About to plunge into the world of ASoIaF - need advice

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13 minutes ago, Andorion said:

Thank you:D\

I did in fact watch the show first. Originally I had planned to alternate each season with a book, but after I read GoT, I realised that the books are so much better, and so in-depth, if I continued to read them, I might never watch the show again (not a big fan of tv shows in general, more of a reader). So I saw all 5 seasons and then read the books

I was going to do that originally first too, but I just caught up to the show instead and started reading the books when I got them.

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Started reading books last year, now i'm in part I of ASOS.

If I can give 1 or 2 advice to fans who are going to start reading : keep a bookmark on the world map and even on the character's page if you are not familiar with GRRM world. Personnally I also read with a dictionary near me. As a french fan of ASOIAF, i'm reading the french translation of ASOIAF and certains words are a bit hardcore. Nice translation btw.

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