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17 hours ago, Ser Walter of AShwood said:

Lack of strategic expertise? He is the one that saved Kingslanding when it was attached by Stannis' forces (please check them memberberries).

Other than that, your arguments make perfect sense. I also believe that Tyrion could be the 3rd rider. Drogon for Dany, Rhaegal for Jon (riding on the dragon named after his father), and Tyrion on the white and gold Viserion.

Yeah, with respect, I'm gonna stand by my opinon that Tyrion has a lack of strategic expertise.

At the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion was basically a "one trick pony."  He had one trick:  Wildfire.  The End.  The fact that he stumbled upon the wlidfire (only after Cersei was already on to it, no less) and used it against Stannis and his forces hardly makes Tyrion a seasoned or experienced military commander.  He had one trick, and he used it.  Done.  Now everybody knows about the wildfire (or can easily access the information), and I have no reason to believe Tyrion could or will use it more effectively than anyone else, but even if he does, it's still just the wildfire stuff all over again.

Tyrion has virtually NO military background or experience.  He "fought" in two battles.  In the first one, he was accidentally knocked out by his own men before the fighting even started.  Then he pulled the wildfire trick at Blackwater, then fought a little, I guess, but was nearly killed, and would have been killed if it were not for Pod.

Tyrion knows virtually nothing about tactics, logistics, supplies, armies, movement, terrain, et cetera, stuff that is critical for a truly seasoned, well trained and experienced military commander to know.

In sum, Tyrion is NOT a military commander, and his one trick with the wildfire does not make him one.

Great stuff in your second paragraph about the dragons, especially the "gold" of Viserion (I never made that connection before).  

Some recent alleged leaks about Season 7 MIGHT affect your dragon riders theory, if they're true, but I'm pretty skeptical about most of the alleged leaks..  I won't go into details, though, cuz I'm not sure how you feel about spoilers, or even potential spoilers (or even, for that matter, whether you might already know all of that anyway)

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The dragon has three heads has nothing to do with Dragon riders. It is a symbolic reference to the fact that in order to defeat the others, the major three factions must come together which are:

1) Dany and her forces

2) Jon and his forces

3) The Lanisters and their forces.

These are the three heads of the dragons, mark my words.

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