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I really like the extrapolated map of Sothoryos in the latest one. It would totally fit if Planetos' "Africa" equivalent was literally like a bigger, upside-down, very roughly Africa-ish shaped continent - complete with a massive, continent-sized desert sitting astride Planetos' "horse latitudes"/desert belt in the southern hemisphere. And it would explain why nobody has found the southernmost edge of it, because the combination of sailing past an inhospitable death maze of a rain forest followed by a massive desert coastline would just be too much for the equivalent of pre-modern sailing ships (few or no friendly ports, unless there were rare ports along the desert coastline that the Summer Islanders keep secret). It would mirror the difficulty in sailing around Africa IRL. 

Odd that the velociraptors in the Green Hell haven't migrated northward, considering how deadly they are. I guess the Brindled Men are keeping them in check. 

It feels like the Valyrians could have more aggressively burned back the jungles with their dragons. 

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Geographic Map 25: Asshai, the Shadow and Beyond

This - finally! - concludes the Geographic Map section of the Atlas.

My next plan is to narratively map the events of the novels themselves, chapter-by-chapter. I'm going to abandon this detailed idea: the maps I'm dealing with are simply at too big in scale to use for some of the chapters. More logical will be a narrative sequence of maps charting the course of characters and events from the books. I'm going to take a break for a while whilst I figure that out.

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Good stuff! I've really enjoyed the series. 

There must be something like Sothoryos' plagues going on with Ulthos, because it's really not that far from Yi Ti if tons of ships are already circuiting the Jade Sea to Asshai (and the Yi Ti have done colonization efforts on islands in the Jade Sea). You'd think it would make for an attractive target for Yi Ti colonization, especially since Yi Ti is already a tropical land. 

I love that the eastern edge of the Maesters' knowledge is a barrier made up of Siberia, a big cold desert, the Vale of Shadows, and vampires. I wonder why far eastern Essos is so cold compared to western Essos. Mossovy is at or less than the latitude of Braavos, but it reads like a pretty frigid, subarctic forest. It's almost like Eurasia IRL, with areas in far northeastern Eurasia being colder than their European counterpart areas at the same latitude in northwestern Eurasia. 

I'm hoping we get a flashback to Asshai in a Melisandre POV chapter. It'd be interesting to see how it compares to Yandel's description of it. 


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