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The food of the Asoiaf world, and the lack of potato

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On 22/03/2017 at 9:19 AM, Renly's Banana said:

Westeros is, geographically, a mixture of Europe and the Americas. There are swamps and bogs in Westeros (complete with alligators/crocodiles) which obviously are not found in Europe. There's also Dorne, which is similar to the Southwestern U.S. and parts of North Africa. There's no reason to assume potatoes and corn and other non-European foods don't exist there. Mormont is always feeding his crow corn, so.

There used to be swamps and bogs in Medieval Europe and there are still some in less densely populated areas (such as in areas that used to be off-limits during the Cold War). Not sure how much the lizard lions can be cited as an example since they live in a cold, northern swamp the likes of which exist in Europe but don't really house large reptiles in our world, and really the Nevk doresn't exactly bring the Everglades or the Bayou to mind, but rather the large swamps of parts of Scandinavia or the Baltic area,

And southern Spain in very hot and dry, kind of like Dorne.

But I agree that there are elements from various continents in Westeros, best example: Littlefinger's symbol is a mockingbird. There are no Mockingbirds native to Europe. So unless Baelish derives his emblem from some sort of mythical creature, Westeros features some new world fauna. 

Also iirc the Riverlands have redwoods. Redwoods aren't native to Europe either.

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