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[Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

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The Dragon must have three heads 

While atleast it did made sense when people theorize that it was dany Jon and tyrion as targ heads..

YG or bran or Jamie or arya being the third head is not possible because they are not dragons its as simple as that..

Saying the show doesnt mention three heads means nothing because i would say they covered that with coming up with " one who was promised "

So now we are saying its doesnt mean anythjng if tyrion doesnt ridea dragon,he will be a heas no matter what ..Now iam sure in one year we will be over with this tyrion being third head or targ bastard after when the show doesn't reveal anything like that would imaging something as major as that being included in the show..

Dany may die drogon may survive and can have another rider ..but anyone who is thinking that shw will die early is just kidding themselves or just wishfull thinking and will end up disappointed

If saying dany will be alive till the is because of personal preference then so is saying dany will die early so that tyrion can ride a dragon..


As far as the other alternative is concerned people have heard it they just don't want to think about it ..

"the dragon must have three heads "

There is only one dragon in the story and the prophecy is said to that character ...other characters like aemon Sam and marwyn all try to tell her about this ..

and this character who seems to be called last dragon has so many triplets associated with her and ends up hatching three dragons and three prophecies of promised prince..

This is the only thing that makes sense and if people 

1) accept that being chosen one doesn't mean she is above all the other characters and othee characters are not diminshed in any way 

2) and nothing wrong with one character fulfilling peophecy ..

This becomes a problem only when people think that being chosen one is everything in the story and its only thing that matters or afraid that it will diminish other characters and overshadow their favorites 


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