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How would you rate episode 610?   715 members have voted

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Very late I know, but I'll give this one a 7. That still makes it better than most episodes of the season ('the door' was my favourite). I found it entertaining when I watched it first, but there is too much that does not make sense.

The title of this episode would have been PERFECT if, as was the original plan, GRRM had released the book of that name at the same time. Ironically I always thought that the worst-case release date would be June 2016.

King's Landing - Very dramatic. I used to like Cersei and she was often sympathetic this season, but this act turns her into the worse person in Westeros (previously Faullaria), committing an act that Jaime stopped the Mad King from doing by killing him. Aside from the High Sparrow, most of the named characters she actually murdered were allies (especially Pycelle and Kevan, it makes no sense her doing what Varys did in the book), and some of them were relatives. Not to mention she directly caused the death of her one remaining child. And how can she be crowned queen? She has no claim and has just blown up the sept. Where are the Tyrell armies?

It was also weird to see Margery and Loras get killed because their storylines seemed to be going somewhere, and Mace never really got to do anything at all. I'll miss the High Sparrow, he was the only new character from this and last season that I actually liked. I don't blame him for not realising the danger - how was he to know about the wildfire? I'll also miss Margaery. Loras the character was assassinated in every possible way, especially compared to the books.

Bran - pretty underwhelming really. My friend who hasn't read the books did not realise Rhaegar was Jon's father. He thought that the father was Robert.

Dorne - Olenna was entertaining as usual and really put the Sand Fakes in their place, but it should have been Doran she was negotiating with.

The Twins - the Jaime/Walder banter was alright. Arya tasking out Walder and his kids was the worst part of the episode, as there was no explanation as to how she suddenly teleported here from Braavos or how she magically overwhelmed the guards and killed Walder's sons - and when did Arya learned to cook? This bit was way too rushed. Also it's weird how Arya transforms in this episode from a nice girl who won't kill people she's assigned to kill into a vicious assassin who murders people who aren't even on her hit list (as with Rorge in season 4).

Sam/Gilly in Oldtown - yawn.

Winterfell - one of the better scenes, though the King in the North seems like deja vu, and unlike Rob, Jon has done nothing to earn it (neither should he be in the line of succession) other than make one blunder after another throughout the season. I would have liked to see more of Littlefinger, he's one of my favourite characters.

Dany - a bit anticlimactic how she just dumps Daario. At least she's made it to Westeros. And 3 out of the 6 seasons have now ended with her - can't the showrunners give someone else a turn?

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I'm obviously 1 year late to this party, but I gave it a 9. Only because Battle of the Bastards was FAR better. 

Obviously the R+L=J hype is super great and the confirmation was such a great moment. 

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