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Found 1 result

  1. Gentle and ungentle readers: At the recent Worldcon in Kansas City, MidAmericon II, the motion was passed to move forward with the creation of a new YA award for the WSFS to join the Hugos and the Campbell. This new YA award will not be a Hugo award, which excitingly gives us the chance to suggest names for this brand new shiny object. It's great to see the WSFS and Worldcons recognizing the talent, creativity and dedication of YA authors and their audiences this way. Please add your voices and suggestions by answering the survey here by November 15th (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE). If you're a scientist, a librarian, or book blogger, please share a link to the survey so we can get the widest possible range of ideas. Suggestions from teens would be great! On social media, please use the hashtag #worldcons. You can also follow along on Facebook and over on Goodreads. Your input is welcome and appreciated!