Christian Discussion II: We are an Advent people

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On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 1:12 PM, Astromech said:

@Lany Freelove Cassandra

I think you generally have it right. Your first point is where many Christian denominations vary. And that variation would center on your use of "literal" Some of the early Christian heresies we discussed a few pages back (Nestorianism, Arianism) centered around the relation of God and Jesus. Catholics, believing in the Trinity, hold God and Jesus are one and the same. Protestant denominations disagree, generally speaking. Another point on which denominations disagree is the character of the Eucharist: i.e., is it the literal body and blood of Christ or just symbolic. Just another example of differences among denominations.

Your second point is correct as is your third. I wouldn't say the third is what primarily makes one Christian because the Easter story and God's Kingdom are a large part of Christ's teachings. However, it is how we emulate Christ and follow those teachings. All three are important to Christianity and your first point, as stated above,  is where you get many of the divisions in Christianity(in addition to the characteristics of the Eucharist).




On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 2:27 PM, Rorshach said:

Others have already answered @Lany Freelove Cassandra, but I’ll give a short answer as well. 

1) Yes. And no. The essence of Trinity is not easy to define. In one way, they are all aspects of God, that is they are all God. In another way, they are separate. What is taugth in Lutheran seminars is that Jesus was God and man - fully. Confused? So, I think, are everyone.

2) Yes. 

3) Yes. The simple form, I believe, is the two major commandments: Love God, and love your neighbour like yourself. 


On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 2:57 PM, Ormond said:

It's not common among people I go to church with either, and I'm a mainline Presbyterian, not a member of an Orthodox church like Scot.

You seem to be stereotyping Christianity by just listening to the loudest and most "conservative" voices. 

As for Lany Cassandra's third point -- I would modify that one to say Christians should TRY to emulate Jesus. I think most Christians realize that is an impossible standard to live up to and one shouldn't condemn oneself for failing, but it should be the standard by which one measures one's actions. 

Thank you all for your well thought out answers.

eta: I got 14/15 on the quiz...didn't know what the 1st great awakening was so I guessed wrong


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^^^ I got 13 of 15 on that poll, guessed incorrectly on the "Bread and Wine" question and the "Great Awakening" question. Not bad for an agnostic I suppose, but I enjoy the subject of comparitive religions.

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