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Illyrio's motives in GoT

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As noted upthread, in Cersei IV, Feast 17, we get a hint about a plot Cersei is cooking up with Balon Swann for Dorne, and we note that the passage suggests that the plot is known only to Cersei and Balon. In The Watcher, Dance 38, we learn what that plot is...


Prince Doran took a jagged breath. "Dorne still has friends at court. Friends who tell us things we were not meant to know. This invitation Cersei sent us is a ruse. Trystane is never meant to reach King's Landing. On the road back, somewhere in the kingswood, Ser Balon's party will be attacked by outlaws, and my son will die. I am asked to court only so that I may witness this attack with my own eyes and thereby absolve the queen of any blame. Oh, and these outlaws? They will be shouting, ‘Halfman, Halfman,' as they attack. Ser Balon may even catch a quick glimpse of the Imp, though no one else will."

That the plot is known only to Cersei and Balon strongly suggests that Varys is the source of Doran's information. 

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