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  1. I was about to say I still have all my teeth, but within the past couple months have had a root canal and a cap put in, but otherwise all orgianal teeth here bud. I also read that the guy who created the show used to work there during summers when he was a kid.
  2. I went with my sister in the summer of 2015. We started out in based in Dublin, then drove up to Belfast for a few days then over to Derry for a few more, followed by a couple days in Galway before coming back to Dublin. My sister was originally going to go alone but invited me a long and I had never been but always wanted to visit. As you can see we basically did the north part of the island. We would base ourselves out of those cities and drive all over. I thoroughly enjoyed driving there while some people may be intimidated by the switch from the side of the rode and vehicle that they are used to. We found cool things every place we went. We did the most hiking at the Giant's Causeway. The only place I didn't drive to was the Cliffs of Moher. There was a pretty cool tour available in Galway that not only took you to the Cliffs of Moher but also a boat ride out to the Aran Islands and the bottom of the cliffs as well. I believe it was around 45 Euros per person for that trip. Don't be like my sister and do little research about the weather and such. Maybe because I've already been to several other countries I knew to find out things like how much it rains there, where as this was my sister's first trip out of the US. So while we where on the boat ride back from the Aran Islands and a small squall whipped up, I was relatively dry as I had a rain jacket while she got soaked. I was not about to reward her failure to research by letting her use my rain jacket. Nope I did her the courtesy of letting her learn a lesson. We both want to go back and do a southern loop of island. Here are a bunch of pictures we took[email protected]/albums/72157656569873751/with/19985271019/ and some videos too
  3. I think that is a pretty fair assessment of the show. I just finished the last episode yesterday. I liked it and went through it pretty quickly but its not going up in my top 10 list but I will watch the next season. While I'm a certified world traveler , I have lived in the general area of the show off and on for many years. I'm pretty sure this show is actually filmed in Georgia and to me I can kind of tell its not MO. I do think I like the way they handle the kids' characters in this show say versus the kids from Homeland.
  4. I've had beards off and on pretty much since I got out of the Navy when I was 23 and could finally decide to grow one. It ranges from clean shaven through stubble to full on beard. I'm pretty whimsical though when it comes to my beard, sometimes I just look in the mirror and see it and shave it immediately. Its currently about as long as I think I have ever let it get which is just slightly under one inch. Usually when I keep a beard I keep it between a quarter to half inch long. I have red hair and have finally started to get a few grey hairs, not on my head but in my beard on the chin. I thought a little about dying those greys but decided against it, probably will shave it this weekend.
  5. I don't drink that much anymore, but guess I've been drinking various forms of whiskey for around 25 years or so now. I started like most before I was legally able to do so and we tended to be able to get our grubby underage hands on whiskey a bit then so I developed a taste for it. When we were young it was usually Jim Beam that we would mix with various sodas not just cola but Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper as well. I've went through various brands over the years but settled on scotch as my favorite probably 14 years or so ago. I typically drink Glenlivet 12 year old and I do typically drink it on ice. I don't need it neat and don't mind a little ice melt watering it down some. I know right now I have an unopened half gallon of Jim Beam I was gifted for being in a wedding party, I think I've had that in the pantry for five years or so. I have a gift box of Jameson Irish Whiskey unopened that I think I was given two years ago. At this point I might go through one or two bottles of Glenlivet a year, that doesn't count what I might order at a bar occasionally.
  6. I recall watching some adaptation of the Arthurian saga when I was very young. That anger that little kid me felt at Lancelot and Guinevere has stuck with me since and I'm slightly into my 4th decade. So I've never been a fan of cheating and have never done so. I've had friends that have done it, and I suppose I've helped enable their cheating at least once in a small way by going along with him "picking up" a girl or at the very least not saying anything. I've known him since kindergarten and his wife since high school. I've never told her, as I don't feel its my place.
  7. Been gone from this board for a while. This is sad news.
  8. Yeah, mine first printing hardcover is huge. It has thinner paper than most other hardcovers and smaller font. I only have read that version once. On my rereads for a while I read a hardcover from the old Science Fiction and Fantasy book club, it was a slightly smaller version hardcover. Kind of sucks that they don't sell the ebook versions as one but instead break those up into part 1 and 2, so you spend twice as much. Plus I also have the paperback versions I bought before I switched over to ebooks. So for one novel, I've bought it basically six times. It is my favorite series so its worth it.
  9. Yeah, count me as one who doesn't want a half the characters split again. When I did my last re-read, I did that thing where you intermix Feast and Dance, and I liked the flow better. It helps having ebook versions so its easy to swap back and forth. I thinks it better to have a sort of climax for each book, but when (if? please) its all done I'll really look at the series as a single story and will read the entire work when doing re-reads.
  10. Oh well, kind of sucks. If you look at the link in my signature, you will see I held off beginning the series even though I had some of the books on the shelf for years, because I knew of Martin's slow process. I was trying to hold out till they were all published or close to it. The announcement of the show was what finally got me to start reading, as I wanted to form my own opinions. Well, at least I don't have it as bad as many do, as I only started in December of 2010.
  11. "Marya" Seaworth could be another nod to Memory Sorrow and Thorn as "Marya" is an alias used by Princess Miriamele early in the trilogy.
  12. Just found out about this and am so stoked. MS&T were one of my favorites. Yes, The Dragonbone Chair was slow starting, but I'm a patient reader, and on rereads I enjoy the set up. Also, think Tad's prose is top notch.
  13. Just saw the profile comment you left me. Guess I missed it many times. Glad you liked my first timers take. I enjoyed doing it.

  14. Hi, Isgrimnr. I'm really enjoying your thoughts while reading the books. I hope you will continue. You have a mind like a mousetrap to notice so many things about the characters.