Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

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I think Tyrion will not end up with Sansa, his choice. Now that he is his own master, not Tywn's son, he may choose to stay single, or find another, but too much water has flowed under the bridge for Sansa and Tyrion. Too many bad memories outweigh the kindnesses.

After her disastrous relationship with Ramsey, another marriage is probably the last thing on Sansa's mind. Jon has named her Lady of Winterfell, why would she look to give that up when her two previous attempts were so mentally scarring? 

Sansa will not marriage Littlefinger, unless he has something iron clad to hold against her, and I don't see Arya letting him get away with that. Sansa knows his game, and certainly has more dirt on him than he does on her. No, Littlefinger is going to meet a Faceless death this year, it is known.

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I always said that I wouldn't like these two to end up together and I am almost sure they won't, but the idea has some Tolstoyean appeal to it. One can argue that Martin has the same relationship with Tyrion as Tolstoy had with Bezuhov in "War and Peace" or Levin in "Anna Karenina". On the other hand, Sansa, just like Tolstoy's heroines Natasha and Kitty started as being just the innocent darlings to continue to become independent young women, who are equals to more seasoned men they chose to love.

So, it can be an interesting parallel :D 

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