Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

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44 minutes ago, valgrel said:

Who will use Heartsbane in the fight against WW ? Sam will certainly not, and it would be a waste to leave the only 2-handed valyrian sword (Longclaw, Oathkeeper are bastard swords) in its sheath. 

Jorah could be the best choice, or maybe Sandor. Anyone else ?

My money would be on Jorah as well. He has given up Longclaw to Jon, but he is still a knight. It seems fitting he gets to wield some sort of Valyrian sword.

Gendry has his hammer, Beric has his flaming sword, Arya has the Catspaw dagger, Jon has Longclaw, Jaime has Widow's Wail, Brienne has Oathkeeper... it really is between Jorah and Sandor out of the Suicide Squad. It might even be that Heartsbane switches hands a few times or the sword itself is melted down to make two new swords. Isn't Heartsbane a greatsword? If they go down the "Gendry-Reworks-Valyrian-Steel" theory some fans have, it could be turned into two smaller one-handed, short swords, perhaps? That way Jorah and Sandor would both get one.

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Why does Arya go down the stairs and out through the sewers when shes under the Red Keep, when Varys and Illyrio walk past, when its quite obvious she's thin and flat-chested enough to squeeze through the bars? I know thats how it is in the books, but it kinda kills the Immersion as far as the show goes.



And was it ever said by George RR or Weiss & Benioff , why they changed it from Jon & Ghost finding the dragonglass and the nights watch cloak it came with, to Grenn, Edd & Sam?

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