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ASOIAF Art identification help needed

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I don't know if anyone has noticed or not, but over the past couple months I have been among some people uploading fan art to the Wiki of Ice and Fire, and I have been putting a lot of time into putting the best possible art into the right articles. This was the main reason I created an account and I didn't intend to join a forum at first.

Probably the most famous fan artist is Roman Papsuev. He has made several hundred, maybe even a thousand, fan art pictures. I think his Egg and Dunk art might even be canon. He gave the Wiki permission to use all of them, and a lot are currently uploaded to it now. I uploaded several myself, but a problem is that I had to decide what is going on in these pictures just by looking at them, because there are no titles. There are still a lot of pictures not uploaded that I would like to upload, and I was hoping I can get some help identifying them. I have an idea for what most of them are, but need to be 100% sure what and who is in the pictures, otherwise they can't be used.

All of these pictures were made when there were only three books, except maybe the last one. So there is practically no chance these events could be from books 4 and 5. He usually draws events that happen in the book timeline, but there are a few from before it. (can't tell who that is) (Winterfell I think. Who's on horseback?) (Field of Fire?) (Cressen?) (Dany and Viserys?) (Elleria?) (Not sure) (Lewin maybe) (No idea) (No idea) (Maggy?) (Don't know) (Mountain's men, not sure who or the event) (some Dothraki) (Don't know) (Maybe Catelyn, not sure) (Watcher or Wildling) (Bronn on left, don't recognize others or time and place) (Yoren and recruits?) (Forgot who they are) (Not sure) (Don't know) (Don't know) (Don't know) (Don't know) (Don't know) (probably not Aerion) (Not sure) (Aerion and... who?) (Tywin on the right, but who's he with? Eddard?) (some Dothraki) (probably Greyjoys invading the North, not sure who or where) (Don't know) (The Mountain?) (Robert and Varys?) (forgot) (Don't know) (The Mountain on left, not sure who he kills or when this is) (Patchface on right, not sure who in center) (Don't know) (Not sure if random Clegane men or specific people) (Not sure) (Arya in center, not sure where this is or who she's with) (some Dothraki I think) (don't know) (Not sure)

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http://en.amokanet.r...ation_1201.html (Probably Bran. Look at the way he's sitting on the rock)

http://en.amokanet.r...ation_1202.html (Looks more like Castle Black. You can see it's built on the Wall. Maybe Jon arriving?)

http://en.amokanet.r...ation_1208.html (Yup, Field of Fire. Hence the sigil of House Gardener (the green hand) seen on the shields)

http://en.amokanet.r...agons_1269.html (That's Dragonstone for sure, so yeah, probably Cressen)

http://en.amokanet.r...agons_1270.html (Yeah, Viserys abusing her. )

http://en.amokanet.r...agons_1273.html (More like Shae. Look at Amok's portrait of her. Looks more like her.)

http://en.amokanet.r...agons_1275.html (The beard's too long. Pycelle I'd say.)

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1289.html (That's a disguised Varys, and Chattaya (or whoever his spy prostitute was. Allaya? Allayaya?))

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1291.html (Looks like the Tickler torturing somebody at Harrenhal)

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1298.html (Are those chains? A Maester, perhaps? He looks a bit young, so it could be Pylos.)

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1282.html (That's Catelyn, probably going to Jaime's cell to make him swear his oath)

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1283.html (Wildling. He's not wearing black)

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1284.html (Probably Bronn, enjoying Tyrion's money he makes as his sellsword. Doesn't have to be anything specific all the time)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1321.html (Warlocks of Qarth? They seem to have blue lips if you look closely)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1323.html (Manticore sigil on the shield, so that's Amory Lorch. Probably raiding and pillaging on the Riverlands)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1312.html (Aeron and Rodrik Harlaw after the Kingsmoot, maybe?)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1314.html (Tywin on the right, but who's he with? Eddard?)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1318.html (It's just that. No more details needed)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1348.html (Stabbed by Oberyn, yeah, it's him.)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1346.html (Robert and Thoros of Myr, actually)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1344.html (Ghiscari nobles. Great Masters. The weird hair styles and red-black color are described in the books)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1340.html (Just the Mountain killing someone. Nothing more specific than that)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1339.html (That scene in the beginning of ACOK where Patchface puts his hat on Maester Cressen to mock him, when commanded by Melisandre or Selyse, I don't remember)

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1336.html (Littlefinger of HIS little birds? )

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1338.html (Their uniformity indicates they're just random men-at-arms. And there's Gregor himself behind them)

http://en.amokanet.r...yrian_1353.html (I see Jeor Mormont, and the other guy is missing one hand, so that's Donal Noye. The two other black brothers, I don't know who they are)

http://en.amokanet.r...yrian_1354.html (Under her "Weasel" disguise, and that's...Weese?)

http://en.amokanet.r...yrian_1362.html (That's Alliser Thorne, training recruits at CB. Behind him Jon and some others can be seem. And I think the mean looking one is Rast.)

http://en.amokanet.r...kings_1377.html (Ned and Cersei, talking at the KL godswood?)

