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  1. Hey Fomney, good to see you! How are you? Looking for a position as a trainee solicitor now... it's ridiculously competitive though. I can try my best! That sounds exhausting.. I mean the moving house thing. Furniture shopping is hardly boring.. when it's for your own place. I wouldn't know though since I don't have a place of my own yet! Bucky! Thank you Just looking for a trainee solicitor position now as I mentioned to Rhaenys above. Literally just sat at home applying for jobs... hit the gym and I'm gonna learn how to swim *sigh* I was ridiculously scared of actually swimming as a kid, even though I had lessons and I loved the water.. still, better late than never! How are you doing? Thank you! 'Hell' accurately describes it.. it's stressful being unemployed. I'll get there though.
  2. I'm good! Just been busy searching for a job and getting into shape. finally got dieting 3 years later.. haha. How about you?
  3. Good day everyone! Just poking my head in here again. Finally done with studies forever. I think. How are you all?
  4. Thank you! And I'm over it so it's all good Oh dear. Get plenty of rest and water Bless. I wish I was still a teenager, good times having to be a responsible adult sucks Good morning all!
  5. lmao, 69 thanks for bringing that to my attention! I won't, because that's precisely what I was thinking. I want something irl! Online definitely doesn't work for me, if the past 4 years have been any indication Buuuut I've learnt a lot so I'm taking it all as a learning experience.
  6. It is, but at the same time I'm kinda glad it happened before and not after my birthday, or I'd be haunted by the memories of spending my birthday with him and then going through the break up. XD the good thing is I don't have many memories with him at a Well it does sound like people get waaaay too personal over there... o.O I had that at my last workplace, all middle-aged women and I'm the only young lass so you can imagine how that went. LOL. But like I said, you got this! Thank you! all in all wasn't too bad a birthday, did a lot of thinking and realised it would have gone down a path similar to my first ex (before the Egyptian) so I'm kind of glad it ended when it did. It was only 2 months long. He was definitely starting to show some signs of narcissism.. blaming me for pretty much everything, even things out of my control. It was all for the best, I suppose. It ended with him being very nasty to me which is what I was so unhappy about but that's on him because I was civil throughout. Me and the Egyptian broke up 6 months ago it was difficult but we worked through it and he's my best friend. He turned out to be a great person, he's great as a friend but we just weren't compatible in a relationship XD thank you! Oh, and good morning everyone!
  7. I'm bad at quoting and stuff so bear with me... I'll reply altogether XD FOMNEEEEEEEY! RHAE! BUCKY! It's lovely to see you all <3 Yeah I believe it's been at least two years, maybe longer! I've been at uni mostly and dealing with life.. I graduated, had a job for a year and now I'm finishing off my LPC Masters. Hard work XD. Went through a really nasty breakup yesterday, was dating a guy (online) for 2 months and it all went to shit. And today's my birthday so it's been kinda rough, but I'll be fine, I've survived way worse XD how are you all?? Rhae, your situation doesn't sound nice.. but you got this! Buck, it sounds like you're doing really well for yourself, so well done! Aww, are you gonna miss Vienna? It's so nice to see everyone again!! I've missed a lot lol Edit: I spy a Helena! How's the law stuff going?
  8. Good day, people! Wow, it's been a long time since I was last here.. I'm not sure if anyone will even remember me. XD but I see a lot of familiar faces. Howdy How is everyone doing?
  9. Hello hello So, an update for my lovelies; spoilered as it is long!
  10. Good day everyone! Sheesh, it's been a long time! How is everyone? I'd like to provide an update on my situation as I had a few PMs from concerned people.. but not sure where to post? Also is there an app or any other way of accessing this site besides browser? Its hard to type here
  11. I've had that problem since yesterday, same issue with the UK politics thread All other threads are fine, just those two, and they are the only two threads that have tags. Could it be do with that?
  12. Mine will appear when I load the site, but if I'm quick enough I can get onto the login page before the banner loads fully. After that I have no adverts :)
  13. I don't have adverts anymore! Well not right now anyway. I checked a few times to be sure
  14. Update on the phone issue: Only advert showing for me now is the Kobo one, I can't use the forum on mobile at all now. I can't switch to desktop site on mobile either
  15. Same mobile issues as others, but if the banner is at the top it is fine. If it is at the bottom then I can't do anything let alone quote or edit (if it appears just when I have signed in) But if the banner appears after browsing for a while, I can post in that thread but can't do anything else including quoting and editing. I am using Opera (other browsers suck on my phone) can someone tell me if this is the same on Chrome/Firefox? The advert in question is a Kobo advert for me. I have no issues with adverts but it is rather irritating when it impairs my ability to use the site. I have to close my browser and reopen several times just to get an advert at the top rather than the bottom I will screencap next time it appears