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Ours if the Fury

The Ten most important people for WoW?: Spoilers

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Okay simple who are the ten most important people, as in game playing, story line e.c.t.

For the next book Winds of Winter

Here are my thoughts:

  • Arya: Her story will start back up again seeing the FM (faceless men) training is nearly over…
  • Varys: He as of the end of DwD, screwed over Cersei, and has caused the beginnings of a civil war in the capital… he has also declared for Aegon…. he will have a major part to play…
  • Jon Snow: if he did konk it, he won't remain like that for long… he is going to be pivotal to the upcoming events
  • Littlefinger: His waiting is over, and his cards have come out… what he does next will be very major…
  • Doran Martell: Whatever he does, it will be next book… the silent viper is about to bite…
  • Aegon (Fake or Not): has a army and has a great shot at the throne, seeing the mess that has occurred in the capital and that stannis is preoccupied… he will either die or reign…
  • Sansa Stark: Being involved with little fingers affairs has caused her to become a player… what she decided to do with the army of the vale and little finger will play a major role in the next events…
  • Stannis Baratheon: It is make it or break it point for big stan… and this book will either be a turning point or his death…. I hope he wins!!!!
  • Cersei Lannister: What happens in the capital is pivotal for the next book and she is the major player… this is also her climax…
  • Tyrion Lannister/Dany: Both are in the same location, two main characters after the battle of fire, they will be pivotal to Dany's story…

What do u think???

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Bloodraven- He will be instrumental in teaching Bran the ways of the force(or dark side).

Varys- The puppet-master, no most important list is complete without him.

Bran- Will he be the hero Westeros deserves?

Arya- Because she's my favorite and will likely be sent to kill someone of importance.

Littlefinger- Whatever he does next will be a game-changer, I'm sure.

Stannis- He will pave the way for the Starks return to Winterfell.

Jon- It's Jon, of course he's important for TWOW.

Doran- His patience is about to pay off. He has Martells planted everywhere.

Dany- Dragons, war, Westeros?

Samwell- He's gonna become a wizard(or something)and stop Euron, perhaps(I hope not)?

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Here's my totally biased list. :P

  1. Arya
  2. Bloodraven
  3. Dany
  4. Varys
  5. JonCon
  6. Bran
  7. Sansa
  8. LF
  9. Stannis
  10. Euron

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