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If Sansa is a skinchanger, how&when will she start manifesting it?

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On 12/29/2016 at 11:30 AM, Lord Fauntleroy said:

She never will, imo 

Without extended exposure to the wolf,  her talents never got off the ground. 

I might have been the world's foremost soccer player,  but without childhood practice or teenage interest I have no shot of going pro in my adult life. 

Become president of Russia or something other oligarch, or get super rich and buy a team.

I don't think she will, if we do see the death of magic and so on over the end of the series and she becomes Queen, then nope.

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My guess is that lady's "soul" leapt into Sandor, hence his devotion.

Sansa is still alive, but she could presumably bond with another wolf- perhaps one she meets in the vale or riverlands.

There are quite a few other potential skin changers around - the Mormont girls - into bears, people in the islands into seals. I suspect the soul of the Dustin boy is sitting in his red stallion,

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On 2016-04-29 at 1:47 PM, Masha said:

From my understanding, Warg and Skinchanger are the one and the same thing. The only difference is that Warg is derogatory expression of Skinchanger, which is what a person really is. Sort of like having having a female Magician called Wizard is respectful, while calling her a Witch is not.

See, from my understanding skinchanging canines (dogs, wolves, direwolves, maybe even foxes) is simply the *most* common form of skinchanging (mostly dogs, cause dogs are nearly everywhere humans are) therefore it's got it's own specific term.  So "wargs" became the common term for most skinchangers because a majority of skinchangers would have initially manifested their ability likely through the family's hunting/guard dogs (like Varamyr).  So they're *all* skinchangers, but the "wargs" are just "wargs" because canines seem to be the most common skinchanging bond to create, not because it's derogatory or anything.

Now, I've spent a fair bit of time on farms (my grandparent's, specifically) and on all them the people have a much closer relationship with the farm dogs than with the farm cats (admittedly my grandpa wasn't much of a cat person...though he wasn't much of a dog person either but they came in much more handy with the cows). It's just the nature of dogs to socialize more with the humans, whereas cats barely socialize with other cats let alone humans!

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On 2015-8-5 at 11:38 PM, Hos the Hostage said:

A huge part of Sansa's Stark identity was cut off when Lady was killed. Unlike her siblings, she can't have wolf dreams. But wargs and skinchangers are born, not made. If wargs can't be made, then they can't be unmade either, right? Arya's power to skinchange becomes stronger when she becomes blind. It is expected that Jon's warging powers will be stronger during his limbo state. What is your theory on how (if it happens) Sansa will use her skinchanging powers? Is there any foreshadowing in the text, other than 'she turned to a wolf with wings and flew out of a window'?


What if Sansa is the winged wolf that Jojen dreamed about? Howland Reed assumed it was Bran, probably b/c of the gray stone chains holding the wolf to the Earth, and gray reminding him of WF. In the dream, a crow was trying to peck at the chains, but they were too strong and he couldn't free the wolf. 

The dream doesn't fit Bran for several reasons. First, he had already had his flying dream, as well as wolf dreams, before Jojen came. So he wasn't exactly chained to the ground, he was well on his way to developing his gifts. Next, Jojen doesn't do a whole lot to "unchain" Bran. Bran's third eye opens while in the darkness of the crypts, and we know from Arya's POV that this can happen in darkness without any outside help. Also- why would Bran be the winged wolf? 

Now let's apply the dream/prophecy to Sansa instead. She is a wolf just like Bran, and at the time of Jojen dreaming it, she is "chained" much more so than Bran. Bran is the ruling Stark in Winterfell, while Sansa is in KL at Joffrey's mercy, a true prisoner, figuratively in chains. As others have mentioned, she is repeatedly referred to as a little bird by the Hound, or a little dove by Cersei. Hence the wings. And the loss of Lady makes it impossible for the 3EC to help her open her third eye - it is trying, but can't peck through the chains. She is trapped, unable to harness her gift and fly. Jojen was supposed to help free her, but he chose the wrong Stark, just as Mel chose the wrong Targ descendant. I expect they will both pay dearly for their mistakes. :devil:

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