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http://en.amokanet.r...ation_1202.html The castle is not set against the Wall. Those are mountains so Winterfell seems likely. The horseman...he's dressed in black so I'm guessing either Benjen coming home, or Jon looking back one last time. Probably the latter.

http://en.amokanet.r...agons_1278.html The feathers make me think of a Summer Islander. Jalabar Xho maybe?

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1289.html I agree with Panos. This is disguised Varys and an informer. Can't be Alayaya though because she is described as having dark skin. They are near Chataya's. You can see the sign in the background on the right.

http://en.amokanet.r...dfire_1284.html the waitress in the background looks like the girl who was talking to disguised Varys in the one above. So maybe this takes place in Chataya's?

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1320.html Yep, looks like Yoren to me. Only other possibility I thought of was Benjen.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1324.html This one looks like the man is haunted by someone wearing a sort of crown so I'm going to take a wild guess and say JonCon. I think he had red hair but he's older now and maybe it's gone gray? On second thought...the other image looks a lot like him so now I'm stumped. Someone who was young and lost a crown...the king who knelt? (Back to mention, since the next two could be of the Seven, maybe this is the Stranger?)

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1325.html Not sure why but I think this is Rickard Stark. It looks rather like a tomb effigy/crypt statue is on the left, and the right is what he looked like in life. Otherwise it could be the Father from the Seven. Or Ned, looking at his father's likeness in the crypts?

http://en.amoklanet.r...hrone_1326.html The hammer made me think of Robert at first but there's no beard so I'm now thinking it's the Smith from the Seven. Could also be the Warrior I suppose. The red glow could represent a forge or the blood of battle. I lean toward the Smith.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1327.html And with this one I'm officially confused. I was thinking it was a series of the Seven but now there are too many men for that. If this was one of the Seven, the image on the right would almost have to be the Stranger. Only problem is that the clothing looks female. Only other guess I can come up with is Jon Arryn.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1328.html The figure on the left looks like it could be Lyanna, except I think her effigy had a crown of roses, and this one doesn't. If it's Lyanna, this would be Ned or Robert but the hair is wrong for either. Ned's is brown, Robert's is black. The ones with reddish are the Tully's and JonCon. (I realize I've gotten far from helpful with these last several) Maybe it's Edmure, at his mother's tomb?

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1329.html Can't tell if he's wearing maester's chains but the lightning makes me think this is someone at Storm's End. If the hair weren't brown (and the man looked older) it could almost be Balon Greyjoy falling to his death.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1312.html Yep, definitely Aeron. I'm thinking he's with Victarion. Could be the Reader I suppose.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1314.html That's definitely not Eddard. Too young. I'm trying to recall who Tywin used to send communicate with Robb's camp during Wot5K. I think it's a lesser Lannister.

http://en.amokanet.r...hrone_1303.html I think this is a depiction of the Drowned God followers' drowning ceremony.

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1341.html Pirates of the Narrow Sea?

http://en.amokanet.r...crown_1336.html No clue on this. The kid's hair looks silver, but that could just be the moonlight. He's holding a scroll though so he could be some kind of messenger or page.

http://en.amokanet.r...yrian_1353.html That's at Craster's. LC Mormont is the man with the impressive beard. Craster is on the right. He's not missing a hand, the fingers are just curled under. There is a woman in the background behind the table with the candle on it, one of Craster's wives. The two black brothers in the front could be anybody. Is Qhorin still with them at this point? The face that's showing is too old to be Jon.

http://en.amokanet.r...kings_1377.html I agree with Panos' idea. The man should have brown hair, but he is dressed in Stark gray. And Cersei has a tendency to wear green to set off her eyes.

Hope at least some of this helps. Oh and if the Arya one is her as Weasel then it has to be at Harrenhal.

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A beautiful brunette looking from a window to a desert, under the moonlight, Ellaria perhaps?

Crazy guess, but it might be Blackfish thinking of Minisa This has to be the most interesting, definitely Tywin, and the other guy is probably Ned, perhaps during the Greyjoy Rebellion?

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Might be a pretty wild guess, but could they represent the 7 gods (or aspects of the one god) of the Faith? The statues representing a god, the person infront a human seeking guidance? If so my guesses would be as above.

Edit: Right, Lady Blizzardborn had the same idea

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