Could Viserys have known who Dany was...?

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On 7/7/2016 at 5:11 AM, Chib said:

Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son, it is known. Ned takes him in because he is his nephew, his blood. Dany has no connection to Ned. 

I do have some doubt about Dany's true identity though. Maybe she was just a girl with Targ features... who knows...

We're not really led to believe that random people with Targ features can hatch and ride dragons.

I doubt very much that Dany has secret parentage. The logistics seem pretty difficult, with Viserys being old enough to remember his mother being pregnant and his sister being born on Dragonstone. It's pretty hard to shoehorn a different mother in there, and so far nobody has found a way to work in a different father either. 

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Let's not forget a huge part of textual evidence for Rheagar and Lyanna having a child has to do with Ned's inner thoughts. Lyanna's bed of blood and promises kept tie in neatly with Ned's thoughts of his children and of Jon. He is angered when Robert wants to send hired knives out for Dany but he doesn't think of her at all as a person otherwise. Unless Ned is unaware of what became of Lyanna's child - I don't see how Dany could be hers. Definitely worth a re-read on its on, though.

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It's worth mentioning Queen Rhaella turned a blind eye to Aerys infidelities (TWOIAF). Aery's was well known to sleep with other ladies at court which is something she resented (turning her ladies into whores).

After giving birth to Rhaegar, Queen Rhaella was said to have multiple stillbirths, premature births that ended in death, births of babes that lasted no longer that a year. There were 7 in a row in all that died, inbetween Rhaegar and Viserys births. (Aerys II had Rhaella locked in away with 2 septas to sleep in her bed each night after the King denounced the babes as not being his). Viserys was born 17 years after Rhaegar, small but healthy (TWOIAF). Jamie speaks of standing guard at one of the few times Aerys would come and "savage" the Queen in her bed, but there was nothing Jamie could do but listen. This presumably was the cold climate in which Aerys and Rhaella existed. This lends to the belief that Rhaella and Aerys II are Dany's parents. However:

So Rhaella was under lock down. But what of Aerys? He still had the ability to sow his seeds at will. Ashara Dayne is said to be one of Queen Rhaella's lady's in waiting at court. If it's possible to conceive that Aerys forced himself on Rhaella, and he's known for infidelity, then it's possible to conceive he coerced/forced Ashara this way. And if he had misgivings such as he did for Brandon Stark who Aerys had killed after Brandon stormed into court to ascertain the reason why Rhaegar took Lyanna, and where he took her...if there was a love between Brandon and Ashara, there could be where Ashara becomes entangled with retribution from Aerys.

I have wondered for a while, whether Daenarys is Ashara Dayne (Daeyn) + Aerys (arys) daughter. That the baby that Queen Rhaella had was stillborn (or otherwise) and with her and her baby's death, Ashara's baby was produced in place of Rhaella's stillborn baby.


Viserys never muses about the location with the red door and lemon tree outside, so was he raised in this location along with Dany? Viserys dialogue to Dany is one of resentment, entitlement and detachment. His character mirrors Aerys so I've never considered he was anyone else but the son of Aerys II and Rhaella. But in the dialogue where Illyrio and Viserys are dressing and presenting Dany to Khal Drogo, there is a question about how they refer to her as a princess "no doubt, no doubt" if there is a doubt she is a princess. If she is the daughter of Aerys and Ashara, then she's a bastard and hence their (or at least Illyrio's) dialogue makes sense.

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