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The food of the Asoiaf world, and the lack of potato

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On 7/27/2017 at 5:02 PM, Ser Lepus said:

I think the spiced foods in Dorne have pepper, not chili pepper...

Pepper is a spice, not a spicy spice or a hot spice. Everything regarding Dornish food is hot, spicy, or barely edible depending on who you talk to. There are other examples of pepper:

The camp was beginning to stir. Fat sausages sizzled and spit over firepits, spicing the air with the scents of garlic and pepper. 
"I had a brother took the black, years ago. Serving boy, clever, but one day he got seen filching pepper from m'lord's table. He liked the taste of it, is all. Just a pinch o' pepper, but Ser Malcolm was a hard man. You get pepper on the Wall?" When Yoren shook his head, the man sighed. "Shame. Lync loved that pepper."
The savory smell of stew filled Tyrion's nostrils. He dragged himself over to where his man Morrec was tending the stewpot. Wordlessly, Morrec handed him the ladle. Tyrion tasted and handed it back. "More pepper," he said.
Tyrion isn't likely to have a man-at-arms cook him Dornish food in the middle of the north on the way to the Wall, if only because it would be absolutely absurd for them to have the ingredients necessary for it. That we never see a Dornish stew AFAIK only supports that.
Whereas scenes with Dornish peppers:
In the Queen's Ballroom they broke their fast on honeycakes baked with blackberries and nuts, gammon steaks, bacon, fingerfish crisped in breadcrumbs, autumn pears, and a Dornish dish of onions, cheese, and chopped eggs cooked up with fiery peppers.
Tyrion scarce touched his food, Sansa noticed, though he drank several cups of the wine. For herself, she tried a little of the Dornish eggs, but the peppers burned her mouth.
He found himself on his knees retching bacon and sausage and applecakes, and that double helping of fried eggs cooked up with onions and fiery Dornish peppers.
I mean they are called dragon peppers.

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