for Thoros to go there, but after Jaime in Dorne everything is possible, and it would also help explain Beric’s permanent death). But even if Sansa stays north for the first part of the season and then goes south, that would contradict all the rumors that say she will be present at the battle of the bastards with Littlefinger and the Vale's army. So, I’m completely lost on this one. One last thing, even is Sansa doesn't take LS's role, LS's plot will take place this season regardless. Apart from RW2 and the BwB returning, it's being confirmed that Thoros will take place in a scene involving a "hanging". So, for me it's either Sansa or the actual LS coming back, I don't see another way to explain this.
  11. They already ruined this in the show as Mel was seen without her magic necklace in season 4, while taking a bath when she told Selyse that she used powders to trick some people.
  12. What do you think of the title of the first episode of season 6 "The Red Woman"? Will it be heavy focused on Melissandre's past or something likt that?
  13. She was seen with the actor that plays the Blackfish in a cafe in Belfast a few months ago (before we had confirmation that the blackfish would return this season), that was all tho.
  14. So, its just being revealed that the name of the first episode will be "The Red Woman"
  15. THIS. Its obvious that the title for episode 10 will be a Stoneheart trolling name, they have done that for two seasons with "The Children" and "Mother's Mercy".