WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

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20 minutes ago, Astromech said:

Bela should be the pov for the series.

Why wouldn't she be?  She's a hero of the horn after all...

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3 hours ago, Gertrude said:

Well, the incest is a pretty major driver of the plot, so it has an actual purpose. And who's NOT judging that? Are there a big contingent of people out there defending their love and calling it beautiful? We're supposed to think it's creepy. We've just become accustomed to it. The harem serves no real purpose. You can keep the Elayne/Avi relationship. In fact, I would be upset if they didn't because as strange as it is, it's refreshing to not see it devolve into just jealousy and competition. Keep all the aspects of the female relationships and how their love for Rand affects them, but just don't have them all agree to share him because ick. In the books it's all too clean and happy and yay - Rand gets to sleep with all of them! It should be more messy than that.

Trust me, I was waiting to see why the harem was relevant to the plot and expecting some sort of payoff. Since it never came, it's a lot harder to swallow.

Fair enough. I do agree that them agreeing to all share him was iffy as fuck. My point with the incest thing was not that it wasn't iffy, but that it barely generates comment anymore, let alone controversy.

As for it serving a purpose... I suppose one could argue that those bonds all helped Rand with not devolving into complete lunacy, but that's barely critical. It was just a way for Rand to have three women he banged but not be judged for it. I'd be happy to see it go. Maybe Aviendha and Elayne just fall for each other, and decide that they'd rather have each other and leave Rand to Min?

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