Will Rob's will surface making Jon King in the North?

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On 6/6/2016 at 1:14 AM, Lord Lannister said:

If there is a will, who would have it? Little Miss Mormont clearly doesn't given her dig at Jon's last name. If the Glovers have it, they clearly don't care about it. The Umbers or Karstarks? Well in that case Ramsay has it. Manderlys? The show has barely even mentioned them, so that seems unlikely.


As the will is a book only device it does not matter. As to who would have it? Howland Reed would. As to why the Bolton regime is not attempting to enforce their rule on the Reeds is the same as every Stark Warden of the North. If the crannogmen (Reeds and their Vassals) do not want you to leave the Neck, you will not.

It is implied in the books that the Boltons and the Freys are scared of Lord Reed because the Neck has been too quiet. This fear is from the fact that the Reeds fight dirty. They will poison you, cut your throat in the night and all manner of unsavory tactics the rest of Westeros deems cowardly. That is also the reason Robb had some of his vassals fly the Stark banner on their boats and go into the Neck, because the crannogmens houses and keeps move.

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On 5/31/2016 at 5:47 PM, DJE said:

I don't know if Robb's Will will show up in the show, it isn't ever mentioned , plus, Talisa is pregnant, something that she isn't in the book, so it kinda negates him needing an heir, but I do hope Jon becomes King in the North.

My guess is that Jon would be heir if Talisa or her son died, and considering 


Talisa got stabbed full of holes in the abdomen,

Jon would be the heir.

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The show has no will. If they provide one, it would be another ass-pull plot device, sort of like Lannisters all of the sudden having a massive army or Euron mass producing hundreds of ships in a couple of months etc.

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