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One off writing projects.

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So I wrote this this morning. I was going to post it in the boarders writing a novel thread, but I didn't know if it would really fit that.

So I made this on the off chance that if someone were to get that bug that I got this morning just to write something short, to the point, and wanted to share it, there would be a nice neat little place to put it.

So my first one is-

Why Do We Fight?

Katherine is on her last legs. The bang from the nearby grenade still echoes in her ears. She tries to stand, but pain tears through her leg as the monster closes in on her.

Her face hits the dirt. Her resolve wavers.

Her side-arm is just inches away from her fingers. She makes one last grasp at it, and finding success she fires over her head. The bullets find their mark.

With a loud clunk, the creature falls to the ground beside her.

Joy. Ecstasy. Bewilderment. Every wonderful sensation a human is able to feel runs through her.

It's over. And they won.

Except they don't.

The vision of happiness leaves her whenever she is jerked away from her gun. She is on her back now.

The monster's angry face is in hers. It snarls, an impossibly inhuman sound leaving it's throat.

"Why do you fight? You knew we would win. Your world was ours from the very second we decided it was."

She can't breath. It's rancid breath is ramming is way up her nose, in her mouth, everywhere. Blinding her. Choking off every sense.

It grabs her by the throat and lifts her off the ground. She stares back at it. Unflinching.

Another vision comes to her. Of the time before.

She is sitting on a porch. A little girl no more than eight. Her mother calls to her. She turns and sees her mother standing in the doorway with a bowl of strawberries. A warm smile on her face.


With difficulty, she spreads her arms wide.

The creature looks around.

Angry, scared voices surround them. What was once a beautiful place had been replaced had been razed

Where trees once stood, nothing but ash remained. Flames and death had engorged everything around them.

Nothing of beauty remained.

The creature cocks his head to the side, as if waiting for her to finish.

She wont.

Nothing else needs to be said.

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