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Found 2 results

  1. New thread, old topic: This is very true. I've noted before that Trump's 'business' experience is all in the context of family firms: in other words, firms in which he has control but no accountability. Whenever he had to work with partners or otherwise in a frame of accountability, matters ended up in court. Looks like that will continue to hold true.
  2. An early start but we feel that it's time to corral the specifically election discussions to one place, leaving more room in the regular US Politics thread for non-election discussion (insofar as these can be separated). Please use this thread for anything that is primarily discussion of the primary campaigns, the upcoming election etc. The normal board expectations of civility and respect to other users apply. Be civil to each other, or if you feel you can't manage that, go vent somewhere else. Political critique of candidates and parties (and the media) is fine but no racist, sexist, homophobic comments etc. Cheers.