Outlander: Waiting for April [SPOILERS: First Season]

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6 hours ago, Dr. Pepper said:

Um, you did, several times.  Here's an example....

He's not stuck with her.  There are no laws forcing him to stay.  Claire hasn't poisoned him.  He chose.  This was his choice.  It's both of their choices.  They have both chosen to stay in this relationship where clearly both of them are experiencing some levels of unhappiness.  

And in continuation of the quoted post, I expressed my lack of knowledge regarding what led to said situation. I wasn't trying (at least intentionally) to say that Claire forced him to stay. I haven't read the books so I don't know the full story. That said, when Claire came back home, I was pleased to see how they moved on, only to see separate beds. For me, there was a lot of mixed emotions in that scene. 

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